17 May 2008

SD Crossbone Gundam Papercraft

Based on the popular Crossbone Gundam manga series (6 volumes), here's the uniquely designed pirate-looking mecha in the Gundam universe - Crossbone Gundam X-1. It's got scissor anchors and an ABC (anti-beam coating) mantle to complement the theme. This Gundam papercraft was designed by 333bankin. Thanks to skitty for providing the link.

SD Crossbone Gundam Papercraft [333bankin via mediafire]

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MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam Papercraft

What we have today is the SD (super deformed) version of the ZZ Gundam papercraft by toyoppe. It comes with a backpack and a double beam rifle.

The MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam is named after the series of the same name and designed by Makoto Kobayashi. The ZZ is pronounced as Double Zeta. In the series, this Gundam is one of the transformer type - it can switch between the massive G-Fortress flyer, the core base, core top, and core fighter.

ZZ Gundam Papercraft [toyoppe]

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16 May 2008

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Tetra

The bossy, fearless, tan, blonde girl and pirate captain. She has a crew of six and made her first appearance in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Tetra was revealed to be a Princess Zelda in the making. This Tetra papercraft is from designer DaredevilBR.

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Tetra [DaredevilBR]

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Chojin Bibyun Papercraft - Zushiin

Chojin Bibyun aka "Super God Bibyun" was 36 episode live-action Japanese tv series (tokusatsu) that aired during the mid '70s and makes use of special effects. It was produced by the Toei Animation studio and was part of the Toei Superheroes series - e.g. Kamen Rider, Akumaizer, etc. Today's Zushiin papercraft was based on one of the three main characters in Chojin Bibyun, Bashaan (Blue), Bibyun (Red), and Zushiin (Orange).

Zushiin is an earth elemental that gains great amounts of strength and stamina from the ground he stands on. He can transform himself into boulders and loose rocks and use a special attack called “Zushiin Ball” which transforms himself into a giant boulder to steamroll his opponents. He carries a battle staff called the “Mon-Cane” (Monster Cane) which generate Seismic attacks that can throw opponents off their feet.

Chojin Bibyun Papercraft - Zushiin [Cubic Character]

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15 May 2008

Anime Papercraft - Cafetera Catgirl

A new anime-type papercraft from the site that speciliazes on cute paper models - to celebrate the 10,000 hits they got on their cat blog.

Anime Papercraft - Catgirl [cafetera] [cat blog]

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Hermes Kelly Papercraft Bags

This one's for the ladies, I know you would rather have the real thing, but this one could stand in as inspiration while you're saving for one or as a guide - so your other half would know which one to get you. The Hermes Kelly is an extremely expensive and obsessively coveted iconic bag named after Grace Kelly (American actress/Princess of Monaco) and made by the French fashion house Hermes International. These papercraft bags are an official release from the Hermes web site and has eight flavors of the Kelly bag for you to choose from, including a white/blank one which you can customize, if you want.

To get to the goods, follow the link below, look for the white bag icon just like the picture above and click on it.

Hermes Kelly Papercraft Bags [Hermes]

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Moogle
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Cute Papercraft Toys - Inoshikacho

Today's Rommy Sloth paper toy is quite unique, if you see those three symbols on his chest/shirt - a boar (ino), a deer (shika), and a butterfly (ocho) - they were based on the Japanese playing cards called Hanafuda (flower cards). The cards have twelve suits to represent the twelve months, each suit is designated a flower and is comprised of four cards. The Inoshikaocho paper toy got its name from connecting the names of those symbols.

ROMMY Sloth Papercraft Toy - Inoshikacho [kamimodel]

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14 May 2008

Fantasy Adventure Papercrafts

Check out Jim Hartman's huge collection of fantasy adventure papercrafts, full of sci-fi and mythological beings. Although most of the paper models are in 2D form, there are some 3D variety that fit our site. There's the Crypt Worm, the Cyclops Steamtank, and 2 lots of Battle Cars.

Fantasy Adventure Papercrafts [One Monk Miniatures]

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Pokemon Papercraft - MissingNo.

This MissingNo. papercraft is from our friend ryo007 over at deviantart. If you've been playing the Pokemon series of RPG video games since its early days, you've probably encountered MissingNo. or probably heard about it. It's one of the most destructive Pokemon in the series, and I mean that literally. It's considered to be a Glitch Pokemon, technically not a real Pokemon but a programming quirk - the designers didn't purposely put it in the game, but its there. If you capture the MissingNo. and then saved it, you could either end up corrupting your data or cause some graphical issues.

