16 July 2011

Twitter Box Papercraft

Twitter Box Papercraft
Twitter Box! Shake the box back and forth and the internal weighted piston powers the two pipes on top of the box making a twittering sound! -Rob Ives

Unreal Tournament - Morbide Papercraft Mask

Unreal Tournament Morbide Papercraft Mask

The Morbide mask created by Destro2k for the last deviantART Halloween challenge, 3D model based on the original Unreal Tournament 2003 Morbide model from Skin City/BeyondUnreal.

Ocarina of Time - Princess Ruto Papercraft (Adult Version)

Princess Ruto Papercraft

Fairchild C119 Flying Boxcar Papercraft (Aircraft)

Flight of the Phoenix Flying Boxcar Papercraft
New! Improved military Flying Boxcar, and a new version: the Boxcar from the film "Flight of the Phoenix" -Bob Schedler

Asahi Life 2011 Star Festival Paper Toy

Asahi Life 2011 Star Festival Paper Toy

For this year's Star Festival (Tanabata) in Japan, Asahi Life has brought us the love story of Orihime and Hikoboshi, but with cute monkeys as the characters.

Happy Monster Paper Toy

Happy Monster Paper Toy

A very happy purple gorilla monster fr IllustractionYPapel.

Captain Cutup - Pirate Paper Toy

Captain Cutup Pirate Paper Toy

There goes the smiles from the Flippy Faces crew ^^, for the fierce Captain Cutup has landed ashore.

Architectural Landmarks Papercraft

Architectural Landmarks Papercraft

Here's a good number of architectural landmarks paper models from "did Wallcoverings" - South Korean company that specializes in wallpaper designs for home and office use.

15 July 2011

Kingdom Hearts - Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pot Paper Model

Kingdom Hearts Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pot Paper Model

Second jar of Pooh's hunny courtesy of Tektonten, papercraft is based on the 3D model from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep PSP video game.

Qooplo Paper Toys

Qooplo Paper Toy

Qooplo paper toys by web designer & illustrator Anthony Brennan, it's a Cubee-esque platform with tons of different characters from comic book superheroes, celebrities, and pop-culture icons.

Louvaillac Medieval Castle Papercraft

Louvaillac Medieval Castle Papercraft
This is a paper model of an early medieval castle named Louvaillac. The place is pure fiction but would have been somewhere in Gascoigne in the South-west part of France. -Mythoz.org

Egyptian Memory Game Papercraft

Egyptian Memory Game Papercraft

Simple and easy-to-build Egyptian-themed memory game.

Punakawan Paper Toy 2.0

Punakawan Paper Toy

The "punakawan" are the clown servants of the heroes in Javanese puppet theater.

14 July 2011

Pokemon Ditto Papercraft

Pokemon Ditto Papercraft

Ditto (aka Metamon) is a normal-type and Transform Pokemon that doesn't have any evolutionary form, it resembles a purple blob with facial features.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy - Cecil Harvey (Dark Knight - Knight of the Silver Moon Outfit)

Dark Knight Cecil Papercraft

Cecil's "Knight of the Silver Moon"costume based on his appearance in FFIV's DS remake - in Dark Knight form he dons a dark gray armor with red and silver highlights.

Bremen Town Musicians Paper Toys

Bremen Town Musicians Paper Toys
This is a finger puppet set featuring the characters from world-famous Grimm fairytale, "The Bremen Town Musicians"

Elastic Powered Stegosaurus Papercraft

Elastic Powered Stegosaurus Papercraft
This paper craft is a dinosaur that runs on rubber bands! Pull it back to make the band wind up, let it go and watch it spring forward.

NYK Lines - Hikawa Maru Ocean Liner Papercraft

NYK Lines Hikawa Maru Ocean Liner Papercraft

The Hikawa Maru (aka Queen of the Pacific) is a historic Japanese ocean liner that traveled between Japan and the US, it also served as a hospital ship during the World War II.

13 July 2011

Tutankhamun Death Mask Papercraft

Tutankhamun Death Mask Papercraft

The golden death mask of 18th dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, paper model by Mauther.

