19 September 2009

Limited Edition Paper Moon Papercraft

Paper Moon Papercraft Paper Moon Limited Edition papercraftpapercraft (signed and numbered) from Matt Hawkins (Custom Paper Toys), only 200 prints are available so grab them while you can.

Paper Moon Papercraft

The papercraft was inspired by the 1933 song "It's Only a Paper Moon"

You can purchase a single papercraft for 20 smackaroos or a twofer pack for 30 (i prefer this one ^^).

Limited Edition Paper Moon Papercraft [Buy Here]

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REVORAMA Getter Dragon Papercraft Diorama

Getter Dragon Papercraft Papercraft model of the Saotome Research Institute that appears in the Getter Robo GGetter Robo G anime series.

Getter Dragon Papercraft

Getter Dragon Papercraft

Use the pic below as guide on what to click.

Getter Dragon Papercraft

REVORAMA Getter Dragon Papercraft Diorama [Download]

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REVORAMA Neo Getter Papercraft Diorama

Neo Getter Papercraft Diorama A cityscape scene with Neo GetterNeo Getter robo and Mechasaurus Doba (lizard head) battling it out.

Weaksauce, no 3D papercraft models here, just flat stuff. Use pic below as guide on what to click.

Neo Getter Papercraft

REVORAMA Neo Getter Papercraft Diorama [Download]

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Evangelion Papercraft - Asuka Langley Soryu

Asuka Langley Papercraft Asuka Langley in her fiery red bodysuit and getting ready to pilot her Eva Unit 02Eva Unit 02.

Evangelion - Asuka Langley Soryu

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Utsuho Reiuji

Utsuho Reiuji Papercraft Utsuho Reiuji is a hell raven that appears in the 11th Touhou Project gamegame called Subterranean Animism, she has the ability to manipulate nuclear fusion and can be found in the Underground City.

Touhou Project - Utsuho Reiuji Papercraft

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Eid ul-Fitr Papercraft Set

Eid ul-Fitr (aka Idu I-Fitr, aka Eid) translates to "Festival of the Breaking of the Fast", a festive IslamicIslamic holiday that marks the end of Ramadan and is often celebrated with family meals and gift giving.

Eid ul-Fitr Papercraft Set

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Retro Supervillain Papercraft - The Joker

The Joker Papercraft My favorite DC ComicsDC Comics bad guy and supervillain extraordinaire, The Joker - from Batman #1 (c 1940).

Retro Supervillain - The Joker Papercraft

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Arcade Cabinet Papercraft - Matica Air Race

Arcade Cabinet Papercraft Arcade cabinet papercraftpapercraft designed by Alexander Aylesbury of Matica.com (original free online Flash games), it's sporting the colors of their Air Race web game.

Arcade Cabinet Papercraft - Matica Air Race

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Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Blazing Skull

The Blazing Skull Papercraft The Blazing Skull (aka Mark Todd) is a Marvel ComicsMarvel Comics superhero that debuted in Timely Comics (c 1941). The Blazing Skull has immunity to fire but is also able to create and project it, has superhuman strength, and is capable of making his flesh invisible (not the bones though).

He might look similar to that other famous Marvel flaming-skull character, Ghost Rider, but the Blazing Skull beats him to the scene by three decades.

Retro Superhero - The Blazing Skull Papercraft

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18 September 2009

Michael Jackson Papercraft Bas Relief

Michael Jackson A Michael JacksonMichael Jackson papercraft tribute from 21th Century Papercraft featuring a bas relief type model showing Michael's signature style and move.

Michael Jackson Papercraft

Michael Jackson Papercraft Bas Relief [Download]

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Gundam Papercraft - SD Salamis Kai Cruiser

SD Salamis Kai Papercraft The Salamis Kai-class cruiser is a heavy warship that appeared in the Universal Century timeline in the Mobile Suit GundamGundam series, this ship was a refitted version of the regular Salamis-class and was mainly used by the Earth Federation and the AEUG.

To download the goods, hit the link below and then scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll see the pic (below), click the grey button in between the two pics.
Salami Kai Cruiser
Gundam SD Salamis Kai Papercraft [Download]

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17 September 2009

Piaggio Ape Papercrafts Now Available

Piaggio Ape Papercraft Just like what I said a month ago, Italian graphic designer Vincenzo Cianciullo's (Vinsart.it) colorful Piaggio Ape papercraftspapercrafts (three-wheeled vehicle) are now ready for downloading.

To get the goods, follow the link below then look at the top-center of the page, you'll see pics of the Piaggio Apes lined up horizontally, click on one of the pics and the template links would show up on the bottom-right corner of the page. Rinse and repeat for each papercraft model.

Piaggio Ape Papercrafts Now Available [Download]

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Gubi Gubi Paper Toy - Second Trip

New trio for PainKillahArt's Gubi-Gubis, paper toypaper toy designs by JC-One, ADMSXT, and Gill Boy (pictured above).

Gubi Gubi Paper Toy - Second Trip

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16 September 2009

NaniBird Paper Toy - JibJib!

JibJib Paper Toy Meet JibJib!, the latest NaniBird paper toypaper toy created by Thai graphic designer TIKKYWOW.

NaniBird - JibJib! Paper Toy

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Cute Animal Papercrafts by Jikanbou

Jikanbou Animal Papercrafts Cute animalanimal characters / mascots? (except for the clock guy) from Jikanbou.jp, not sure what the site is about, I guess it has something to do with kids ^^

Cute Animal Papercrafts by Jikanbou

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Gremlins Papercraft - Gizmo

Gizmo Papercraft Gizmo papercraft (cute critter from the GremlinsGremlins movie series ) rockin' some cool 3D glasses, created by Sercho!

Gremlins - Gizmo Papercraft [via Tektonten]

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Kaminarimon Papercraft - Gate of Senso-ji Temple

Kaminarimon (aka Tunder Gate) is the entrance to the Senso-ji, an ancient Buddhist templetemple located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan.

Kaminarimon Papercraft

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Animal Papercraft - Scottish Fold (Cat)

Not as cute as the real one, here's the super adorable and melt-your-heart-out Scottish Fold catcat papercraft - known for its rounded face, large eyes, and forward-folded ears.

Scottish Fold Papercraft

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Animal Papercraft - Koala

Koala Papercraft The Koala (aka Koala Bear) is the tree-dwelling, slow-moving, tailless AussieAussie marsupial that loves to feed on eucalyptus leaves way too much ^^

Koala Papercraft

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Animal Papercraft - Four-toed Hedgehog

Four-toed Hedgehog Papercraft The Four-toed Hedgehog (aka African Pygmy Hedgehog) is one of the many varieties of small hedgehogshedgehogs that are covered in sharp spiny bristles mixed in with fur and are native to the African region.

Four-toed Hedgehog Papercraft

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Coelacanth Fish Papercraft

Coelacanth Papercraft Thought to be extinct at one point in time, the "living fossil" known as the Coelacanth is one of oldest living fishfish species in the world, pre-dating the dinos by millions of years.

Coelacanth Fish Papercraft

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Launchpad & Space Shuttle Papercraft

Space Shuttle Papercraft Kids version of a spacespace shuttle (w/ launchpad and 4 crew members) papercraft created by Hiroshi Chiba (PAPERART-C) for Canon Creative Park.

Launchpad & Space Shuttle Papercraft

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