15 May 2015

Exotic Shorthair Papercraft

Exotic Shorthair Papercraft

Exotic Shorthair (cat) paper model created by Ayumu Saito for Canon Creative Park.

13 May 2015

Bespectacled Owl Paper Toy

Bespectacled Owl Paper TOy

Owl paper toy from Made in Paperland.

Pokemon Honedge Papercraft

Pokemon Honedge Papercraft

Honedge (aka Hitotsuki) is a Steel-type and Sword Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Doublade.

10 May 2015

Kingdom Hearts - Rainfell Papercraft (Keyblade)

Kingdom Hearts Rainfell Papercraft Keyblade

Rainfell keyblade paper model created by sgonzales22, its from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.