Pokemon Papercraft - MissingNo. [ryo007]

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Zeta Gundam Papercraft Bust

Z Gundam (Z stands for Zeta) was a televised anime on Japanese TV during 1984-1985, following up the original series with a whole new set of characters and machines. The robot of the same name was the main piece of hardware in the show. This new show also introduced the "transformation" concept to Gundam, and the Zeta does an impressive one, switching from robot mode to "Wave Rider" mode in the blink of an eye. We've got the mottarian blog to thank for this great Gundam papercraft. Follow the link below for the goods.

Zeta Gundam Papercraft Bust [mottarian]

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13 May 2008

Canon Papercraft - More Toys

Ah yes, our regular update from Canon has just arrived. Lots of papercrafts for today, all but one is in the toy section. Let's begin with the paper maracas, a bright red colored musical tool that you shake to make music. Then there's the paper boomerangs - I'm not sure that they'll come back when you throw them, you'll just have to test it. There's also a jumping jack papercraft and silhouette cards that is perfect for younger kids. And finally, you can visit the lonely elephant at the origami section.

Canon Papercraft [Creative Park]

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Jumpgate Papercraft Spaceships

Here are some papercrafts based on the science fiction MMORPG, Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative. The papercrafts consists of spacecrafts and other space vehicles from the various factions in the game. The game currently has a sequel in the works called Jumpgate: Evolution. Thanks to designer Ted Wallick, aka Jimmy Crackskull, for sending the info. and for the great work his put on these paper models.

Jumpgate Papercraft Spaceships [Cracked Skull Paper Modelz]

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Designer Papercraft - Hoody

From the designer that brought us the Lazy Boy paper toy, here's a new pattern called the "Hoody". Its name is pretty self-explanatory so I'll go straight for the call, what call?, a call for artists. Same as last time, the designer is providing a blank pattern and anybody interested can get a copy of it, then you color or skin it to your liking. This is a good opportunity for illustrators and graphics artist that want to get their name out there. Follow the link below for more details.

Designer Papercraft - Hoody [Urban Fresh/Damien Charles]

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12 May 2008

Cute Japanese Papercraft Characters

A couple of anthropomorphic papercraft characters for the 400th year commemoration of the famous Karatsu Castle in Japan. They're here to challenge the Kung Fu Panda group :)

Cute Japanese Papercraft Characters [gogocraft]

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Nintendo Papercraft - Zelda & Mario Items

We'll start this week with some Nintendo papercrafts from designer Nicole Lozano. A couple of items from the Legend of Zelda series - a Lon Lon Milk bottle and a Hylian Shield. And from Mario Bros. - Mario's red plumber cap. Besides these cute papercrafts there's also a helpful guide on how to rip 3D models from video games, you would want to head to the notes section of their site if you're interested in that.

Nintendo Papercraft [Navi's Paperkraft]

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Haruhi Suzumiya Papercraft - Yuki Nagato

She's the pretty alien android and one of the main characters in the Haruhi Suzumiya light novel and anime series. It's extremely popular in Japan and has become a cult television series with a large and dedicated fanbase. The pattern is in PDO format so you'll need the free Pepakura Viewer software to open it, and be sure to download it asap because the link will only be up until May 18.

Haruhi Suzumiya Papercraft - Yuki Nagato [Imperishable Night/kaguya]

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11 May 2008

Grand Theft Auto 4 Papercraft

A new Tubbypaws papercraft tribute, this time, to Rockstar's latest and greatest - Grand Theft Auto 4. A snapshot of Liberty City's typical street corner - you've got your browstone, a yellow taxi cab, light rail, and of course, Nico Bellic and the flying rats pigeons.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Papercraft [Tubbypaws]

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City
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Command & Conquer Papercraft - Orca

The Global Defense Iniative's ultimate fast-attack aircraft, the Orca appeared in the First Tiberium War. This Command & Conquer papercraft was from designer skupilkinson.

Command & Conquer Papercraft - Orca [via C&C Papercraft]

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Okami Papercraft - Amaterasu

Amaterasu is the Shinto sun guddess and protagonist in Okami, the highly acclaimed and award winning action adventure video game released for the PlayStation 2. Amaterasu was in the form of a white wolf. This papercraft is in PDO format so you'll need the free Pepakura viewer to view the pattern. From designer CBird.

Okami Papercraft - Amaterasu [via mediafire] [Bird Cage/CBird]

Gitaroo Man Papercraft - Puma
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