04 April 2008

Fantasy Papercraft - Terrestial Voyager

Based on the highly artistic work of fantasy artist and master illustrator Rodney Matthews (In Search Of Forever), here is the Terrestial Voyager papercraft from designer Andrew Gillespie. It's got an Asian theme going on and reminds me of the old Hong Kong junk boats, but bigger and on wheels. The design and layout of the pattern is very well made, I can tell that a serious amount of time went into planning this paper model. There are three files to download for this behemoth, instructions (41 pages), the pattern (54 pages), and reverse side(7 pages).

Fantasy Papercraft - Terrestial Voyager [jleslie48]

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  1. 3 files - You didn't mention the reverse side parts - 7 pages

    And some of those pages have to be printed twice

  2. Thanks for the update, i've corrected the post

  3. OMG! That is an insaine piece of physical art. Very well done. I'll be building this right after I'm done with Starscreem.

  4. I'll give this one a go as well. Look s pretty damn good.


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