05 April 2008

Gundam Papercraft - SD RX-178 Mk II

The Cubic Character web site has a new Gundam papercraft, the RX-178 Gundam Mark-II mobile suit is from the Universal Century Gundam anime series and has made many appearances on various video games including Mobile Suit Gundam: AEUG vs Titans (PlayStation 2), Dynasty Warriors: Gundam (PlayStation 3), Gundam Battle Royale (PSP), and the Super Robot Wars series. This Gundam Mk was the the first to feature the dark blue, black with red and yellow highlights paint job.

Gundam Papercraft - SD RX-178 Mk II
[Cubic Character]

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Epson Papercraft - NSX 2008

The Epson Nakajima Racing has updated their papercraft web site to include their latest entry into the Super GT (formerly JGTC - Japan Grand Touring Car Championship). Team Epson has been using a modified Honda NSX since they started joining the grand touring car race series back in 2004. The Espon NSX touring car papercraft pictured above has their new paint job for 2008, you can also find the other paper models of the past cars that they've used from previous years - all of it is basically the same car, just a different paint job. There's also a set of papercrafts of the pit crew, complete with trailer, tools, machines, and a pit stand. And for the curious, Team Epson has never won the JGTC or Super GT.

Epson Papercraft - Honda NSX 2008 [Epson]

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04 April 2008

Fantasy Papercraft - Terrestial Voyager

Based on the highly artistic work of fantasy artist and master illustrator Rodney Matthews (In Search Of Forever), here is the Terrestial Voyager papercraft from designer Andrew Gillespie. It's got an Asian theme going on and reminds me of the old Hong Kong junk boats, but bigger and on wheels. The design and layout of the pattern is very well made, I can tell that a serious amount of time went into planning this paper model. There are three files to download for this behemoth, instructions (41 pages), the pattern (54 pages), and reverse side(7 pages).

Fantasy Papercraft - Terrestial Voyager [jleslie48]

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The Simpsons Papercraft House

Let's add another Simpsons papercraft to our collection, we had the Spider Pig paper model crawling in our ceilings a couple months ago and now the Simpsons papercraft house has landed in our doorsteps. It looks pretty accurate and easy to build, one thing that I've got to point out is that the color of the external walls is a bit off, D'oh, I don't remember it being the same as Homer's skin color - a little tweaking and it'll be fine. Anyways, this great cartoon landmark was designed by Andrew McCauley and is available at his geocities page. You can also check out two other building papercrafts currently available, includes the Washington monument and the World Trade Center.

The Simpsons Papercraft House [Andrew McCauley]

The Simpsons Papaercraft - Spider Pig
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03 April 2008

Star Trek Papercraft - Starships

Japanese designer Zosho has these cool Star Trek papercraft starships that includes seven models on the side of the United Federation of Planets and a single model for the Romulan Star Empire. No worries this time, the designer has provided an English page for us non-Japanese readers. Download away.

Star Trek Papercraft - Starships [Zosho]

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Ghost In The Machine Paper Toy

It's only been a few days since we first featured them here on Paperkraft, but a new paper toy has emerged from Jack Hankins' Horrorwood site. It's called the "Ghost in the Machine" paper toy and has two separate items for you to build, the person - holding a coffee cup and the machine - with a ghost sticking out of its side. Not quite sure what kind of machine it is but it looks like some sort of cash register/PC hybrid. I also noticed a recurring theme on the paper toy, the hair-covering-the-eyes thing is the same one we saw on their previous paper toy, I'm assuming its the designer's trademark style.

Ghost In The Machine Paper Toy [Horrorwood]

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Portal Papercraft - the cake is a lie!

Yes, this is the black forest cake that was promised as a reward on the Portal video game and no, you can't eat it. "The cake is a lie" is a phrase popularized by the Portal game and can be seen scribbled around on the backstage areas of the Aperture Science Laboratories. The cake was used by GLaDOS as a motivating perk for solving the intricate puzzles on the laboratory. This cake papercraft is from designer Mike McDermott, check it out.

Portal Papercraft - Cake [billybob884]

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02 April 2008

Retro Panasonic Papercraft - National Boy

We all know Panasonic as a well known brand name for Japanese electronic products that offer plasma and LCD TVs, cameras, phones, laptop computers, etc. In Japan, the brand is popularly called National or National Panasonic, and throughout Asia, it is well known as a reputable manufacturer of domestic appliances (rice cookers, fridge, radios, etc.)

The Panasonic web site has these cool retro papercrafts of their most popular selling items during the 1930's to 1950's. These paper models were designed by Kei Craft Studio (Kei Goto), one of the best when it comes to designing organic-type papercrafts. The photo above is "National Boy", the mascot used by the National brand in Japan. I've included some hi-res photos on our Flickr page if anybody is interested.

