29 June 2007

Mr. Gruff Papercraft

"Atheism, as a philosophical view, is the position that either affirms the nonexistence of gods or rejects theism. When defined more broadly, atheism is the absence of belief in deities, alternatively called nontheism. Although atheists are commonly assumed to be irreligious, some religions, such as Buddhism, have been characterized as atheistic."
Source: Wikipedia

From the Christian? site objectiveministries.org comes this simple papercraft model aptly named Mr. Gruff the Atheist Goat, designed by Mr. Kutsushima of the Happy Origami Ministry in Japan. This model is very much the same design and format as the Jesus papercraft that we've posted before. The head and arms still move, but now, this one is holding a mug - you can also check out some other models on their site like Ruby the Lioness, Lambuel, and many more.

Mr. Gruff [Download]
Objective: Ministries [Site]
Mr. Kutsushima [Site]

26 June 2007

Frog Papercraft

Nothing much going on today, just waiting for winter to come, this Texas heat is unbearable. Here's one for you, a realistic looking frog from our friend Keiji Kawaguchi at Raspera.com, pretty much every papercraft model in their site has good form, very easy to build, and looks realistic - none of that blocky effect that you hate so much. Raspera requires membership, which will set you about 30 bones, I think it's worth it for all those models. There's also some samples to give you a taste of his work - a chameleon, a golden retriever, and a booby. Have Fun!

Realistic Frog Papercraft
[via Mediafire]
Raspera [Site]