21 March 2009

Anime Papercraft - Pepamax Ramen Girl

Sexy Ramen Girl PapercraftHow about a sexy papercraft model to serve your Ramen for you?

I'm not sure if this is based on any particular J-Pop or anime character, but seeing that its plastered with the Pepamax logo, I'm assuming that its their own. For obvious reasons, we'll just call it Ramen Girl. This paper model comes with a kettle, a bowl of instant Ramen soup, and free undergarment peek-a-boo.

Sexy Ramen Girl Papercraft [Pepamax]

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Gurren Lagann House Papercraft

Gurren Lagann House Papercraft 1Krauzer updates his Gurren Lagann papercraft with this Gurren Lagann house.

Gurren Lagann House Papercraft 2
Just like what you'll see in the anime, the house connects to the back of his Gurren Lagann papercraft model. This house was made from the scraps of the beaten up 16 Face Gunmen from episode 4, you'll see it for the first time on episode 5 - Gurren Lagann is dragging it around.

Gurren Lagann House Papercraft

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Official Japanese Military Papercrafts

Japanese Army PapercraftI think this is a first for Keicraft (aka Kei Goto, one of my favorite designers), I've never actually seen any papercraft model from him that had or involved weapons on it.

Although he did some appliance papercrafts for Panasonic, a few car models, bikes for Yamaha, and some anime/video game characters (Alfred the Car & Meiji's Isodine the Hippo), the bulk of his work has always been about animals and family related stuff.

I was surprise to see that he did an attack helicopter papercraft for the official site of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force or JGSDF (Japanese Army). The attack helicopter is based on the AH-1S Cobra antitank and there's also a parachute papercraft to go with it.

I think it's a good thing that his branching out, hopefully we can see more military vehicles or other weaponry papercraft from him in the near future.

Japanese Military Papercraft 2Another thing, if you scroll down to the bottom of their page you can find two other models, a Humvee and a tank papercraft from designer Y. Horie - it was posted last year but I guess we missed it.

Official Japanese Military Papercrafts

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Subaru Impreza WRX STI Papercraft

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Car Papercraft The Subaru Impreza WRX STI is the highest standard-edition trim in the Subaru Impreza car line. STI stands for Subara Tecnica International, a Subaru division that focused on creating high-performance consumer versions of the Subaru Impreza WRX. This car is mainly used as a racing car/ World Rally Car.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Papercraft [mkj]

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Clown Papercraft - Spinning Plates

Clown Spinning Plates PapercraftAlmost forgot about this one, the last item from Canon Creative Park's latest update, a 3D clown portrait with three other little clowns doing some balancing act while spinning plates.
This plate-juggling clown model changes appearance in a number of ways when you move the star-shaped lever beneath the model's frame to the left and right: the eyes on the giant clown face blink, open wide, and move in circles.
Clown Spinning Plates Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Touching Book

Touching Book PapercraftThe Touching Book is the 9th trading quest item from the Legend of Zelda : Oracle of Ages, it is part of the Noble Sword quest. You can find this item in Lynna Village (past), from a boy named Dekadin. Give him the previous quest item (Funny Joke/bowtie) and he'll give you the Touching Book in return.

Legend of Zelda - Touching Book Papercraft

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20 March 2009

Pokemon Doll Papercrafts - Aquatic Team 3

We're going aquatic today with the new Pokemon Doll papercrafts, batch three includes the cheeky bivalve Pokemon Shellder, the lippy Magikarp, and the cool blue Tentacool.

Pokemon Doll Papercrafts - Team 3

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Robot Papercraft - Portable Shadow Puppet Show

Shadow Puppet PapercraftSal Azad brings us another fantastic papercraft showcasing his cultural background/heritage. Wayang Kulit refers to shadow puppets prevalent throughout Indonesia. Wayang is the Indo-Malay word for "theatre" while Kulit means "skin" - refering to the leathery material used in creating the puppets.

Wayang Kulit
Wayang kulit shadow puppets perform Indonesian versions of Indian Hindu epics and is considered to be one of the oldest continuous traditions of storytelling in the world. Have you seen one before?

