22 March 2008

Cute Papercraft Toys - Diver

"He who would search for pearls must dive below" - John Drysden

The Rommy Diver papercraft model from Kamimodel has just been released, it's available for free download until the end of April.

Rommy Sloth Papercraft Toy - Diver [Kamimodel/Tetsuya Watabe]

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Paper Airplane - Embraer Super Tucano

A multi-function versatile airplane manufactured by Brazilian aerospace conglomerate, Embraer. Primarily used by the Brazilian and Columbian air force for pilot training missions, counter insurgency, and light attack. Our friend Claudio Dias designed this great looking paper model and is available for download at the link below. I'm sure his home country of Brazil would be proud of him for this.

Paper Airplane - Embraer Super Tucano [Paperinside]

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21 March 2008

Team Fortress Papercraft - Sticky Bomb

Highwaychile seems to be the current go-to site for our Team Fortress papercraft fix. They've put up a new one, the Demoman's Sticky Bomb paper model (no launcher) and is currently working on a Yatterman robot. Check them out.

Team Fortress Papercraft - Sticky Bomb [Highwaychile]

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Transformers Papercraft - Starscream

We've had a ton of Transformers papercrafts posted before but this one just beats the rest when it comes to the appearance. This Starscream papercraft is based on the extremely awesome version of the Transformers film. The pattern is not as refined as I would have wanted it to be, but with a final product that looks like that (see pic above), I'm all for it. It's in PDO format so you'll need to download the Pepakura viewer to view the file, oh and one more thing, it's a massive 81 pages. Take your time kids, take your time.

Transformers Papercraft - Starscream [thevalkyriewars]

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Warhawk Papercraft - Tanks

The official Warhawk web site has a new update, two new paper models featuring both Eucadian and Chernovan papercraft tanks. Add them to the previous Warhawk paper models (two aircrafts and two jeeps) and we've got ourselves a fight. All of them are designed by paper engineer Nobutaka Mokouyama and are property of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA).

Warhawk Papercraft - Tanks [Warhawk/PlayStation]

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H2O Anime Papercraft - Yui Tabata

Cafetera has updated their blog with the addition of this new anime papercraft. This character is named Yui Tabata and she is based on the Japanese adult visual novel "H2O Footprints in the Sand" for the PC (eroge). It has been adapted to manga, a PlayStation 2 video game port scheduled for release on April 2008, and a recently concluded 12 episode TV anime series that ran from January to March of this year. Thanks to the folks at the Anime Center for all the info.

H2O Anime Papercraft - Yui Tabata [Cafetera]
Yui Tabata - Magical Girl [Anime Center]

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20 March 2008

Cute Paper Toys - Nico and Felix

Tons of cute cardboard and paper toys from Spanish designer Perro Loco. The patterns are hosted on fragile freak's Flickr page. Two paper toy patterns are currently available for download, Felix the bunny and Nico the monkey. The patterns are blank, which means you'll have to print it on colored card stock paper.

Cute Paper Toys - Nico and Felix [Perro Loco]

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19 March 2008

Horse Racing Papercrafts

Considered to be one of the oldest equestrian sports in the world, horse racing is a sport that pits horses within a certain group to find out the quickest one. It's popularly called The Sport of Kings and is often associated with high stakes gambling. Just how popular is it? there's horse racing on every continent except for Antactica - for obvious reasons.

Today's modern horse racing involves extremely rich owners handing their prized horses to a trainer that looks after it, making sure that the horse is healthy and in great condition at all times. Then there's the highly skilled riders called jockeys, short in stature and light as a feather, they are able to get the horses to run even quicker.

We got horse racing papercrafts today from a Japanese site dedicated to the sport and is aptly named Paper Horse Park. The site has two sections, one for the regular paper models based on Japan's prominent race horses and the other, pictured above, is of the cute and mini variety. Gallop away.

Horse Racing Papercrafts [Paper Horse Park]

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SpaceShipOne Papercraft

I know most of you have either read or heard about SpaceShipOne, a spaceplane developed by Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites that won the Ansari X PRIZE. As a privately funded spacecraft it has achieved many historic "first" in its category (exceed Mach 3, exceed 100km altitude, and reusability). Developing this spaceplane wasn't cheap, it was estimated to cost $25 million, and all that was paid for by Microsoft co-founder and $18 billion dollar man Paul Allen - I'm sure it was chump change to him.

A 1:48 scale papercraft version of SpaceShipOne is available from the Currell Graphics web site designed by Ralph Currell. It is accompanied with a display stand (separate pattern) designed by Sean Huxter(Doctor Who). The're are also other great paper models available on the site that you can download, including various airships, buildings, and an RMS Titanic papercraft.

