16 May 2008

Chojin Bibyun Papercraft - Zushiin

Chojin Bibyun aka "Super God Bibyun" was 36 episode live-action Japanese tv series (tokusatsu) that aired during the mid '70s and makes use of special effects. It was produced by the Toei Animation studio and was part of the Toei Superheroes series - e.g. Kamen Rider, Akumaizer, etc. Today's Zushiin papercraft was based on one of the three main characters in Chojin Bibyun, Bashaan (Blue), Bibyun (Red), and Zushiin (Orange).

Zushiin is an earth elemental that gains great amounts of strength and stamina from the ground he stands on. He can transform himself into boulders and loose rocks and use a special attack called “Zushiin Ball” which transforms himself into a giant boulder to steamroll his opponents. He carries a battle staff called the “Mon-Cane” (Monster Cane) which generate Seismic attacks that can throw opponents off their feet.

Chojin Bibyun Papercraft - Zushiin [Cubic Character]

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