Retro Panasonic Papercraft - National Boy [Panasonic]
National Boy Photos [Flickr]

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Endangered Animal Papercraft - Golden Eagle

Konica Minolta has added the Japanese Golde Eagle in it's Endangered Animal Papercrafts section. This majestic creature reaches 32 to 38 inches in length and is characterized by its distinct golden wash over the back of the head and large wings. It is a mountain-dwelling bird. Just like the other creatures on the list, this Japanese Golden Eagle is now classified in the Red Data Book as an endangered species, due to habitat destruction.

Endangered Animal Papercraft - Golden Eagle [Konica Minolta]

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01 April 2008

HedKase Paper Toys - Grim Grinning Grunt

Nicebunny has a new paper toy on their HedKase Artist Series, the Grim Grinning Grunt paper toy is a fighting beast created by Dutch designer Matthijs C. Kamstra aka [mck]. The "Grunt" is a military slang referring to Marines or Army infantrymen. By looking at the design you can clearly see that the designer has the Army in mind and even put a rank of Sergent Major on the paper toy.

HedKase Paper Toys - Grim Grinning Grunt
[Nice Bunny]
Matthijs Kamstra [web site]

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Pink Panther Papercraft - Inspector Clouseau

Better watch out, Inspector Clouseau has arrived. The incompetent and bumbling police inspector has now been added to the webdude's Pink Panther papercrafts. The Inspector is notorious for causing destruction and chaos in his investigations due to his immense clumsiness and stupidity. But in the end he always solves his cases, albeit, by accident. Follow the link below and head to the "others" section for the goods.

Pink Panther Papercraft - Inspector Clouseau [Webdude]

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31 March 2008

Fate Stay Night Papercraft - Lancer and Archer

Fate/stay night is an adult visual novel PC game created by prominent Japanese game company, Type-Moon. It has been adapted in both manga and as an anime television series. An E-rated version of the game was released for the PlayStation 2 titled "Fate/stay night Realta Nua". Kaguya, the designer of these papercrafts, has released two paper models - the Archer and Lancer. They are based on the game's seven summoned spiritual familiars known as "Servants". The designer plans to release the other remaining Servants on a future post, so stay tuned.

Fate/stay night Papercraft [Not Available]

Bird Monster Papercraft

With their continued fascination of Hieronymus Bosch's macabre artwork, the Glue2Chronicle site has put up a new monster papercraft based on the triptych called "The Garden of Earthly Delights". You might remember a couple months back, we featured two other monster papercrafts from Glue2Chronicle based on that same triptych. You can see this bird monster on the right side panel of the triptych, this is Hieronymus Bosch's depiction of hell. In it, the bird monster is sitting on a high chair wearing what looks like a kettle on its head and flower vase for shoes, a human torso is half-way inside its mouth and a piece of long cloth is draping over it's legs. If it souds interesting to you, check out the links below.

Bird Monster Papercraft [Glue2Chronicle/atom]
The Garden of Earthly Delights [photo]

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Boxpunx Paper Toys

Designer papercrafts are quite the rage today, comprised mostly of basic shapes (cubes, cylinders, and cones) they are easy to build and have an appealing design that fits perfectly well with beginners. A new batch from the Boxpunx paper toy series has arrived, this is the creation of illustrator Jason Harlan over at his harlancore web site. There's two classifications for these paper toys, the Boxpunx Mini and the Boxpunx Brute, both are on their first series' and has twety four models evenly split in half.

Boxpunx Paper Toys [Harlancore]

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30 March 2008

Horrorwood Paper Toys - Hair and Tentacle

First time I've seen this papercraft designer, Jack Hankins runs a site called Horrorwood and is a Japan based illustrator. There are currently two paper toys on the site, one is a hako-type monster with slime green tears and appendages called paper tentacles and the other, which happens to be the most recent, is simply called Hair! - sportin the rocker look, decked out in black and complete with devil sign and all.

Paper Toys - Hair and Tentacle [Horrorwood]

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Donkey Kong Papercraft - Diorama

"Everyone's Going Ape Over Doneky Kong!", that's the tagline from the classic Nintendo arcade game that swung it's way to our hearts back in 1981. Since then, it's has jumped from one console platform to another and has now made a leap into the paper world. It's been transformed to paper courtesy of designer ryo007, the Donkey Kong papercaft diorama captures the scene from the ColecoVision's version of the game. Go bananas at the link below :)

Donkey Kong Papercraft - Diorama
[ryo007 via deviantart]

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Anime Papercraft - Japanese Maid

They're the tireless and diligent workers that'll clean your house, cook your food, prepare you bed, and do every other domestic work you can think of. This Japanese maid papercraft is delivered to us by the moekami site, makers of sexy anime paper models.

Maid in Japan Papercraft [moekami]

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