14 March 2009

Pokemon Papercraft - Shadow Lugia

Pokemon Shadow Lugia PapercraftFinally found Chokipeta's Shadow Lugia papercraft, all thanks to GoblinGuy.

Shadow Lugia (aka XD001) is believed to be the Ultimate Shadow Pokemon, its a regular Lugia corrupted by Cipher (criminal org.) and is immune to purification.

Shadow Lugia has only appeared in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

Pokemon - Shadow Lugia Papercraft

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Flower Bouquet Monster Papercraft

Sneeder Monster Papercraft ToyThis monster (Sneeder) would be a perfect accompaniment to those flowers that you're going to send to your mum this Mothers' Day.

Sneeder the monster is from illustrator Jennifer Bryan's Creaturekebab site.

Flower Bouquet Monster Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Sea Ukelele

Sea Ukelele PapercraftThe Sea Ukelele is an item in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, that is part of the quest for the Noble Sword.
Once owned by Rafton, it can be traded to an elderly Zora living to the south of Rolling Ridge for the Broken Sword.
Legend of Zelda - Sea Ukelele Papercraft

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13 March 2009

Robot Papercraft - Ulysses 31 "Nono"

Ulysses 31 Nono Robot PapercraftNono is a small robot character from the Ulysses 31 (aka Space Legend Ulysses 31, aka Ulysse 31), a Franco-Japanese anime series that aired back in 1981.

The anime is based in the epic Greek poem, Odyssesy by Homer - but instead of Greek/Roman times, the setting is in the 31st century.

Nono serves as the robotic companion to Telemachus (son of the main character), is very skilled at repairing machinery and amazingly strong for its short stature.

Ulysses 31 - Nono Robot Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Korok "Rown"

Same as the what the other Koroks from Forest Haven are doing, Rown plants seeds of the Great Deku Tree all year long. Returns to Forest Haven once a year (annual Ceremony) to gather more of the Great Deku Tree's nuts then start again with the planting cycle. Rown holds what looks like a Taro leaf.

Legend of Zelda - Korok "Rown" Papercraft

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Pokemon Doll Papercrafts - Team 2

Pokemon Doll Papercrafts Team 2
Three of the cutest Pokemons from Series 1 of the anime: Pikachu, Clefairy and Jigglypuff, are the membersr for Team 2 of the Pokemon Doll papercraft series.

Pokemon Doll Papercrafts - Team 2

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Metroid Papercraft - Samus Aran 4

Metroid Samus Aran PapercraftA new Samus Aran papercraft in her Varia Suit, based on the Metroid game series, it's a lot more detailed than the three other versions that we've previously posted.

This paper model stands 12" tall when you complete it and has 13 pages for the pattern. Make sure to check the links below for the other Samus Aran and Metroid related papercrafts.

Metroid - Samus Aran Papercraft 4

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12 March 2009

Animal Papercraft - Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle PapercraftThe green turtle, along with the loggerhead, ridley, and leatherback, are part of the sea turtle family. They are large marine turtles that have paddle or flipper-like forelimbs. They can grow up to 7ft long and weigh as much as 1,000 lbs.

Among the sea turtles, the green turtle is primarily herbivorous, feeding mainly on sea grasses. They prefer living on warm temperate regions and often make extremely long migrations between feeding and nesting grounds.

Due to hunting, pollution, and habitat loss, the Green turtle is classified as an endangered species.

This Green Sea Turtle papercraft was designed by Kyoichi Shimazaki (Ghost Maker).

Green Sea Turtle Papercraft

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Robot Papercraft - FLCL "Canti"

FLCL Canti Robot PapercraftCanti is a robot character from the FLCL (aka Fooly Cooly, aka Furi Kuri) anime series. Canti was manufactureed by Medical Mechanica and the first one to emerge from Naota's (protagonist) head.
Naota is a normal Japanese 6th grade boy (although a little cynical), but when his older brother leaves for America to play baseball, his brother leaves his homeless 17 year old girlfriend Mamimi behind. Mamimi is sending mixed signals and advances to Naota, and he doesn't know what to do about her. But to make matters worse, Naota's world is totally turned upside down when he is run over by a woman on a Vespa. During their first encounter, she hits him over the head with her guitar, which then causes a horn to grow out of his forehead. She calls herself "Haruko" and her presence changes Naota's life to even further insanity. - Anime News Network
This FLCL Canti papercraft model was design by Pongoo.