In 2003, UNESCO designated Wayang Kulit, a shadow puppet theater and the best known of the Indonesian wayang, as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Sal applied his wonderful design on a robot papercraft model from TDDK (TheDayDreamKid), which fit perfectly on its boxy shape. The result is the Pertunjukan Portabel Wayang Kulit or Portable Puppet Show papercraft robot.

Robot Papercraft - Portable Shadow Puppet Show

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Marvel Papercraft - Blink's Javelins & Quiver

Blink (aka Clarice Ferguson) is a Marvel Comics superheroine that has appeared in the various X-Men series. She's a descendant of the powerful Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur).

Blink is a mutant that can create teleportation warps, this allows her to teleport herself and others at will. She uses transparent, crystal-like javelins, which teleport whatever people or objects they touch. She keeps a supply of these in a quiver around her back - and that is the focus of our papercraft for today, Blink's Javelins and quiver.

Tektonten provides a 3-page pattern that includes the quiver and 4 javelins.

Marvel Comics - Blink's Javelin Papercrafts

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19 March 2009

SD Forbidden Gundam Papercraft

Forbidden Gundam Papercraft 1
This is the SD Forbidden Gundam papercraft based on the Gundam SEED anime series and designed by KK-Factory.

Forbidden Gundam Papercraft 2
Forbidden Gundam GAT-X252 is a close combat mobile suit that makes use of the new power efficient Trans-Phase armor. It is piloted by a "Biological CPU" - term used to describe pilots who used performance-enhancing drugs.

Forbidden Gundam Papercraft 3
The weaponry in this Forbidden Gundam papercraft model includes a pair of "Armfeuer'" 115mm arm-mounted machineguns, the wicked-looking "Nidhoggr" heavy scythe, and a backpack that uses the "Geschmeidig Panzer" system - two large shield pods that act as an energy-deflection armor.

Available for download until March 26 so get it quick. Thanks KK!

SD Forbidden Gundam Papercraft

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Patlabor Papercraft - AV98 Ingram

Patlabor Papercraft 1Paper Replika has released their first mecha papercraft featuring the AV-98 Ingram robot model based on the 22 volume Patlabor manga/anime/OVA series.
Patlabor Papercraft 2Patlabor (aka Mobile Police Patlabor) is set in a futuristic 90s where "Labors" (robots) are used for heavy work and policing. The story revolves around a character named Noa Izumi who works for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

This Patlabor mecha papercraft comes in at 18 pages and even includes a mini Noa Izumi model to sit on its shoulder ^_^

Patlabor - AV98 Ingram Mecha Papercraft

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Hatsune Miku Papercraft Diorama

Hatsune Miku DioramaThis leek girl might not be Vocaloid's "It" girl anymore, but Hatsune Miku can still bring it. This Hatsune Miku papercraft diorama was created by Japanese designer kurumigi.

Follow the link below then scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page to get the goods.

Hatsune Mikue Papercraft Diorama

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Getter Robo Papercraft Bust

Getter Robo Papercraft BustI was looking around for info. on this particular Getter Robo but I couldn't find any, so I asked around the anime toy forums to help me out. Do you know?

I didn't get a straight answer, only that the purple color indicates that this Getter Robo papercraft is based on the Getter Robo Training Model/Machine series. Never heard of that one as well, so if you do, just mention it below.

Hat tip to reader Kristoff for the link and files.

Getter Robo Papercraft Bust

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Nico Nico Douga Mascot Papercraft

Nico Nico Douga Mascot PapercraftNot sure if this thing has a name, it is the mascot for Nico Nico Douga - one of the most popular online video sites in Japan.

Nico Nico Douga is a video-sharing site that was originally created as a mashup of Youtube and 2-Ch (Japan's most popular bulletin board system BBS). Think of it as Japan's version of Youtube but with comment scrolling (type in a comment and it scrolls by when someone else watches that video). Users can see comments of former users as part of the video.

