19 March 2008

SpaceShipOne Papercraft

I know most of you have either read or heard about SpaceShipOne, a spaceplane developed by Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites that won the Ansari X PRIZE. As a privately funded spacecraft it has achieved many historic "first" in its category (exceed Mach 3, exceed 100km altitude, and reusability). Developing this spaceplane wasn't cheap, it was estimated to cost $25 million, and all that was paid for by Microsoft co-founder and $18 billion dollar man Paul Allen - I'm sure it was chump change to him.

A 1:48 scale papercraft version of SpaceShipOne is available from the Currell Graphics web site designed by Ralph Currell. It is accompanied with a display stand (separate pattern) designed by Sean Huxter(Doctor Who). The're are also other great paper models available on the site that you can download, including various airships, buildings, and an RMS Titanic papercraft.

SpaceShipOne Papercraft [Currell Graphics/Ralph Currell]

Doctor Who Papercraft
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