22 November 2008

Metroid Papercraft - Energy Tank

Metroid Energy Tank Papercraft

Energy Tanks contain 100 units of life energy, they appear in the Metroid video game series. Designed by Freelancer. Thanks to reader june for e-mailing this one, it looks like this is in beta so give it a try if you want to.

Metroid - Energy Tank Papercraft

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Pokemon Papercraft - Hoppip

Hoppip is a grass type Pokemon that resembles a mutant radish. They're very light and almost weightless. It evolves into a Skiploom and then to a Jumpluff.

Pokemon - Hoppip Papercraft [POdragon]

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21 November 2008

American McGee's Alice Papercraft 2

We've got the White King and now a very good version of Alice. This is not a double post, yes we did have an Alice papercraft before but that one was a bit unrefined. I'm sure you'll find this version much much better.

American McGee's Alice Papercraft [Ninjatoes]

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American McGee's Alice Papercraft 1

Speakerdog Paper Toy - Mexico Series

"A Fiesta full of artists from all over Mexico have pointed their pinata stick at Speakerdog, creating an explosion of colourful paper toys we call 'La Serie Mexico!'. This newest series of Speakerdog paper toys includes 45 wonderful designs celebrating the life and culture of Mexico!"

Speakerdog Paper Toy - Mexico Series [bentheillustrator]

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Pokemon Papercraft - Electrode

Electrode, like what its name says, is an electric type Pokemon that is the evolved form of the Voltorb. It looks similar to a Poke Ball and can be found mostly on power plants. Besides the Pokemon series, Electrode has also appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Pokemon - Electrode Papercraft [PMF]

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Submarine Papercraft - Los Angeles Class

The Los Angeles class aka LA-class aka 688-class is considered to be the backbone in the United States submarine fleet. It's a nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) and the US Navy has more than 60 of them in its arsenal. This sub is 362 ft in length and has a displacement of over 6000 tons. One of the more prominent appearance of the LA-class submarine can be seen in the movie 'The Hunt For Red October'. This Los Angeles Class Attack Submarine papercraft is 1/144 in scale and is another impressive work from designer U-Don.

Los Angeles Class Attack Submarine Papercraft [u-don]

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Violin Papercraft

The violin is a musical four-string instrument that is played with a bow. It has a hollow body and an unfretted fingerboard. The violin is the smallest and highest-pitched member of the Violin family - along with Viola, Cello, and the Double bass. Designed by Hiroshi Chiba (PAPERART-C).

Violin Papercraft [Canon Creative Park]

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20 November 2008

Christmas Papercraft - Gift Set

I'm not sure how they celebrate Christmas in Japan, but here's an early Christmas gift from Niku Mansei featuring a Christmas Present papercraft set. They've got a Christmas stocking, a treasure chest, and I don't have a clue on what that round thingy with a handle is. Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas Gift Set Papercraft

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Animal Papercraft - Toy Poodle

Here's a Toy Poodle papercraft from designer Katsuyuki Shiga (pinoart.jp), he's the one responsible for the majority of animal papercrafts that you see on Canon Creative Park. I'm not quite sure if there's a mix-up here, but that snout looks more like it belongs to a Schnauzer :)

Toy Poodle Papercraft [Canon]

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Pokemon Papercraft - Breloom

Breloom is grass type Pokemon that is part of the Mushroom Pokemon species. It is the evolved form of the Shroomish.

Pokemon - Breloom Papercraft [POdragon]

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Animal Papercraft - Bottlenose Dolphin

The bottlenose dolphin is one of the most common and well known marine mammal around, you might recall a tv series called Flipper, which is the best example for this one. Their intelligence and charisma has made them stars on most marine parks. This bottlenose dolphin papercraft is the fourth Canon paper model from famed Japanese designer, Kyoichi Shimazaki aka Ghost Maker aka the one who designed the Howl's Moving Castle Kodansha Edition.

