24 June 2008

Star Trek Papercraft - Weapons

We've had quite a bunch of Star Trek papercrafts on our collection but most of them are about the Starships and other related vehicles, these on the other hand are about the weapons used in the series. We've got 3 different kinds of Phasers and a communicator. A pretty awesome collection from warrior-poet and designer Michael Haggard. Set Phasers on stun!

Star Trek Papercraft - Weapons [Albionrising]

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  1. What, no tricorders? Where's the love?

  2. the designer did say to watch out for it, im guessing its a WIP

    we'll definitely keep an eye out for it

  3. @nishadha

    thanks for that great tip

  4. Sorry bout the FF links, I had no idea they were created by you. I only recieved the tip offs for the links directly.

    :D Cheers, I've corrected them.



  5. Is enywhere on internet phaser type III: compression rifle? I Can't find it. Just this one.

    it look's like this:

  6. Im not sure if there's one like that, here are the phaser rifle papercrafts that we have


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