19 March 2009

SD Forbidden Gundam Papercraft

Forbidden Gundam Papercraft 1
This is the SD Forbidden Gundam papercraft based on the Gundam SEED anime series and designed by KK-Factory.

Forbidden Gundam Papercraft 2
Forbidden Gundam GAT-X252 is a close combat mobile suit that makes use of the new power efficient Trans-Phase armor. It is piloted by a "Biological CPU" - term used to describe pilots who used performance-enhancing drugs.

Forbidden Gundam Papercraft 3
The weaponry in this Forbidden Gundam papercraft model includes a pair of "Armfeuer'" 115mm arm-mounted machineguns, the wicked-looking "Nidhoggr" heavy scythe, and a backpack that uses the "Geschmeidig Panzer" system - two large shield pods that act as an energy-deflection armor.

Available for download until March 26 so get it quick. Thanks KK!

SD Forbidden Gundam Papercraft

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  1. hi, my name is hugo, i live in brazil, and papercraft is great, i love it, even not having time to do all the models i want(studing to be a lawyer). but my comment is about these models, maybe im too dumb to manage to download them in the japanese web site, so if you could help me, i would be very glad! bye.
    tanks for your great work.

  2. after you follow the link, it is the first line of text from their post (green colored link)


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