07 March 2009

Gundam Papercraft - RGM79 Powered GM

Here's some Gundam papercraft from Cubic Character, this is the SD RGM-79 Powered GM - a variation of the GM units used in the Gundam Project that had improved thrusters, shock absorbers, and powerplant. You might remember the GM series as the cannon fodder in the Gundam universe, they existed only to be blown to bits by the bad guys.

This Gundam papercraft comes with a shield and a gun, I'm not sure if that's a bullpup machine gun or a hyper bazooka though.

SD RGM79 Powered GM Gundam Papercraft

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Keine Kamishirasawa

Touhou Project Keine Kamishirasawa PapercraftAnother character from the Touhou Project game series, this is Keine Kamishirasawa - a were-hakutaku (half-human, half-beast) and stage 3 boss that appears in Imperishable Night. She has the ability to consume, conceal, and create history. On her human form, she works as a school teacher and acts as guardian of the human village.

Based on Japanese folklore, the hakutaku is a mythical and spiritual beast (quite intelligent) which particularly visits and advises only the greatest and most auspicious of rulers. The hakutaku often have horns, as you can see from the pic above. Keine has a distinguishing red ribbon tied to her left horn.

Touhou Project - Keine Kamishirasawa Papercraft

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Warhammer 40K Papercraft - Dreadnought

Warhammer 40K Dreadnought PapercraftBased on the Warhammer 40K game series, the Dreadnought is a combination of armored walker (mecha) and life support system, only invaluable members of the Space Marines that are close to dying are permanently entombed in this armoured sarcophagus to prolong and continue their existence. The only way for them to die is if the Dreadnought is totally destroyed.

This Dreadnought papercraft's pattern weighs in at a massive 60+ MB, that's because it includes three versions (blank, Blood Angels, Ultramarines) plus instructions. Designed by Ing. Spendlik.

Warhammer 40K - Dreadnought Papercraft [Papirove-Modely.cz]

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Golden Temple Papercraft "Harmandir Sahib"

Golden Temple PapercraftHarmandir Sahib (aka Golden Temple or Darbar Sahib) is the spiritual and cultural center of the Sikh religion and considred to be one of their oldest temples. It can be found in city of Amritsar, state of Punjab, India.

Special thanks to the Taran Singh from 0sikh.com for sharing/letting us know about his wonderful papercraft.

Harmandir Sahib - Golden Temple Papercraft

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Pear Family Papercraft

The family that papercrafts together, stays together ^_^ and yes, you read the pic correctly, that is "papearcraft".

This family papercraft set is from the official web site of the city of Shiroi, located in Chiba, Japan. It's a city with a population of 59,000 and is 50 minutes away (via commuter rail) from Tokyo.

The reason why the papercrafts have a pear fruit for a head is because it symbolizes the city, Shiroi became a fruit-growing area during the Meiji period (10.23.1868 - 07.30.1912) and has since become famous for its nashi pears. The nashi pears or apple pears as they're known here in the west, are not really a cross between an apple and pear, but instead, its a pear that has the shape of an apple.

To get the goods, follow the link below to their site and then look for these symbols (pic below), it'll tell you which ones to click.

Pear Family Papercraft

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Halo Papercraft - Activation Index

Halo Activation Index PapercraftThe Activation Index (aka Sacred Icon, aka The Key) is the T-shaped item/memory device in the Halo video game series that is used to activate the Halo's main weapon in order to destroy all life in the galaxy.

Halo - Activation Index Papercraft

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German Enigma Machine Papercraft

Enigma Machine PapercraftThe Enigma Machine (aka Wehrmacht Enigma) is a small portable electro-mechanical rotor machine that the Germans used to encrypt and decrypt secret messages during World War II - it was created by German engineer Arthur Scherbius. Prior to being used in the German military, it was sold commercially.

Many historians have considered the Enigma Machine as one of the greatest secrets of World War II, after the atom bomb. This Enigma Machine papercraft is being offered in two versions, one is free (includes credit titles) and the other is not (cost $2 minus the credit titles plus 2 sizes).

