24 June 2008

Starship Troopers Papercraft - Warrior Bug

They are known as the Arachnids but are more commonly referred to as bugs, they're the alien race from the movie Starship Troopers. The bugs were portrayed as mindless insectoid beings based on a caste system whose main purpose is to colonize planets. This papercraft is the Warrior bug - infantry of the bug forces.

Starship Troopers Papercraft - Warrior Bug [Paragon Cardmodels]

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  1. don't forget to check out the related posts, some good realistic bugs in there

  2. Thanks for linking to my site! This blog and another have given my site more traffic than it's ever had.

    So, anyone have any requests or suggestions for my next model(s)?

  3. how about a plasma or tanker bug to go along with the warrior

  4. The bug looks great on the photo, but it is too difficult to built! There are no labels at the edge of the bug pieces where you can fold and then glue them. You can only just try to press the edges together and hope that it stays that way...I became quite frustrated at some points. Please refer to this when you do your next models ;-)

  5. What are the instructions to building it?

  6. how did you pose it like the second picture?

  7. No need to curse on email, follow the link and ask the designer for the instructions

  8. wherre is the instructions plsss.


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