19 March 2009

Getter Robo Papercraft Bust

Getter Robo Papercraft BustI was looking around for info. on this particular Getter Robo but I couldn't find any, so I asked around the anime toy forums to help me out. Do you know?

I didn't get a straight answer, only that the purple color indicates that this Getter Robo papercraft is based on the Getter Robo Training Model/Machine series. Never heard of that one as well, so if you do, just mention it below.

Hat tip to reader Kristoff for the link and files.

Getter Robo Papercraft Bust

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  1. There is no such thing as Test & Training Getter series. The Test & Training (T&T) Getter however shows up on many of the Getter animations. Right of the top of my head,you can see an experimental white and purple Neo Getter in the Shin vs. Neo Getter series and a T&T Getter one in the New Getter series as it is piloted by Tatsuito, Saotome's son.

    Whenever they create a new Getter, they use the white/purple scheme while they "test" it and the pilots "train" with it, hence the "test & training" title. Once the final version comes out of the factory, he don's his traditional white/red color scheme instead.

    Only Neo Getter and Getter one are ever seen in their prototype colors (in anime). Shin and Black getter never go thru the T&T phase hence no need for it (Shin was a secret proyect and Black was a modification)

    Hope this helps.

  2. The model was designed by Shunichi Makino of SF Papercraft Gallery, though it's not available on his current site. I downloaded it from his old LinkClub site in September of 2003.

  3. That's good to know, thanks for sharing


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