German Enigma Machine Papercraft

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06 March 2009

Fiat Loves Papercrafts

Fiat Loves PapercraftsFiat Argentina is promoting their mini XUV, the Fiat Idea Adventure, for the South American market with a cool print ad campagin featuring papercrafts. They make comparisons between the office, home, and filing room against the desert, jungle, and mountains - the whole point being its better to be outdoors (in a Fiat Idea Adventure of course) than indoors.

This fantastic creation was brought to life by the talented folks at LeoBurnett.com ad agency. I'll send a quick email to them and see if there's any chance for a pattern ^_^

I know the pics are a bit small, so here's what it says:
Office Vultures can be more dangerous than desert ones

A weekend at home can be more dangerous than one in the jungle

A day in filing room can be more dangerous than a day in the mountains
Fiat Adventure [via StillAd]

Special Thanks to Pascal F. for the links.

Pokemon Doll Papercrafts - Team 1

Pokemon Dolls Papercraft Team 1Yay! the Poke Dolls are out, this group is based on the Pokemon Red/Blue starter pack - Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. The completed Pokemon Doll papercrafts would be between 4 to 5 inches tall.

Pokemon Doll Papercraft - Team 1

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Young Cloud Strife

Young Cloud Strife PapercraftFinal Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife, back when he was still a little kid in Nibelheim.

Final Fantasy VII - Young Cloud Strife Papercraft

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Killzone 2 Rewards You With Papercrafts

Killzone 2 Intruder PapercraftIt's official, Killzone 2 will be providing unlockable bonus content that would include papercrafts. Just read a post from the PlayStation blogs posted by Victor Zuylen (Killzone Community Editor), here's the best part:
If you’re good enough, you can even unlock and download physical objects from the Killzone universe. “That’s impossible,” I hear you cry at your monitor, “You can’t to download physical objects through the Internet – let alone objects from a fictional universe.” Ah, but then you’ve obviously never witnessed the venerable art of papercraft
That sweet paper model on the pic is the Intruder - a type of drop ship that's going to appear in the game. You can read the complete article here:

Collect Intel in Killzone 2, Get Rewards on Killzone.com

Also found this video on GameVideos.com showing how the Intruder came to be, check it out if you're interested.

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05 March 2009

A Simple Clock Papercraft

Clock Papercraft
Help your kids learn how to read a clock with Canon Creative Parks' Clock papercraft.
The long and short hands on this paper craft clock can be moved to help learn how to read a clock. Four colorful clock faces, each with a different design and tering, can be freely inserted in the frame. Illustrations
showing 'morning,' 'mealtime,' 'evening,' etc., can be attached to the clock faces to add an element of daily life and ke learning about time more fun.
Simple Clock Papercraft

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Command & Conquer Papercraft - Mirage Tank

Mirage TankThis version of the Mirage Tank is based on the recently released Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3. The Mirage Tank is an advanced vehicle of the Allied Forces that serves as an anti-surface assassin. It uses holographic projection / stealth technology to camouflage itself before ambushing enemies. It is similar to the Nod's Stealth Tank units.

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 - Mirage Tank Papercraft

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Fozzy Papercraft Toy

Fozzy Papercraft ToyFrom Deutsch designer/artist Fabian Schreiter of Fozzy Fictional.

Fozzy Papercraft Toy

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Command & Conquer Papercraft - Scorpion Tank

Scorpion Tank PapercraftThis is the Nod Scorpion Tank unit from the Command and Conquer game series, it was built to replace the Tick Tank (aka The Mole). It's got improved armour and cannons. The Scorpion Tanks main weapon is the 105mm APDS cannon, it also makes use of a front mounted dozer blade for easily mowing down infantry.

Command & Conquer - Scorpion Tank Papercraft

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04 March 2009

Spirited Away Papercraft - Yubaba

Spirited Away - Yubaba PapercraftBased on Hayao Miyazaki's Oscar winning anime film, Spirited Away - Yubaba is the old witch/sorceress with an unnaturally ginormous head and the one who runs the bathhouse. Hat tips to reader Charles K. for providing the link and to Franz R. for the info.