You need permission to embed their videos, I don't have one, so here's a link to a sample vid: Danny Choo's Stormtrooper Dance video (notice the text scrolling from left to right)

Nico Nico Douga Mascot Papercraft

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18 March 2009

Park Classical - Speed Racer Papercraft

Speed Racer Papercraft 1Check out the new series from PaperInside, "Park Classical" featuring Speed Racer (aka Gō Mifune). For those new here, Park Classical would refer to Claudio Dias' South Park paper models x classic anime/animation/movie theme.

Speed Racer Papercraft 2
It goes really nice with their Speed Racer Mach 5 papercraft model, links below.

Park Classical - Speed Racer Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Ordon Shield

Ordon Shield PapercraftThe Ordon Shield is Link's introductory shield in Twilight Princess, it'a wooden shield that goes along with a sword, aptly called Ordon Sword. These weapons were made by master swordsman Rusl, as a gift for the Royal Family.

This Ordon Shield papercraft was design by Vert092 from the Nintendo Papercraft forum.

Legend of Zelda - Ordon Shield Papercraft

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Yatterman Papercraft - Yatter-Bark 2

Yatter-Bark PapercraftHow about a second Yatter-Bark (aka Yatterwan) robot papercraft? this time it is based on the recent live-action movie that came out in Japan more than a week ago.

It's probably going to take a while (might not even come) before we see that Yatterman movie here in the US, anybody know of a link where we can watch it? (with subs please)

This Yatter-Bark papercraft was designed by Tomohiro Yasui from Kami-robo.com. Two pages for the pattern and another two for instructions. Hat tip to reader Ben for the files and link.

Yatterman - Yatter-Bark Papercraft 2

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Easter Bunny Papercraft 2

Easter Bunny Papercraft 2Easter season is nearing once again, for the religious types this means a time for celebrating the Resurrection of Christ, but for those that are not into this kinds of things - the secular types - it's going to be a fun holiday filled with chocolate Easter eggs, marshmallow bunnies, Peeps, jelly beans ^_^.

Who's going to bring all these goodies? the Easter Bunny, of course.
This paper toy comes with the Easter Bunny, a cane, a Easter basket, decorated eggs, a chick, and some grass. This paper toy would be a great addition to anybody's Easter basket.
Easter Bunny Papercraft 2 [macula.tv]

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Calabash Brothers Papercraft - Big Brother

Calabash Brothers PapercraftThis is Big Brother, he is a character from a late 80s Chinese animation series called Calabash Brothers (aka Bottle Gourd Brothers, aka Hulu Brothers, aka Seven Brothers). The story is 13 episodes long and follows the adventures of 7 siblings who battle demons and spirits.

There are seven brothers in total, each bearing a different color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, & purple), but we've only got the Big Brother papercraft which is red.

Big Brother is the oldest of the siblings, has super-strength and can grow into a giant. Fortunately for us, this paper model isn't a giant and only comes in a 3 page pattern. Created by Modelworks.cn and Cardmodel.cn

Calabash Brothers - Big Brother Papercraft

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17 March 2009

Mecha Papercraft - TGP Alpha

TGP Alpha Mecha PapercraftHere's the TGP Alpha papercraft toy from Saltnpaper, reminiscent of the AT-ST walkers from Star Wars combined with a Keith Haring-inspired design.

TGP Alpha - Mecha Papercraft

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Yuka Kazami

Touhou Project Yuka Kazami PapercraftIt's Touhou time once again, this is Yuka Kazami (aka Yuuka Kazami), she's a Touhou Project character that has appeared more than 3 times in the game's various series.

This papercraft model is based on her appearance in Phantasmagoria of Flower View. Yuka Kazami is a yokai (spirit) that has the ability to manipulate flowers and makes her residence at the Garden of the Sun.

Touhou Project - Yuka Kazami Papercraft

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Clowns on Stilts Papercraft

Stilt Clown PapercraftTowering above everybody else, the stilt clowns are definitely the tallest people you'll see on the circus.
This circus clown dance features three clowns who lift their long legs when you pull on the lever at right. A cute puppy wearing a red cap ducks its head to avoid the clowns' dancing legs.
This moving clown papercraft was made by Hideharu Naitoh from Unity Design.

Clowns on Stilts Papercraft

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