28 June 2008

SD Mazinger Z Papercraft

This one is the SD Mazinger Z papercraft from a popular site that has also brought us some amazing Gundam paper models in the past. No intros for this one anymore since I've posted a Mazinger Z papercraft (regular size) before. The site is in Japanese so just check the photo below on how to download the goods. You have the option of downloading the pattern individually (no color) or download the complete PDF file (colored), the instructions are in the bottom of their page.

SD Mazinger Z Papercraft [shirokumatawagoto]

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Mabinogi Anime Papercraft - Enderion

Here's the latest from the Mabikaze Paperworks Northarant called Enderion, she's striking a pose with her best black Sunday dress and wearing a necklace with some sort of cross pendant. If you want her, it's three dollars through Paypal.

Mabinogi Anime Papercraft - Enderion [mabiwind]

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27 June 2008

Symantec Robot Papercrafts

Symantec, maker of the popular Norton anti-virus software has now jumped into the papercraft bandwagon. They currently have two robot papercrafts on their site, Identity Theft Bot and Extortion Bot.

Symantec Robot Papercrafts [Symantec]

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Animal Papercraft - Mother Hen & Chick

The Maruman web site has added a new animal papercraft featuring a chick (small chicken), the mother hen has been there before but I just added her in the title. If you didn't know this yet, there are two sections in Maruman's papercraft, one side is composed of papercrafts designed by Kei Craft and the other is from our friends at Kamimodel. Enjoy.

Animal Papercraft - Mother Hen & Chick [maruman]

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Pokemon Papercraft - Umbreon

Umbreon (aka Blacky) is a dark-type Pokemon that is the result of an evolved Eevee. Umbreon is recognized by its striking yellow bands and rings against its dark grey body and its bright red eyes. Designed by Pixel-Kakashi.

Pokemon Papercraft - Umbreon [nintendo papercraft]

Pikachu Papercraft
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YuGiOh! Millennium Puzzle Papercraft

The Millennium Puzzle is an object based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga / anime series. It is one part of the Millennium Items, a group of seven magical items each having their own special power. The Millennium Puzzle gives its holder the ability to win any game, return souls to their proper bodies or send them to the shadow realm. This Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Puzzle papercrafts is from our friend and designer Guillermo Mueses.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Puzzle Papercraft [not available anymore]

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26 June 2008

Paper Pals

A cool bunch of animal paper toys from flickr user eselkunst. The Paper Pals include Rufus and Dorothy Ann representing the dogs - Coffee, AJ, and Mortimer for the cats - Jebediah the rabbit and Lucky the goat.

Paper Pals [eselkunst]

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25 June 2008

Command & Conquer Papercraft - Update

Some new stuff from the C&C site for us to try out, I'm not sure if these have been tested because I'm seeing some overlapping on the pattern, hopefully somebody tries it out and tells us. This batch includes papercrafts of the Orca Mark 1, GDI Firehawk, and a NOD buggy.

Command & Conquer Papercraft [candcpapercraft]

Halo Papercraft - D77 Pelican Dropship
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Relax Bear Papercraft - Melon

Here you go, a continuation of the Relax Bear papercrafts Fruit Series, this time it's Relax Bear (Rilakkuma) himself on a melon theme.

Relax Bear Papercraft - Melon [kuma0rila]

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Lovebird Paper Toy

Here's the new simple and very colorful Lovebird paper toy that was initially designed to be a plush doll, it hasn't happened yet, but hopefully the designer can pull it off.

Lovebird Paper Toy [saltnpaper]

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24 June 2008

Star Trek Papercraft - Weapons

We've had quite a bunch of Star Trek papercrafts on our collection but most of them are about the Starships and other related vehicles, these on the other hand are about the weapons used in the series. We've got 3 different kinds of Phasers and a communicator. A pretty awesome collection from warrior-poet and designer Michael Haggard. Set Phasers on stun!

Star Trek Papercraft - Weapons [Albionrising]

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Manga Papercraft - Minami-ke 'Haruka'

This papercraft is based on the Japanese manga and anime series called Minami-ke 'aka The Minami Family'. The series focuses on the life and activities of three sisters - Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki. Pictured above is the Haruka papercraft, she is the oldest of the three sisters.

Manga Papercraft - Minami-ke 'Haruka'

Honey and Clover Manga Papercraft
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Starship Troopers Papercraft - Warrior Bug

They are known as the Arachnids but are more commonly referred to as bugs, they're the alien race from the movie Starship Troopers. The bugs were portrayed as mindless insectoid beings based on a caste system whose main purpose is to colonize planets. This papercraft is the Warrior bug - infantry of the bug forces.

Starship Troopers Papercraft - Warrior Bug [Paragon Cardmodels]

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23 June 2008

Engine Sentai Go-Onger Papercraft

Toei Company's thirty-second Super Sentai/Japanese tokusatsu TV series. It's one of their most recent shows, it premiered 4 months ago (Feb. 17, 2008). These papercrafs include Bus-on (blue) and Speedor (red), vehicles for the Go-onger team. You might also want to check the SD Ultraman papercraft and some anime stuff on that page.

Engine Sentai Go-Onger Papercraft

Chojin Bibyun Papercraft
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Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Aryll

Aryll is Link's cheerful younger sister that lives with him and their grandma on Outset Island and was the first character introduced in The Wind Waker video game. Pictured above is the Aryll papercraft with her trusted telescope.

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Aryll

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Boo-chan Papercraft Pig Out

It's a hot summer day, what better way to preserve their bacony goodness than to stay under the shade, otherwise they'll dry up. That big one in the middle is referred to as Boo-chan, I remembered a similarly named character that served as Yoshinoya's (fast food chain) mascot but I might be mistaken. The actual papercraft is the set the oinkys are standing on.

Boo-chan Papercraft [niku-mansei]

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22 June 2008

Hot Bikini Girls Papercraft

The moekami site is definitely in summer mode, they've released their version of they typical bikini girl, anime style. The papercraft comes complete with water gun, snorkling gear, and a Hawaiian beach float. The bikini girl papercraft comes in two flavors, one tanned and one under the shade. Dive in!

Hot Bikini Girls Papercraft [moekami]

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Relax Bear Papercraft - Fruit Series

This is the new cute theme released by the kuma0rila blog, it features Relax Bear's friend Korilakkuma sporting some new threads, the pink one is cherry and the purple one is grapes. Grab 'em now.

Relax Bear Papercraft - Fruit Series

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