25 February 2012

StarCraft II - Thor Papercraft

Starcraft II Thor Papercraft

The Thor is a heavy assault mech unit/walker used by the Terran.

Maneki Neko Paper Toy

Maneki Neko Paper Toy

Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) paper toy from 3EyedBear, colors include: Gold (wealth), White (prosperity), Pink (Love), and Black (against all bad luck).

Naruto - Itachi Uchiha Papercraft

Naruto Itachi Uchiha Papercraft

Papercraft of Naruto villain Itachi Uchicha created by Jeison Pena Dos Santos @ Paper Art.

Transformers - Bumblebee Paper Toy

Bumblebee Paper Toy

Bumblebee paper toy created by Julius Perdana for Indonesian movie review magazine Cinemags.

24 February 2012

My Little Pony - Flim Flam Brothers Papercraft

Flim Flam Brothers Papercraft

The Flim Flam brothers are the traveling apple cider salesponies that own the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000.

Star Wars - T65 X-wing Starfighter Papercraft

Star Wars T65 Xwing Starfighter Papercraft

T-65 X-wing starfighter paper model from Noturno & Sukhoi.

Life-size Panzerfaust Papercraft

Life-size Panzerfaust Papercraft

1:1 scale panzerfaust (German WWII anti-tank weapon) model that includes a warhead, fold-up sight, and working trigger.

Chuck - Nerd Herder Papercraft (Car)

Chuck Nerd Herder Papercraft

The Nerd Herder (aka The Herder) is what electronics store Buy More calls their service cars from the action-comedy television series Chuck, this Nerd Herder papercraft is based on the Toyota Yaris from the earlier version of the car used in Season 1 of the show.

23 February 2012

Kirby - Kabu Papercraft

Kabu Papercraft

Kabu is a Moai-like enemy from the Kirby video game series.

Adele Papercraft

Adele Papercraft

Although it doesn't really reflect the 8-time Grammy Award winning singer's current form and look - here's Rabiscopop's endearing Adele papercraft.

Spyro the Dragon Papercraft

Spyro the Dragon Papercraft

Spyro the Dragon is the titular character / name of the actuion-platformer video game from Insomiac Games and was originally released for the PlayStation console.

Steampunk Dragonfly Papercraft

Steampunk Dragonfly Papercraft

Steampunk dragonfly model from deviantARTist Luyomi333.

RIA: The Lightclan Chronicles - Unicopter Papercraft

Unicopter Papercraft

The Unicopter flying machine from the RIA - The Lightclan Chronicles, four-part comic book series by Thorsten Kiecker.

22 February 2012

IPMC Delivery Van & Gossamer Albatross Papercraft

Gossamer Albatross Papercraft

Paper models of a delivery van and the Gossamer Albatross (human-powered aircraft) created by Matt Bergstrom for the International Paper Modelers Convention.

SD MS-09B Dom Papercraft & Rick Dom Char Aznable Custom (Gundam)

SD Rick Dom Char Aznable Papercraft

SD MS-09B Dom papercraft and its variant Rick Dom Char Aznable Custom from Asd Fla, based on the mechs from the Mobile Suit Gundam anime.

21 February 2012

Indiana Jones Paper Toy

Indiana Jones Paper Toy

Indy paper toy from Marshall Alexander, his contribution to Planet Pulp's Indiana Jones-themed show.

20 February 2012

SD Zaku II Papercraft (Crawl Position)

SD Zaku II Papercraft Crawl Position

Why is this SD MS-06 Zaku II mobile suit on all fours? is it imitating a crawling infant?

"Papercrabs" Paper Toy

Papercrabs Paper Toy

Crab paper toys from St30created with their claws up to serve us a pen holder.

Donkey Kong - Rambi the Rhinoceros Papercraft

Rambi the Rhinoceros Papercraft

Rambi the Rhino is the first Animal Buddy ever encountered in the Donkey Kong series, he can be used to ram enemies and barriers.

Pokemon Gliscor Papercraft

Pokemon Gliscor Papercraft

Gliscor (aka Glion) is a Flying-type and Fang Scorp Pokemon that is the evolved form of Gligar.

Pokemon Infernape Papercraft

Pokemon Infernape Papercraft

(aka Goukazaru) is a Fighting-type and Flame Pokemon that is the evolved form of Monferno.

Pokemon Monferno Papercraft

Pokemon Monferno Papercraft

Monferno (aka Moukazaru) is a Fighting-type and Playful Pokemon that is the evolved form of Chimchar.

Pokemon Lumineon Papercraft

Pokemon Lumineon Papercraft

Lumineon (aka Neolant) is a water-type and Neon Pokemon that is the evolved form of Finneon.

19 February 2012

Crock Papercraft

Crock Papercraft

"Crock" model from deviantARTist sanat49 - an entry into Dominance War V (largest online game art challenge), papercraft by Destro2k.

Bleach - Ulquiorra Papercraft

Ulquiorra Papercraft

Ulquiorra Cifer is the 4th Espada in Sosuke Aizen's Arrancar Army, stoic and merciless - he's one of the significant antogonist in the Bleach series.

Monster Workshop Paper Toys

Monster Workshop Paper Toys

Collab between Alexander Gwynne and the U.K's creative design powerhouse Monster Workshop/Stitches and Glue.

SD DT-6800A Daughtress Papercraft (Gundam)

SD Daughtress Papercraft Gundam

New DT-6800A Daughtress model from gpgerbera04, a Gundam mobile suite based on the After War Gundam X series.