Spirited Away - Yubaba Papercraft [Zicondesign]

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Time Gremlins Paper Sculptures

Tick & Tock with CuckooDavid Landis (Landis Productions) has added new characters to their Desktop Gremlins paper sculptures called Time Gremlins. It's for cool people, so that means if you're reading this and you're following Paperkraft then you're already part of the cool crowd ^_^
What they can do is slow down or speed up the present. So if you’re under a tight deadline and ask really nice, they might let you have an extra fifteen minutes to get your project done. But don’t cross them! Time will fly when you don’t want it to and slow to a crawl when you’re bored.
The Time Gremlins is comprised of brothers Tick (lean tall) and Tock (short stubby) along with their bird pet, Cuckoo. There's also some cool concept art / sketches if you want to find out how the Time Gremlins came to fruition.

Time Gremlins Paper Sculptures

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Zelda Papercraft - Young Maku Tree

Young Maku Tree PapercraftThis is the Maku Tree when it was still a seedling, it is based on Oracle of Seasons (aka The Legend of Zelda: Nut of the Mysterious Tree: Chapter of the Earth) and was released for the Game Boy Color / Game Boy Advance.

Maku Tree Being Attacked
You'll first see the young Maku Tree when Link saves her from two attacking Moblins.

Legend of Zelda - Young Maku Tree Papercraft

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Yo Gabba Gabba! - Brobee Papercraft

Brobee PapercraftThis green furry character is Brobee, I'm sure kids and parents out there would easily recognize it as one of the cute characters from Yo Gabba Gabba! - a children's tv series that airs on Nick Jr. and Noggin.

I don't know anything else about it, but I can tell you that this Brobee papercraft was the creation of artist Samantha Port (aka ShiversTheNinja) using the Fold & Fun template from Goobeetsa Paper Toys. Use the Download button on the side of her deviantART page to get the full res version.

Yo Gabba Gabba! - Brobee Papercraft

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03 March 2009

Bambi - Deer Papercraft

Bambi Deer PapercraftIs that Bambi? it could very well be. Macula.tv brings you another fun paper model and the first four-legged creature in their toy collection. This deer papercraft is pre-colored, but for those wanting to put a different color (maybe other shades of brown ^^), there's also a blank template for you to play with.

Bambi - Deer Papercraft

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Barret

Final Fantasy VII Barret PapercraftBarret Wallace is one of the major characters in Final Fantasy VII, he's the focused and determined leader of the rebel group, AVALANCHE. Barrett is the heavy gunner in the group, his main weapon is a mini gatling gun grafted to his arm.

Final Fantasy VII - Barret Papercraft

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Snake Eyes Papercraft - Series 2

Snake Eyes Papercraft Series 2Series 2 from the Horrorwood Hills is now available, themes include heroes, killers, victims, and arcade gaming.

Horrorwood Hills - Snake Eyes Papercraft Series 2

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Flight Data Recorder Papercraft

Flight Data Recorder PapercraftFlight Data Recorder (FDR), is a crashworthy device that records data about an aircraft's actual flight condition (airspeed, heading, altitude, pitch, etc..), it helps aviation experts and investigators determine the cause of a plane crash.

The Flight Data Recorder is encased in heavy steel and covered by multiple layers of insulation to provide protection against blunt force, fire, and extreme climatic conditions. It is popularly called a "black box" although the Flight Data Recorder is actually painted a bright orange or red so that in an event of a crash it would be easier to locate. The reason for the "black box" term is because when they recover it, it's all covered up with black soot.

Flight Data Recorder Papercraft

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02 March 2009

Discovery One Papercraft

Discovery One PapercraftFrom one of the greatest science fiction films ever made and based on Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey, here's another heavily anticipated paper model from designer uhu02 - the Discovery One papercraft.

Discovery One is a scientific explorer spacecraft sent on a doomed mission to observe a mysterious black Monolith orbiting around Jupiter (was Saturn in the original novel). Discovery One was controlled by a computer system called HAL 9000, a sentient on-board computer that went bonkers and killed the whole crew except for the lead scientist, David Bowman.

This Discovery One papercraft has 22 pages for the parts and 25 if you include the instructions. It also includes a base/stand for those who want to display it or you can simply put strings and hang it on your room. It's a great paper model and definitely worth building if you're a big sci-fi fan.