FLCL - Canti Papercraft

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Animal Papercraft - Caribbean Flamingo

Caribbean Flamingo PapercraftFlamingos are tall, slender, wading birds that has plumage ranging from deep pink to red/orange. They have a down-bent bill and webbed feet. Compared to other birds, their neck and legs are longer - relative to their body size. You can find flamingos mostly on muddy flats, shallow lakes, or saline lagoons in the tropical Caribbean region.

This Caribbean Flamingo papercraft has 6 pages for its pattern and another 5 for the instructions. Designer Ikuo Anazawa added some twist to this one by providing three different poses for you to choose from (see pic above).

Caribbean Flamingo Papercraft

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Nikko Toshogu Shrine Papercraft - "Yomeimon"

Nikko Toshogu Shrine Papercraft YomeimonNikko Toshogu is a shrine located in the town of Nikko - Tochigi Prefecture, Honshu, Japan. Nikko is a tourist area and religious center famous for its ornate temples and shrines that date back to the Yedo period (1600-1868). One of the most famous shrines is the Yomeimon (aka Gate of Sunlight), considered by many as the most beautiful gate in Japan.

This intricately designed Yomeimon papercraft model was created by K. Yoshinaka, this being his first model with Canon Creative Park. The pattern is 22 pages deep, plus 16 for the instructions.

Nikko Toshogu Shrine Papercraft - Yomeimon

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11 March 2009

Fire Emblem Papercraft - Lyn

Fire Emblem Lyn PapercraftThis is Lynn (aka Lyndis) a Blade Lord and the first female lead character in the Fire Emblem video game series.

This Lynn papercraft is based on her appearance as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The mouth part has two options for your choosing, a simplified and detailed version. Grab it now!

SSBB / Fire Emblem - Lyn Papercraft [Papercraft Museum]

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Cow Mascot Papercraft - Niku-Mansei 60th Anniversary

Cow Mascot PapercraftNiku-mansei has come along way since starting out in 1949, from an electronics store, then becoming a restaurant, and now a luxury dining establishment that speciliazes in beef - this year they celebrate their 60th anniversary with their cow mascot papercraft decked out in a red outfit featuring a Japanese vest and an engineer's cap.

Cow Mascot Papercraft

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Albatros Dr.II Airplane Papercraft

Albatros Dr. II Airplane PapercraftThe Albatros Dr. II (aka Albatros Fighter) was an experimental German fighter plane that had three sets of wings (triplane) and equipped with a 195hp Benz Bx.III eight cylinder water-cooled engine. It's main weapon, twin Spandau 7.92 mm machine guns.

Paper Inside (Claudio Dias) is branching out with a WWI Experimental Aircrafts series, so expect to to see more of these classic flyers in the near future.

Albatros Dr.II Airplane Papercraft

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Zooguu - Fugu Fish Papercraft

Fugu Fish PapercraftZooguu works their magic to transform the notorious fugu fish (aka pufferfish) into a cute yellow critter.

Zooguu - Fugu Fish Papercraft

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Japanese Spring Festival Papercrafts

Japanese Spring PapercraftsYou probably noticed by now that our friends at Niku-Mansei has a papercraft model for the various seasons, this one is their spring Festival set. The papercrafts includes three symbols for spring (haru), the first being a cut-out cherry blossom (sakura) tree with stage and background - April and May are the months when people go out to view and appreciate the blossoms, it is called Ohanami (cherry blossom viewing).

Then we've got a papercraft spring latern, your typical Japanese lantern (chochin) adorned with flowery colors all over.

And finally a papercraft backpack, signifying the start of the school year, which is usually in April. If you're interested in learning more about this, check out these books on Japanese Culture, before downloading the goods below.

Japanese Spring Festival Papercraft

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MyDoggo Papercraft Toy

MyDoggo Papercraft ToyThere's always room in here for cute papercrafts, here's the MyDoggo paper toy - series one, from artist Dicky Pin / AmusingGroup design studio based in Hong Kong.

MyDoggo Papercraft Toy

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10 March 2009

Gurren Lagann Papercraft 2

Gurren Lagann Mecha PapercraftOk this is not a double post, apparently, the first time we posted Krauzer's Gurren Lagann papercraft, it was still a work-in-progress. There was mix up in the translation, and we jumped the gun, so to speak.

Gurren Lagann PapercraftThis time its different, Lagann is actually in it and can also be a separate mecha papercraft. It has the drill sticking out though (in the process of connecting), of course you have the option not to glue the drill.

And looking at the finished pics, it seems that you can move some of his body parts to a certain degree, I'm not sure about that one but I'll have to try and see. Thanks to reader WW for the tip. So, anyone planning to add Gurren Lagann to their build list?