Street Dog Evolution Paper Toy - Aspin & Office Geek

Street Dog Evolution Paper Toy Aspin

Willie Beren puts up two more customs to his Street Dog Evolution series, you've got your typical office geek and the Aspin (Asong Pinoy - Philippine Mongrel)

Stray Dog Paper Toy

Stray Dog Paper Toy

deviantARTist EsseDue's first ever paper toy "Stray", an original character whose likeness reminds me of those cute dogs that you see in calendars/posters pictured in-your-face-wide-angle style - making their noses look bigger than usual ^^

Ultraman Hero Papercraft - Andro Meros / Andro Melos

Andro Meros Papercraft

Andro Meros (aka Andro Melos) first appeared in the Ultraman Hero series as a support character and later became an Ultraman franchise spin-off.

12 July 2011

Desktop Architecture Papercraft Series

Desktop Architecture Papercraft Series

Here's the new series from Papermau, Desktop Architecture - building towns and cities one paper building at a time.

RBW Chameleon Paper Toy

RBW Chameleon Paper Toy

Red, black, and white chameleon paper toy from Digitprop.

My Little Pony Papercraft Bonanza

My Little Pony - Doctor Whooves Papercraft

deviantARTist Kna's paper pony stable has grown since our last visit, check out the new arrivals.

Lineage 2 - Dwarf Girl Papercraft

Lineage 2 Dwarf Girl Papercraft

Namotasa has completed work on another Lineage 2 papercraft, this time it's a Dwarf Girl sporting a Blue Wolf Heavy Armor.

Command & Conquer Generals - Aurora Bomber Papercraft

Aurora Bomber Papercraft

The Aurora supersonic attack-bomber unit used by the US side in the Command & Conquer Generals (PC game) in its fight against the Global Liberation Army.

Genetically Altered Paper Toy - Pinhead

Pinhead Paper Toy

Sinner's latest Genetically Altered custom featuring Cenobite leader Pinhead - from the Hellraiser series.

German Type VII Submarine Papercraft (VIIC U-Boat)

German Type VII Submarine Papercraft VIIC Uboat

VIIC U-Boat paper model from deviantARTist RocketmanTan, the Type VII was the workhorse of the German U-boat force and is the same one featured in the movie Das Boot.

11 July 2011

Evil Purple Slime Monster Paper Toy

Evil Purple Slime Monster Paper Toy

Steny Paper Toy - Series 1 - Set 2

Steny Paper Toy Series 1 Set 2

Lineage 2 - 7th Anniversary Siege Golem Papercraft

Lineage 2 Papercraft Siege Golem

A 7th anniversary special/collectors edition of the Lineage 2 MMORPG is being released in Japan next month (08.05.11) and besides the new weapons, game art, and soundtrack that usually go with this type of release it's going to include a special Siege Golem papercraft.

Ushimitsu Monstruo - Spike the Werewolf Papercraft

Spike the Werewolf Papercraft

Spike the Werewolf ? one of the monster characters from the Ushimitsu Monstruo video game by Santa Entertainment (Japan).

Iron Furnace Papercraft

Iron Furnace Papercraft

E.C. Field's Iron Furnace paper model based on the early 1700s furnace used by Colonial America for smelting iron ore.

Cappuccino Waiter Paper Toy

Cappuccino Waiter Paper Toy
Cappuccino papertoy! This papertoy also inspired from papertoy artist Toygami and once again Tougui -bamboogila

10 July 2011

Pokemon Magmar Papercraft

Pokemon Magmar Papercraft

Magmar (aka Boober) is a fire-tyep and Spitfire Pokemon that is the evolved form of Magby, it's a bipedal, duck-billed creature with red-yellow flame designs on its body and head.

Porsche 911S Papercraft

Porsche 911S Papercraft

Four new Porsche 911 papercrafts from Ichiyama's Paper Cards, we've got the 1967 standard, two colors for the 1967 Monte Carlo Rally, and a 1970 US standard version.

King of Fighters Papercraft - Kula Diamond

King of Fighters Papercraft Kula Diamond

Kula Diamond from The King of Fighters game series, she's an agent and Former NESTS personnel possessing Ice powers.

Blue - Angry Birds Papercraft

Blue Angry Birds Papercraft

The Blue bird from the Angry Birds game specializes in breaking glass blocks and covering a wider attack area (splits into 3 smaller birds when tapped).