Bottlenose Dolphin Papercraft [Canon Creative Park]

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19 November 2008

Pokemon Papercraft - Smeargle

Smeargle is known as the Painter of the Pokemon world, it uses its long tail with an end resembling a paintbrush. This paintbrush is always oozing with paint and varies in color for every Smeargle. It uses a non-damaging move called "Sketch" which enables it to copy the opponent's last move. It can copy nearly all the moves, except for a handful.

Pokemon - Smeargle Papercraft

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Sweet Paper Toys - Papatissier et GreGoire

One makes the sweets and the other one eats them, here are two news customs based on Paper Toy'z Coobie model. The one with the toque blanche is the Patissier (pastry chef), obviously that's were he got his name and the one on the right is GreGoire, he eats and sells sweets.

Coobie Paper Toy - Papatissier et Gregoire

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18 November 2008

HAL 9000 Interface Papercraft

HAL 9000 is quite the popular kid these days, we had the cartoony robot version yesterday and now more on the serious side of things. This is a scale model of the HAL 9000 Interface, its the cellphone-like device used by the Discovery One crew to communicate and interact with HAL. Thanks to designer C. Jefferson O'Connor for sending it in.

HAL 9000 Interface Papercraft [Tektonten]

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V Skyfighter Papercraft

Got word from Susanne Schmidt of Infochaos about her V Skyfighter papercraft. It's based on tv series "V" which aired back in 1984. It's about a benevolent alien race (Visitors) trying to take over planet Earth for its natural resources and the humans that are fighting back. Thanks Susanne.

V Skyfighter Papercraft [Infochaos.de]

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Papercraft Airship - Graf Zeppelin

Graf Zeppelin aka Count Zepellin, was a Deutsch passenger airship that operated from 1928 to 1937. It was named after Count Ferdinand von Zepellin, a part of Deutsch nobility. The Zeppelins were considered to be the most successful airships back in those days, and at its peak, it was abruptly ended by the Hindenburg disaster.

Graf Zeppelin Papercraft Airship
[Currell Graphics]

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17 November 2008

DT-6800A Gundam Daughtress Papercraft

This DT-6800A Daughtress Gundmam papercraft is based on the After War Gundam X anime series. It has 9 variations to it and this one is the base model. Stay tuned for the DT-6800HMC Daughtress High Mobility "Wise Wallaby" which will also be released shortly after.

DT-6800A Gundam Daughtress Papercraft [gp04]

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HAL 9000 Papercraft Robot

HAL 9000 (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic Computer) is the iconic villain from Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: Space Odyssey saga. HAL 9000 is a very advance AI program onboard the spaceship Discovery, it's represented by a red camera eye. Designer Shunichi Makino has put a cartoon twist to it with this HAL 9000 papercraft, encasing HAL in a robotic body.

HAL 9000 Papercraft Robot
[SF Paper Craft]

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Cait Sith

Caith Sith (aka Stray) is another one of the recurring characters in the Final Fantasy video game series. This Cait Sith papercraft is based on Final Fantasy VII, it's depicted as a robotic cat on top a big stuffed Moogle.

Final Fantasy VII - Cait Sith Papercraft [kaizo]

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16 November 2008

Pokemon Papercraft - Lugia

Lugia is a flying legendary Pokemon that is also known as the Guardian of the Sea and serves as guardian of the Legendary Birds.

Pokemon - Lugia Papercraft [POdragon]

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Super Mario Papercraft - Raphael Raven

Raphael the Raven is a big dark (color varies) furball-like creature that is a recurring character in the Super Mario video game series. Raphael is also the leader of the Ravens, a band of black flightless birds that are both allies and enemies to Mario.

Super Mario - Raphael Raven Papercraft [Charles Bradbury]

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Cid Highwind

Here's Final Fantasy's resident airman/pilot, Cid Highwind. A majority of the time when an airship appears in a Final Fantasy video game it's pilot or creator is almost always named Cid. This version of the Cid Highwind papercraft is based on his appearance in Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII - Cid Highwind Papercraft [kaizo]

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