Gurren Lagann Papercraft 2

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Red XIII

Final Fantasy Red XIII PapercraftRed XIII (aka Nanaki) is a character from the Final Fantasy VII video game that is depicted as a large and powerful lion-like beast having red-orange fur. He has a mowawk-styled mane, tribal tattoos, and uses hairpins - which also serves as his weapon.

Red XIII is from Cosmo Canyon (aka Valley of the Fallen Star), his species (unnamed) is the designated guardians of the land.

Final Fantasy VII - Red XIII Papercraft

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Pucha3 - Owl Paper Toy

Pucha Owl Paper ToyPucha3 papercraft toy from Fufufu Online, a Polish web design and internet ad company.

Was curious, so I did some translation on the papercraft's name, the word "pucha" is Polish for "down". Not really sure if there's a connection with a bird, maybe Pucha is just a proper name.

Pucha 3 - Owl Paper Toy [FUFUFU.pl]

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WoW - Warbringer Ax Papercraft

World of Warcraft - Warbringer Ax PapercraftThe Warbringer Ax is a unique item in the World of Warcraft game. It is one-handed battle axe that has an item quality level of "epic" and can only be wielded by Horde players.

This weapon requires Level 70 and Thrallmar-exalted before you can use it. Many Warcraft fans consider it a good tanking weapon.

World of Warcraft - Warbringer Ax Papercraft

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09 March 2009

Demon Clock Papercraft

Demon Clock PapercraftThis Demon Clock papercraft is based on an actual set piece from The Corridor of Doors attraction that is part of Disney's Haunted Mansion dark ride.

The Demon Clock is a menacing-looking, 13-hour demonic grandfather clock that has a demon tail for its pendulum.

Trader Sam added a bonus by adding a nifty modification kit that lets you install a working clock unit to make it functional. Thanks to reader Nicole B. for the tip.

Demon Clock Papercraft

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Animal March Papercraft - Alan the Red Sprite

Alan Red Sprite PapercraftYou're looking at Alan, The Red Harvest Sprite and protector of the Red Bell of Fire. This sprite papercraft is based on a new special character from Bokujo Monogatari: Waku Waku Animal March (Farm Story: Exciting Animal March) farming simulation video game for the Nintendo Wii.

If some of you have played Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, you might notice that some of the characters there look similar to Animal March's, that's because both games have the same character designer and a majority of the characters from Tree of Tranquility are also appearing on this game.

The papercraft pattern is a bit on the rough side, after seeing their Harvest Moon papercrafts (Cow and Dog) the quality and detail on this one is lacking. I mean it's still good overall, just not the same level as their previous paper models.

Follow the link below and click on the big red round buttons to get the goods.

Special Thanks to Dengekionline.com and Bokumono.com for the tip and link.

Animal March - Alan the Red Sprite Papercraft

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Pokemon Doll Papercraft - Lapras

Pokemon Doll Lapras PapercraftRight on schedule, the Pokemon Doll version (kawaii:) of the Nessie-like Pokemon known as Lapras.

For those that haven't been updated yet, these are not repeats. The Paper Pokes are doing a Pokemon Doll series on top of their regular Pokemon papercrafts.

Pokemon Doll - Lapras Papercraft [paperpokes]

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08 March 2009

Macross Papercraft - Strike Valkyrie

Strike Valkyrie PapercraftThe Strike Valkyrie is based on the mechas from the Macross anime series, this particular mecha appears in the 1984 theatrical version of the show - Macross: Do You Remember Love.
The Strike Valkyrie is a special variation of the VF-1 Super Valkyrie with a slight difference in their pods, instead of the usual micro missile launcher it uses a double action beam cannon pod. The Strike Valkyrie is only assigned to the aces of the U.N. Spacy (military agency).

Macross - Strike Valkyrie Papercraft [Zen]

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Yuyuko Saigyouji

Yuyuko SaigyoujiTouhou Project fans here's another one from designer GT40, this character is Yuyuko Saigyouji, the final stage boss and ghost princess in Perfect Cherry Blossom. She has the ability to invoke death in mortals.

Touhou Project - Yuyuko Saigyouji Papercraft

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Super Mario Papercraft - Flying Ship

Flying Ship PapercraftThis flying ship papercraft is based on a ship that can be found in Rainbow Ride - the 15th and last course of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. It's a very simple flying ship that has six oars, three on each side, a long bowsprit, and a squared crow's nest.

Super Mario 64 - Flying Ship Papercraft

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