21 March 2008

Transformers Papercraft - Starscream

We've had a ton of Transformers papercrafts posted before but this one just beats the rest when it comes to the appearance. This Starscream papercraft is based on the extremely awesome version of the Transformers film. The pattern is not as refined as I would have wanted it to be, but with a final product that looks like that (see pic above), I'm all for it. It's in PDO format so you'll need to download the Pepakura viewer to view the file, oh and one more thing, it's a massive 81 pages. Take your time kids, take your time.

Transformers Papercraft - Starscream [thevalkyriewars]

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  1. Absolutely awesome, my boys are complete Transformer addicts and love this!!

  2. This is an EPIC work of art! Where does one start building the chest piece?

  3. Your guess is as good as mine, I would suggest a page-by-page assembly, keep the assembled parts (per page) separated, when you're done with all the parts just use the photos as a guide on what part goes where.

  4. Best way to start this project is to open the opject list and hide all except the "Main Chest Support". After building that assembly, choose a sub assembly that attaches to the MCS. To attach the sub assemblies together, you will have to hand make glue tabs to do it.

  5. i can't find the left arm'kit
    does it look like the right one ???
    p/s: it's 66 pages i take from yours
    am i missing some

  6. hey ron with which program i need to open this starscream

  7. you will need the Pepakura Viewer to open it


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