14 May 2008

Pokemon Papercraft - MissingNo.

This MissingNo. papercraft is from our friend ryo007 over at deviantart. If you've been playing the Pokemon series of RPG video games since its early days, you've probably encountered MissingNo. or probably heard about it. It's one of the most destructive Pokemon in the series, and I mean that literally. It's considered to be a Glitch Pokemon, technically not a real Pokemon but a programming quirk - the designers didn't purposely put it in the game, but its there. If you capture the MissingNo. and then saved it, you could either end up corrupting your data or cause some graphical issues.

Pokemon Papercraft - MissingNo. [ryo007]

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  1. What's it done for? :D

  2. Yeah, I remember running into it, back in the day. Not a very elaborate papercraft. I would have to say one of my least favs, the hylian shield being my fav.

  3. the first time i caught it was by accident, though it was a hidden pokemon, until the artifacts on the screen started showing up.

  4. I had just tried to catch it, and the game crashed :D
    Does any more Pokemon paper craft you have like Dragonite,Quilava or Charizard?

  5. Was I the only person that was able to put this thing in a box? Everyone else seems to have had trouble with it but I never remember having anything weird at all happen.

  6. i got a missingno i thought it was a normal pokemon it was normal i could do anything the same it didnt mess my game up??? am i the only 1 /?? >_<

  7. To Fay. Missing no. is safe to catch only if it starts at lvl 80. than you can evolve it into kangeshkan


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