06 November 2009

Russian Rockets & Satellite Papercrafts

Russian Space Rockets Satellite Papercraft Space rocketsrockets and satellite papercrafts based on the real-life ones used by Russia and Ukraine, designed by Leo Cherkashyn.

Russian Rockets & Satellite Papercrafts [Download]

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Mythology Papercraft - Hanuman (Monkey God)

Collab between Sal Azad and The Shadow Puppet (clothing company), featuring the powerful Hindu monkeymonkey deity - Hanuman. Cool shirt!

Hanuman Papercraft [Download]

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Child's Play Papercraft (Cubee)

Child's Play Papercraft Child's Play Cubee paper toy to shine a light on the Child's Play charitable organization - they help improve the lives of sick children by donating gamesgames and toys to hospitals around the globe.

Child's Play Papercraft [Download]

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Blue Birds Papercraft & Swan Paper Automata

Blue Birds Papercraft BirdBird mascot papercraft from the city of Agano, Niigata Prefecture, Japan - also comes with a Swan paper automata - the region is known for their ducks and whooping swans.

Swan Papercraft Automata

Blue Birds Papercraft & Swan Paper Automata [Download]

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05 November 2009

2009 Rockstar Dome NSX Papercraft (Choro-Q)

Rockstar Dome NSX Papercraft Some Super GT action with this mini Rockstar Dome NSX 2009 created by Serene, the style is based on the Choro-Q pullback toy cars (aka Penny RacersPenny Racers).

2009 Rockstar Dome NSX Papercraft (Choro-Q)

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Cubee RUSTEE1 Paper Toy

RUSTEE1 Paper Toy Inspired by an NYC traffic pole and made of rusted steel ^^, Cubee RUSTEE1 paper toypaper toy.

Cubee RUSTEE1 Paper Toy [Download]

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Madmo Rossi Paper Toy

New Madmo paper toy inspired by one of the most successful motorcyclemotorcycle racers of all time, Valentino Rossi (9 time MotoGP Grand Prix World Champion).

Madmo Rossi Paper Toy [Download]

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BIGBANG G-Dragon Papercraft (Breathe)

G-Dragon Papercraft An all-white G-Dragon papercraft (BIGBANG) from Pandabobo, this one is based on his "Heartbreaker" music video.

G-Dragon Papercraft [Download]

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Rocking Horse Papercraft

Rocking Horse Papercraft Traditional wooden rocking horse papercraft (old school children's toychildren's toy) created by Model Kertas.

Rocking Horse Papercraft [Download]

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04 November 2009

Ragnarok Online Papercraft - Castle Emperium

Ragnarok Emperium Papercraft We rarely see any papercrafts from the RagnarokRagnarok series, that changes today, our friend Raider (Modelos de Papel) has successfully extracted this model of the Castle Emperium (gem) from the game and hopefully we'll get to see more.

Merely owning this gloriously resplendent gem is said to be a sign of being chosen by fate to wield great power. -Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online - Castle Emperium Papercraft [Download]

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iPhone 3GS Recession Case Papercraft (Contest)

iPhone 3GS Recession Case Papercraft Part papercraftpapercraft, part cardboard craft - CaseMate has a blank template of their very popular/affordable iPhone 3G/3GS Recession Case available for downloading at their site.

There also happens to be a photo contest for it, put your original design on the case, take a pic, and submit - 1st prize wins a $700 PETCO gift card + $200 Cesar Millan (Dog Whisperer) gift card and autographed copy of his new book.

iPhone 3GS Recession Case Papercraft (Contest) [Download]

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TMNT Papercraft - Bebop (Cubee)

Bebop Papercraft Bebop is the humanoid warthog that is part of TMNT'sTMNT comic relief duo of Bebop and Rocksteady, villains that work for The Shredder.

TMNT - Bebop Papercraft [Download]

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Traffic Light Papercraft

Basic traffic light post by Kertas Craft.

Traffic Light Papercraft [Download]

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03 November 2009

Exotic NaniBird Paper Toy - Pelican & Stork

Stork Pelican Papercraft Custom NaniBird twofer from TDDK, small changes to the beak and leg area leads to two new breedsbreeds ^^.

Exotic NaniBird Paper Toy - Pelican & Stork [Download]

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Marshall Alexander Scratch the previous posting ^^, i totally misread this one, was following the Tweets from Marshall and I got his new site update (he didn't change sites and still has that awesome minimalist design that you love) and this thing with Pepakura mixed up.

Our friend Marshall Alexander has a new paper toypaper toy site, check it out, the new domain is at Pepakura.net - what do you think of the design, you like the old or new?

Pepakura.net [Visit]

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Muscle Car Papercraft - Ford Maverick GT V8

Ford Maverick GT Papercraft Ford's sport-style compact car sold in North America and Brazil between 1970 - 1979, papercraftpapercraft by João Carlos of Cemodelazil.

Muscle Car - Ford Maverick GT Papercraft [Download]

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02 November 2009

Touhou Project Papercraft - Sanae Kochiya

Sanae Kochiya Papercraft New Touhou papercraft from somebody that won't play tricks on us (tfrog), this is the demigod Sanae Kochiya.

Sanae Kochiya is a Shrine Maiden at Moriya Shine and has the ability to create miraclesmiracles.

Touhou Project - Sanae Kochiya Papercraft [Download]

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Cubee Resident Evil Papercraft - Jack Krauser & Leon S. Kennedy

Resident Evil Papercraft Operation Javier Final set of Cubee papercrafts for Resident EvilResident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - Jack Krauser and Leon S. Kennedy designs from "Operation Javier" stage.

Cubee Resident Evil Papercraft - Jack Krauser & Leon S. Kennedy [Download]

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The Invincible Iron Man Papercraft

Iron Man Papercraft Iron Man papercraft designed by Xavier Leo Gale-Sides (My Paper Heroes), it has a removable chest plate and helmethelmet to reveal his arc reactor and face.

The Invincible Iron Man Papercraft [Download]

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Tiny Toon Papercraft - Babs Bunny

Babs Bunny Papercraft Babs Bunny (aka Barbara Ann Bunny) is female character (pink bunny) from the Tiny ToonTiny Toon Adventures series that is based on Bugs Bunny. Babs likes to clown a lot for laughs, she enjoys impersonating different actors and pop-culture characters.

Tiny Toon - Babs Bunny Papercraft [Download]

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Harry Potter - Death Eater Mask Papercraft #6

Papercraft One away from completing the Death Eater mask series (Harry PotterHarry Potter).

Death Eater Mask Papercraft #6 [Download]

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