18 February 2012

Bleach - Neliel Papercraft

Neliel Papercraft

Neliel Tu Oderschvank is a former Tres Espada (super powered hollow) who is now a childlike Hollow with no memories, this papercraft depicts her true/adult form.

Star Wars - ARF Trooper Papercraft

Star Wars ARF Trooper Papercraft

The Advanced Recon Force (ARF) troopers are unique Clone Trooper units that speciliaze in reconnaissance missions.

Pokemon Exploud Papercraft

Pokemon Exploud Papercraft

Exploud (aka Bakuong) is a normal-type and Loud Noise Pokemon that is the evolved form of Loudred.

MLP - Philomeena Papercraft

Philomeena Papercraft

Philomeena is the pet phoenix owned by Princess Celestia.

17 February 2012

Twilight Princess - Midna Papercraft (True Form)

Midna Papercraft True Form

Midna is the imp that follows / leads Link in Twilight Princess, her true form is revealed after the Light Spirits of Hyrule revives her.

Disney 2012 St. Patrick's Day Papercraft (w/ Mickey & Minnie Mouse)

Disney 2012 St. Patrick's Day Papercraft Mickey Mouse Pot of Gold

Disney Family has a matching his (Mickey) and hers (Minnie) candy box, a mouse-eared Leprechaun hat, and a Pot of Gold papercraft for this years' St. Patricks's Day celebration (March 17th 2012).

Drunk Monkey Paper Toy

Drunk Monkey Paper Toy

Mau Russo's cute and effective bottle topper decoration that reminds you to "Never Drink and Drive".

League of Legends - Sight Ward Papercraft

Sight Ward Papercraft

Sight Wards are one-time use items (aka Consumable item) from the League of Legends game, it places an invisible ward with a 1100 range and lasts for 3 minutes.

16 February 2012

Hanitan Papercraft (Mascot)

Hanitan Papercraft

Hani-tan is the official mascot for the city of Takatsuki in Osaka, Japan.

Mini He-Man Paper Toy

Mini He-Man Paper Toy

He-Man is the very powerful alter-ego of Prince Adam of Eternia (sworn to protect Castle Grayskull) and is the lead character in the 80's animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Aquarium Papercraft - Blue Tang & Fire Shrimp

Aquarium Papercraft Blue Tang Fire Shrimp

Canon Creative Park has new residents in its paper Aquarium series, we've got the Finding Nemo's Dory Blue Tang and Fire Shrimps moving in.

Flying Disc Papercraft

Flying Disc Papercraft

This paper toy is meant to be thrown around a lot so make sure to use sturdy cardstock to build this very colorful flying disc papercraft from MINYA.

Dolphin Boomerang Papercraft

Dolphin Boomerang Papercraft

Boomerang papercraft with a dolphin decoration / aquatic theme created by Yuki Yamagata for Canon Creative Park.

Lana Del Rey Papercraft

Lana Del Rey Papercraft

Lana Del Rey (aka Lizzie Grant) is an American singer who became an internet sensation with her video for the single "Video Games" and recently, notorious for her heavily-criticized performance on Saturday Night Live.

Hitman - Silverballer Papercraft (Gun)

Hitman Silverballer Papercraft

The Silverballer is Agent 47's signature handgun in the Hitman video game series.

Star Wars - Snowtrooper Papercraft

Snowtrooper Papercraft

Snowtroopers are a variation of the Imperial Stormtroopers trained for action on large ice planets / planets with severely cold temperature, their armor is white-colored and is heavily insulated.

15 February 2012

Doraemon - Shizuka Papercraft

Doraemon Shizuka Papercraft

Shizuka Minamoto is the main female character in the Doraemon manga/anime series.

RIA: The Lightclan Chronicles Papercraft - Morcs Pumpkin-Bike

RIA The Lightclan Chronicles Papercraft Morcs Pumpkin-Bike

The mechanically inclined Morcs (clan) riding their Pumpkin-Bike - character based on the four-part fantasy comic book series created by German artist Thorsten Kiecker.

Emergency Exit Papercraft

Emergency Exit Papercraft 3D version of the Emergency Exit sign ^^.

Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Papercraft

Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Papercraft

Volkswagen Golf Mk1 was a small, front-wheel-drive, hatchback family car manufactured by German automobile maker Volkswagen between 1974-1984, it was created to replace the aging Volkswagen Beetle.

Little Birdie Paper Toy

Little Birdie Paper Toy

St30created's first moving paper toy (Little Birdie), push its head and watch it dart back and forth.

KiriHaru Paper Toy - Update - 021412

KiriHaru Gloomy Bear Paper Toy

Violent bears, web-slingers, and flying armored suits ^^ are the latest updates on KiriHaru's growing collection.

14 February 2012

Neppy Paper Toy

Neppy Paper Toy

Neppy paper toy from Nurhuda Rahmadihan / HOOD-A blog.

Fantasy RPG - Inevitables Papercraft

Fantasy RPG Inevitables Papercraft

The Inevitalbes are animated objects or artificially constructed creatures in the Dungeons & Dragons series whose sole purpose is to enforce the natural laws of the universe.

13 February 2012

Snow Miku Papercraft

Snow Miku Papercraft

Miku Hatsune Snow model (Vocaloid) from moekami.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy - Kain Highwind Paper Model v2

Kain Highwind Paper Model

In-game appearance of Kain Highwind in Dissidia 012, in his dragoon armor and without his helmet on.

Majora's Mask - Japas Papercraft

Japas Papercraft

Japas is the guitar-thumping bassist for the Zora musical group The Indigo-Go's.

Mickey Mouse & Friends Bowling Pins Papercraft

Mickey Mouse Bowling Pins PapercraftMickey Mouse and his friends (Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto) as bowling pins, use a rubber ball or a bunch of crumpled paper to take them down.

SD RGE-B790 Genoace Papercraft & RGE-B790CW Genoace Custom Papercraft (Gundam)

SD Gundam Genoace Papercraft

5cm (about 2 inches) tall SD Genoace Gundam papercrafts, email wxy.pipi@gmail.com to get a copy of the templates.

Pokemon Purrloin Papercraft

Pokemon Purrloin Papercraft

Purrloin (aka Choroneko) is a dark-type and Devious Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Liepard, it resembles a purple kitten.

Pokemon Mime Jr. Papercraft

Pokemon Mime Jr. Papercraft

Mime Jr. (aka Manene) is a psychic-type and Mime Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Mr. Mime.

12 February 2012

Kumamon Papercraft (Mascot)

Kumamon Papercraft

Yesterday we featured the 1st runner-up (Bary-san) in the 2011 National Yuru-chara Summit, now we've got the winner, Kumamon - bear mascot representing Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu, Japan.

Star Wars - Rebel Trooper Papercraft

Rebel Trooper Papercraft

Rebel Troopers are the infantrymen of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, paper model is based on the ones commonly found on the Rebel blockade runner (Tantive IV).

Donkey Kong - Rattly the Snake Papercraft

Rattly the Snake Papercraft

Rattly the Snake is a resident of Crocodile Isle who helped Diddy and Dixie to defeat the oppressive Kremlings and rescue Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong - Enguarde the Swordfish Papercraft

Enguarde the Swordfish Papercraft

Enguarde the Swordfish is an animal buddy and recurring character who has aided the Kong Family in their many adventures.

The Lorax Papercraft

The Lorax Papercraft

The Lorax is the grumpy yet charming creature in Dr. Seuss' children's book of the same name, a 3D CGI film based upon the book will be released this year (03.02.12).