13 November 2010

Gothic Cathedral Papercraft

Gothic Cathedral Papercraft

Papercraft model cathedral based on Gothic architecture prominently used in cathedrals, abbeys, and churches from Europe.

Nichijo Snow Plow Papercraft

Nichijo Snow Plow Papercraft

Snow plow papercraft models based on Nichijo Manufacturing's (Japan) top-of-the-line snow machines - Nichijo manufactures Rotary Snow Plows, Rail Cars, Snow Grooming Machines, and Heavy Lift Cars.

Volkswagen Paper Toy Cars

Volkswagen Paper Toy Cars

6 paper toy cars from Volkswagen Brazilia, features their Golf and Kombi (aka Hippie Bus) series.

Thor Papercraft (Winged Helmet)

Thor Helmet Papercraft

The Thunder God's winged helmet, papercraft by Apocalipsis.

12 November 2010

Teacup Papercraft

Teacup Papercraft

Teacup paper toy that you can send to your friends (or yourself ^^) using A Nice Cup Of...'s TOIP - "Tea Over IP" technology, papercraft created by Paper Foldables.

Project Egopaper Alphabet Papercraft: E

Project Egopaper Alphabet Papercraft

After almost a year since we last saw of it, Jerom's Egopaper is back on track. E is for Emo.

Calling All Cars - Jumbo Car Papercraft

Calling All Cars Jumbo Car Papercraft

A "jumbo" version of the Horrorwood's very first Calling All Cars custom by Matt Hawkins.

Pokemon Eevee Papercraft

Pokemon Eevee Papercraft

Eevee is a multi-evolutionary Pokemon that resembles a brown fox-dog hybrid, it can evolved into seven different "eon" Pokemons.

Hagglunds Bandvagn 206 Papercraft (BV 206)

Hagglunds Bandvagn 206 Papercraft

The BV 206 is a multi-purpose, all-terrain tracked vehicle developed by Hagglunds AB which is part of the Swedish defense company BAE Systems AB.

11 November 2010

Dandyfrog Paper Toy

Dandyfrog Paper Toy

Dandyfrog paper toy by Tougui, Dandyfrog is a French umbrella company with a focus on urban-themed/urban inpisred designs.

BLACK ARROW & Black Knight Rocket Papercraft

BLACK ARROW & Black Knight Rocket Papercraft

Two British rockets - the BLACK ARROW satellite carrier rocket and Black Knight re-entry test rocket, 1/96 scale papercraft models by Niels Knudsen.

Transformers - G1 Megatron Papercraft

Transformers G1 Megatron Papercraft

Generation 1 Megatron papercraft created by deviantARTist monkeyrum, he's the leader/supreme commander of the Decepticon army and armed with a powerful arm-mounted fusion cannon.

Customizable Skateboard Papercraft

Skateboard Papercraft

Plain white skateboard papercraft from Sinner, put custom colors or textures into it to make it your own.

Mass Effect 2 Papercraft - Tali Zorah

Mass Effect 2 Papercraft Tali Zorah

A second Mass Effect 2 Tali Zorah model with a more natural pose, papercraft by Xenonray.

Robocop - RoboCain Papercraft

RoboCain Papercraft

RoboCain papercraft from Modelos de Papel, some of the templates are a jumbled mess though (pic above is not of the actual model).

Matthieu Chedid Paper Toy - Black Version

Matthieu Chedid Paper Toy

A darker/less colorful Matthieu Chedid paper toy from Jerom.

10 November 2010

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Cloud Strife Papercraft

Dissidia Final Fantasy Cloud Strife Papercraft

Dissidia: Final Fantasy version of Cloud Strife and his Buster Sword - fighting on the side of Cosmos, papercraft by Ace.

Touhou Project Papercraft - Ichirin Kumoi & Unzan

Touhou Project Papercraft Ichirin Kumoi Unzan

I thought our Touhou models have dried up, here comes SSN to the rescue! with two new papercraft models to boot.

Animaux menacés - Endangered Animals Papercraft book by Patrick Pasques

Endangered Animals Papercraft

Do you guys remember Patrick Pasques, we first featured him with his Biplane and Jurassic Park papercraft? he has a book out called Animaux menacés.

Pokemon Pokabu Papercraft 2

Pokemon Pokabu Papercraft

Porky Pokemon Pokabu papercraft by Sabi96, that's a lot of Ps ^^.

Red Dwarf - Light Bee Papercraft

Red Dwarf - Light Bee Papercraft

The Light Bee is a small holographic projection unit used based on the Red Dwarf series.

Mega Man - Leopold Tank Papercraft

Mega Man Leopold Tank Papercraft

The Leopold is the standard battle tank used by the Bonnes family.