2001 Space Odyssey - Discovery One Papercraft

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Kamen no Maid Guy Papercraft - Kogarashi

Maid Guy Kogarashi PapercraftKogarashi is the (Maid Guy) namesake of the title - a hulking man with superpowers, dressed in a maid's uniform. Weird? it is a comedy manga series after all ^_^

Kamen no Maid Guy - Kogarashi Papercraft

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Mythology Papercraft - Pocong Ghost

Pocong Ghost PapercraftA part of Indo/Malay folklore, the Pocong is a type of ghost whose manifestation reflects their appearance when they were wrapped in their death shroud. Since the Pocong is covered and tied from head to toe, they remain grounded. Instead of walking or floating, they tend to skip and hop (like on a sack race).

Mythology - Pocong Ghost Papercraft

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Kamen no Maid Guy Papercraft - Tsurara

Kamen no Maid Guy Tsurara PapercraftAlong with her twin Shizuku, Tsurara is part two of the Ninja maid duo. Both serve for the extremely wealthy Elizabeth "Liz" Strawberryfield.

Kamen no Maid Guy - Tsurara Papercraft

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Mario Party Item Pack Papercrafts

Mario Party Item Pack PapercraftSome nifty little items from the original Mario Party video game. These Mario Party papercrafts include the following: Blocks, Casino Box, Coin Box, Lucky Box, Credit CD, No Boo and No Koopa sign post.

Mario Party Item Pack Papercrafts

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Pokemon Papercraft - Charmander 2

Pokemon Charmander Papercraft 2How about a new version of the Charmander papercraft from our good friends at PaperPokes! Don't forget to check the links below for some of the other Pokemon related stuff, includes the original Charmander paper model from Chokipeta and Charmander's other forms.

Pokemon - Charmander Papercraft 2

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Ark of the Covenant Papercraft

Ark of the Covenant PapercraftThe Ark of the Covenant is the gold-plated wooden chest in biblical times (Christinianity and Judaism) that housed the two tablets of the Law (10 Commandments) given to Moses by God. It was kept in Jerusalem for the most part and was protected by faithful followers, it is said to have been captured and lost when Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians in 586 BC.

Ark of the Covenant Papercraft

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01 March 2009

Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate PapercraftDoctor Fate (aka Kent Nelson) is a DC Comics superhero who fought criminals and supernatural evil with the use of a mystical helm and amulet bestowed upon him by a powerful wizard / ancient mystical being named Nabu. Doctor Fate is a founding member of the Justice Society of America.

Retro Superhero - Doctor Fate Papercraft

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Mythology Papercraft - Leprechaun

Leprechaun PapercraftSaint Patrick's Day (aka St. Paddy's Day) is just around the corner - it's an annual feast day celebration for the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. It is held every March 17 and gives people here in the US another good reason to go drinking ^_^

Green is the theme for this day, so either wear or get something that has green on it. Some of the symbols associated with Saint Patrick's day include the shamrock (3-leafed clover), leprechauns, harps, celtic cross, etc.

And speaking of Leprechauns, macula.tv has one. The name leprechaun comes from the old Irish word "luchorpan" which means "little body." Leprechauns are a race of shoe-making elves dressed in green, who can reveal hidden treasure to those who catch it. This Leprechaun papercraft was designed by Christopher Bonnette

Mythology - Leprechaun Papercraft

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II LOVE Papercraft Toy Magazine

II LOVE Papercraft MagazineArtist and designer Marko Zubak has a new e-mag (downloadable magazine/PDF file) called II LOVE, that is all about the papercraft toy/designer scene. This is the first issue and it includes artsy-logic games and interviews with some of the popular designers around, like Marshall Alexander - who has a new papercraft toy inside called Matchbot, Matt Hawkins of Custom Paper Toys, and lots more.

II LOVE Papercraft Toy Magazine

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Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Green Lama

Green Lama PapercraftGreen Lama (aka Jethro Dumont, aka Dr. Pali) was a 1940s pulp fiction costumed hero / practicing Buddhist who used his special abilities (super speed, super strength, energy beams, and flight) to fight the bad guys.

Retro Superhero - Green Lama Papercraft

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