14 November 2009

Gubi-Gubi Paper Toy French Series (Teaser)

Gubi Gubi Paper Toy A teaser for the upcoming Gubi-Gubi: La Série Française, this one is called Marcel and was designed by Jerom - complete paper toypaper toy series will be able at the end of November.

Gubi-Gubi Paper Toy French Series Teaser [Download]

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SD Gundam Alex Papercraft RX-78NT-1

Gundam Alex Papercraft Here's the latest from Cubic Character, RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex", a prototype mobile suitmobile suit built to take advantage of a Newtype's quick-reacting abilities.

SD Gundam Alex Papercraft RX-78NT-1 [Download]

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Spirit Tracks: Whirlwind Papercraft (Zelda)

Whirlwind Papercraft From the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks DSDS game, here is the Whirlwind - a type of propeller gun that blows gusts of swirling wind at enemies.

Spirit Tracks: Whirlwind Papercraft (Zelda) [Download]

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13 November 2009

Tubby Eat Coin Paper Toy (Piggy Bank)

Tubby Whale Papercraft Piggy bank / coin bankcoin bank papercraft shaped like Moby Dick, the whale's blowhole serving as the coin slot.

Tubby Eat Coin Paper Toy (Piggy Bank) [Download]

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Final Fantasy - Mindy Papercraft (Magus Sisters)

Mindy Papercraft Mindy is the shortest and youngest of the Magus SistersMagus Sisters from Final Fantasy X, her appearance is modeled after a wasp.

Final Fantasy - Mindy Papercraft (Magus Sisters) [Download]

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Sandy the Waitress Papercraft

Sandy the Waitress Today is Friday the 13thFriday the 13th, and it's only fitting to post something related ^^ - Sally the diner Waitress from the original Friday the 13th movie (c 1980).


This papercraft would be part of a new Paper Foldables series that involves creating characters from the Friday the 13th movie and posting it whenever the calendar points to a Friday the 13th.

Sandy the Waitress Papercraft [Download]

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12 November 2009

Star Wars - Snowspeeder Papercraft

Snowspeeder Papercraft Snowspeeders are the assault speeders (modified T-47 airspeeders) used by the Rebel Alliance on the snowy and icy planet of HothHoth.

Star Wars - Snowspeeder Papercraft [Download]

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Hughes XF-11 Papercraft (Aircraft)

Hughes XF-11 Papercraft The Hughes XF-11 was prototype reconrecon aircraft designed by billionaire aviator/industrialist Howard Hughes for the United States Army Air Force (c 1946).

The XF-11 never made it to the approval stage/final production due to an unfortunate crash, it was supposed to be used by the military for long-range photo-reconnaissance.

Hughes XF-11 Papercraft [Download]

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'88 TMNT Papercraft w/ Accessory Pack

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Papercraft OriginalOriginal version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (they're all smiley and happy), and an accessory pack that includes all the essential ninja weapons.

If you don't see the templates yet, wait a bit and it will eventually show up on the 4KidsTV front page, or you could try signing up/joining the site so you can get access early.

TMNT Papercraft

'88 TMNT Papercraft w/ Accessory Pack [Download]

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Cranky's Lab Papercraft (Donkey Kong)

Cranky's Lab Papercraft The wooden barrel-shaped lab/home that belongs to Cranky Kong (aka Donkey Kong Sr.) and appears in the Donkey Kong 64Donkey Kong 64 video game.

Donkey Kong - Cranky's Lab Papercraft [Download]

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Atari 2600 Business Card Holder Papercraft

An Atari 2600 papercraft that is a business card holder (35 cardscard holder) at the same time, very nifty idea by Paper Foldables.

Atari 2600 Business Card Holder Papercraft [Download]

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Wooden Shoe - Clogs Papercraft (Bakiak)

Wooden Shoe Clog Papercraft Bakiak (aka bakya) is a common type of wooden footwearfootwear used in Asia before the introduction of rubber slippers/sandals.

Wooden Shoe - Clogs Papercraft (Bakiak) [Download]

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Gubi-Gubi Paper Toy - November Series

Gubi-Gubi Papertoy November Series Gubi-gubi paper toypaper toy gets 8 new customs from designers around the globe.

Gubi-Gubi Paper Toy - November Series [Download]

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Christmas Reindeer Papercraft 2

Reindeer Papercraft Christmas Reindeer (aka caribou) fly through the air while pulling a sleigh carrying Santa ClausSanta Claus and an infinite number of presents (wink, wink).

Christmas Reindeer Papercraft [Download]

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11 November 2009

Push Up Toy: Poodle Papercraft

Very nice idea of converting the classic push up toy into papercraft, uses a collapsing Pink Poodlepoodle ^^.

You'll need to attach strings for this to work, the strings are tightened up on both ends to make the Poodle stand straight, once you push the base the tension on the strings loosen up and the pooch hits the ground.

Push Up Toy: Poodle Papercraft [Download]

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Les Paul Electric Guitar Papercraft

Les Paul Papercraft Guitar Super detailed Gibson Les Paul electric guitarelectric guitar papercraft designed by S.Umekawa for Canon Creative Park, also comes with a matching guitar stand.

Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar Papercraft [Download]

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Marine Iguana Papercraft (Animal)

Marine Iguana Papercraft The Marine Iguana is a shore-dwelling lizard that can only be found on the Galapagos IslandsGalapagos, it feeds mainly on seaweed.

Marine Iguana Papercraft [Download]

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Temple of Heaven Papercraft

Temple of Heaven Papercraft China's Temple of Heaven (aka Altar of Heaven), a UNESCO World Heritage Site found in central BeijingBeijing.

The Temple of Heaven is complex comprised of several Taoist buildings, this papercraft only depicts The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests (one of China's most famous architectural landmarks)

Temple of Heaven Papercraft [Download]

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Elio Papercraft by Rob Diaz

Elio Papercraft Here's a funny stop motion film created by Venezuelan-born / Spain-based animator, Rob Diaz, it uses papercrafts for its characters and props.

The title of the film is "Elio", and features a pudgy bald guy (Elio) who is sweeping the floor, he starts listening to his iPod and something happens ^^

The best thing about this is that Rob has also released the templates for Elio, we've got Regular Elio, Fancy Elio, and a Blank Elio for the customizers out there.

This film was entirely done with a Nokia XpressMusic 5800 and is Rob's entry to a local contest. If you like it, show your support by voting for Rob at this link (look for Elio under the DEF category).

Elio Papercraft by Rob Diaz [Download]

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REVORAMA Dancouga Papercraft - Mega Booster Flight Pack

Dancouga Papercraft Diorama

Papercraft of the Booster/Jet Pack with 2 Pulse Cannons and a background / cut-out mecha for your RevoltechRevoltech 078 Dancouga - Super Beast Machine God.

Dancouga Papercraft Mecha

Dancouga Papercraft Mecha

Use this pic below to find out what to click:

Dancouga Papercraft

REVORAMA Dancouga Papercraft - Mega Booster [Download]

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REVORAMA Evangelion Unit-05 Hangar Papercraft

Evangelion Unit05 Papercraft Diorama

Housing stucture / hangar unit for your RevoltechRevoltech Yamaguchi 069 (Eva Provisional Unit-05) that was introduced at the Evangelion 2.0 film.

Use this pic below to see which one to click after the link ^^

Evangelion Unit-05 Papercraft

REVORAMA Evangelion Unit-05 Hangar Papercraft [Download]

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TMNT - Krang Papercraft 3

TMNTTMNT supervillain Krang in his Biosuit, Cubee version.

TMNT - Krang Papercraft 3 [Download]

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