Super Mario Bros. - Crow Papercraft

Super Mario Bros. Crow Papercraft

Burma / Myanmar kyat Banknote Papercraft K1000

Myanmar kyat Papercraft

The kyat (K) is the official currency for Burma (aka Republic of the Union of Myanmar), this K1000 banknote has the lion-like figure Chinthe on the obverse side and Ministry of Finance and Revenue in the other.

09 November 2010

2010 Christmas House Papercraft

2010 Christmas House Papercraft

Cozy Christmas House papercraft from Kids Goo Japan, comes with Christmas tree, red sofa, fireplace, gifts, and treats.

Very Merry 2010 Christmas Papercraft Set - Kirin

2010 Christmas Papercraft Set Kirin

If your a newbie and don't feel like crafting your way through Canon's very detailed Christmas papercrafts, Kirin has got you covered with their own simpler version.

2010 Santa Claus Papercraft and Reindeer Set

2010 Santa Claus Papercraft

The only Santa Claus papercraft you'll ever need ^^, beautifully created by Katsuyuki Shiga of PinoArt.

2010 Mini Christmas Tree Papercrafts & Christmas String Decorations

2010 Mini Christmas Tree Papercraft

Mini Christmas tree papercrafts to get you in a fun-filled Christmas mood.

2010 Christmas Tree Ornament Papercrafts

Christmas Tree Ball Ornament Papercraft

Canon Creative Park has got the timing right this year ^^, they've released their 2010 Christmas papercrafts early so you can build them way ahead, we'll start with the tree ornaments.

08 November 2010

Adventure Time - Emerald Princess Papercraft

Adventure Time Emerald Princess Papercraft

The green-skinned Emerald Princess has made her way to Cartoon Network's download section, she first appeared in Season 1 Episode 3 of Adventure Time "Prisoners of Love".

II LOVE Papercraft Toy Magzine #7

II LOVE Papercraft Toy Magazine 7

II LOVE #7 is out, three new paper toy exclusives from Jonny Chiba, Idham Mahardhika, and Sal Azad.

Winter Wonderland : Charming Winter Paper Sculptures for Parties, Holidays, and Home Decor by Mary Beth Cryan (Papercraft Kit Review)

Winter Wonderland 001

This is going to be a pretty straightforward review, I'll skip most of the intro since the book did a great job in covering the basics, from the introduction (you'll get to know more about Ms. Cryan and her background), to the tools needed, all the way to tips and techniques.

2011 Paper Toy Pop-Up Calendar & Pocket Calendar Papercraft

2011 Paper Toy Pop-up Calendar

Paper toys, pop-up cards, and a 2011 calendar all-in-one mix, created by Vietnamese digital artist/designer mol of Clovered.net

Tagger Paper Toy - Sal Azad

Tagger Paper Toy Sal Azad

Custom T-Ninja's Tagger paper toy by Sal Azad.

SSBB Marth Papercraft

SSBB Marth Papercraft

Marth is a hidden/unlockable character from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he's originally from the Fire Emblem game series (Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light).

07 November 2010

Super Crate Box Papercraft Contest - Winner

Super Crate Box Papercraft Contest Winner

Here's the winning entry by John Gottschalks for Vlambeer's Super Crate Box Papercraft contest.

Darkstalkers Papercraft - Morrigan Aensland & Lilith

Darkstalkers Papercraft Morrigan Lilith

Morrigan Aensland & Lilith - succubi characters from Capcom's Darkstalkers (aka Vampire, aka Vampire Hunter) 2D fighting game series, papercraft created by Alcli0nE.

Matthieu Chedid Papercraft

Matthieu Chedid Papercraft

M (aka Matthieu Chedid) is a French musician known for his flamboyant costumes and wild Grandpa Munster hair ^^, paper toy by Jerom.

Fallout New Vegas - Knock-Knock & Fire Axe Papercraft

Fallout New Vegas Knock Knock Fire Axe Papercraft

The fire axe is a melee weapon from Fallout: New Vegas while the Knock-Knock is a unique variant of it.

Fallout New Vegas - Machete Gladius Papercraft

Fallout New Vegas Machete Gladius Papercraft

The Machete Gladius is a melee weapon from Fallout New: Vegas, it's primarily used by Caesar's Legion army, papercraft model by Brandon.

STALKER Papercraft - Artifacts (Eye, Soul, Flame, Compass)

Stalker Papercraft Artifacts

Four artifact paper models based on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game series by GSC Game World.

And the Winners Are...(2010 Halloween Papercraft Photo Contest)

The votes are in and the readers have spoken, the top two winners for our 2010 Halloween Papercraft Photo Contest are Josh Joye and Scott Charette - Congratulations!

Lineage 2 - Female Dark Elf Papercraft

Lineage 2 Female Dark Elf Papercraft

Dark Elven female paper model created by Namotasa, based on the hit MMORPG Lineage 2 by South Korea-based online computer game company NCsoft.