SpaceShipOne Papercraft [Currell Graphics/Ralph Currell]

Doctor Who Papercraft
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18 March 2008

Toro and Kuro Papercraft

We had the Toro papercraft (aka Sony Cat) last year from the Dokodemoissyo site, here's a different version from papercraft designer and cat lover Maira. There's two paper models this time, Toro plus his black alter ego Kuro. These papercrafts are unique because the designer opted to put hinges on some of the joints to make it poseable to a cetain degree.

Maira has even put up a photo instruction page so that we don't get in trouble with the hinges. Check it out.

Toro and Kuro Papercraft [Maira's Blog]
Visual Guide

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Daring Diver Donnie - Paper Toy

Freelance illustrator and papercraft designer Alexander Shen is our feature for today. He runs a site called Wandering Panda Comics where you can pick on his thoughts, illustration artwork, games, and of course comics.

The box-type paper toy pictured above is called Daring Diver Donnie and is availalbe for free download at Alex's blog/link below. Besides his cool dive suit, Donnie has a removable helmet that that you can build to fit his four sided head. The pattern is pretty easy and simple and should give you no problems.

Also, don't forget to check out their weekly giveaway contest, prize this week is a Custom Robo Arena video game for the Nintendo DS.

Daring Diver Donnie - Paper Toy [Wandering Panda Comics/Alexander Shen]

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17 March 2008

Canon Papercrafts - Science Museum

Going to science museums is a fun and educational activity that let's educators expose students to the different branches of science. They get to learn about the dinosaurs, weird contraptions and gadgets, animals and insects, and sometimes you get to explore the universe as well. Today's papercrafts is about all that and more, Canon has a whole section of their Creative Park devoted to the science museum and serves as a valuable learning tool for kids and adults. There are twenty Canon papercrafts for you to enjoy.

Please take note that the site requires the Adobe Flash Player for viewing, if you don't have it installed, follow the link below to get it.

Canon Papercrafts - Science Museum [Canon]
Adobe Flash Player [Adobe]

Powerful Pro Baseball Papercraft

I was looking around the Konami web site when I found this baseball papercraft, it's from a long running video game series in Japan called Jikkyo Powerful Pro Yakyu (Live Powerful Pro Baseball) or Power Pro for short. It was created by Konami originally for the Super Famicom but has also landed on other console platforms such as the Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, GameCube, and more recently, the Nintendo Wii. They also had a version of the game for the handheld systems called Power Pro-kun Pocket, this one was available for the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and the PlayStation Portable.

The character design on the game has a comic feel to it, they are shown as having a very wide head with no mouth, nose, ears, and hair - only eyes. They have a body with arms and hands (fingerless) attached, and feet with no legs. This characteristic is applied to the baseball papercraft pictured above.

To download the pattern, head to the bottom of the page to find the download link. You can check the photo below for a visual guide.

Powerful Pro Baseball Papercraft [Konami]
Powerfull Pro Photos [Flickr]

Osama bin Laden Papercraft

Here is America's most hated and despised Islamic terrorist leader in paper model form, this is the Osamba bin Laden papercraft from Recortables.net

Recortables is a Spain-based papercraft site (hosted in Argentina), the site has a caricature look to their paper models and has well-known world figures depicted this way. The papercrafts include US president George W. Bush, Pope Benedict XVI, Juan Carlos I - King of Spain, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero - Prime Minister of Spain, and some more popular Spanish personalities. The patterns for their papercrafts are pretty good, folds and creases are well placed to make the building process simple.

Osama bin Laden Papercraft [recortables.net]

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16 March 2008

Command Conquer Papercraft - Mammoth Tank

Fico86 at the Unofficial Command and Conquer papercraft site has made the Mammoth Tank available for download. It's not gone through a thorough test build yet so for those that would want to try it you might encounter some minor flaws, if that happens please send word to the designer so he can fix it. For dial-up users, the PDF file has both the instructions and pattern on it but hasn't been fully web optimized - comes in at 23MB.

Command and Conquer Papercraft - Mammoth Tank [candcpapercaft/Fico86]

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Team Fortress Papercraft - Electro Sapper

We had fun building the Engineer's Dispenser and Sentry but is still missing/looking for the Teleporter. Highwaychile has a new update, this time it's the Spy's Electro Sapper. This weapon is used by the Spy to destroy the Engineers buildings. Highwaychile has provided free download for all three Team Fortress papercrafts we've mentioned above. Get it here.

Team Fortress Papercraft - Electro Sapper [Highwaychile]

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