15 March 2008

Monster Papercraft - Kappa

Mythology is one of my favorite subjects to read, ever since I was a kid I've been interested in the mythological creatures for the various cultures of the world. So when our reader toppopo sent in this Kappa monster papercraft, I definitely had to post it.

But first, a little info. on it - the Kappa is based on Japanese folklore and is considered to be a type of water deity. Other names that it goes by are Gataro and Kawako. They are mainly depicted as a very small turtle like creature with a beak mouth. Kappa's are also known to be tricksters and likes to eat cucumbers (besides humans). Eventhough they have a macabre thing going on, talented artist Christopher Bonnette over at Macula.tv has made a more cute and friendly looking version. Head over to the link below for the pattern, you can also check some of the other stuff on Chris' site including the Squealer Paper Toy series, a Tiki Box, and a Chibi Yeti. When you get to the site, head on the the download section and from there you'll find the papercafts.

Monster Papercraft - Kappa [Makula.tv/Christopher Bonnette]

14 March 2008

Chaos Field Papercraft

Has anybody played the game Chaos Field? it was an arcade game shoot 'em up released in Japan by Milestone Inc. back in 2005 and was ported to the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2. It also reached US shores as a port to the Nintendo GameCube. I actually never heard of it before until now, I checked around and I saw that Gamespot scored it a 6.2(fair) while their users scored it a much better 7.2

There's three Chaos Field papercrafts (spaceships) available, there's Mixed Blue, Flawed Red, and Fake Yellow. Eventhough the game faired well with the critics, I can't say the same for their papercraft. The patterns are rough and very unrefined, too many cross tabs and too many lines. It looks rushed, like a spur-of-the-moment thing, it looks chaotic. They should have hired Chokipeta or Ninjatoes to do it for them. Thanks to the chaos people for sending it in, although I don't think they would like what I just said about it. Grab it below.

Chaos Field Papercraft [mile-stone.co.jp]

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Speakerdog Paper Toys - Series 5

Ben the Illustrator (aka Ben O' Brien) has released series 5 of their Speakerdog papercrafts. A new set of very talented artists have added their wonderful designs to make 50 of the most cutest paper toys you're ever going to see, well, until they come out with Series 6. More color, more fun, and 5 times the cuteness. Let's go.

Speakerdog Paper Toys - Series 5 [Ben The Illustrator]

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Designer Papercraft - Minimimmo

Another new designer papercraft is invading our planet, this green little thing here is the pet project of designer box73 over at the Italian web site of the same name, Minimimmo. It's a very simple papercraft to assemble and will probably take you just a few minutes to complete. The site has provided print and video instructions to guide you and photos of people around the world that have assembled it (which they call "sightings"). Thanks to Chris over at Cubeecraft for sending in this tip. Have a look and give it a try.

Minimimmo Papercraft [Minimimmo/box73]

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13 March 2008

Question Fairy Papercraft - Hatena Yousei

Continuing their trademark of cute anime paper models, here's the most recent update to the Cafetera blog - the Hatena Yousei papercraft aka Question Fairy Papercraft. I can't find any info. on this character but I do have a YouTube video below for you to watch. The video is pretty long but you can see the Question Fairy (Hatena Yousei) pop out at 0:47 - If any of our readers know anything about this girl please put it on the comments section for others to see.

Question Fairy Papercraft - Hatena Yousei [Cafetera]
Cafetera Download Section

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Mabinogi Anime Papercraft - Samurai

The Mabinogi Guild has just released the newest addition to their paper model section, my translator is a bit wonky today so we'll just call this one a Samurai papercraft. Many have been asking me for a password to their site, but I don't know it. It seems that after we and some of the other paper model sites posted their Lady Archer papercraft they closed their doors, maybe they don't want the traffic. This one was sent in by one of our anon readers who "claim" to be in the guild, he/she didn't give much info., only a link to the pattern and some photos. Here you go.

Samurai Anime Papercraft [Mabinogi Guild via Mediafire]

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12 March 2008

Lolcat Papercraft

You see them all over the net, photos of cats with humorous captions in broken English - it is the great phenomenon known as Lolcat. Here's a new tribute from tubbypaws that features the ceiling cat.

Lolcat Papercraft [tubbypaws]
Ceiling Cat [icanhascheezburger]

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Get Papercrafts on Your Google Homepage

We've got this brand new Paperkraft.net Gadget for your Google Homepage and Google Desktop. This Google gadget will help you track all the new blog posts, Flickr photos, Tweeter updates, and YouTube videos that we put up on our site. I've also added a search bar so you can search for your favorite papercrafts and paper models from within your Google Homepage. You can add it here.

Fun Papercraft Toys - Cubeecraft

Papercraft designer Chris Beaumont sent us an e-mail to inform us of his three-dimensional six sided creations over at his site, Cubeecraft. I see that Chris is a very busy designer, Cubeecraft's paper factory is promising to come up with a new model every week. So far, they've managed to produce eleven paper model characters including but not limited to sci-fi (Stormtrooper), Anime (Evangelion), video games (Portal), film (Rocketeer), and music (NiN).

I had a small talk with Chris thru e-mail and I found out that we have featured some of his works in our site before. Do you guys remember a post we did whose pattern looks like the ones on the photo(top). If you were thinking green then you're definitely right, it was the Ninja Turtles papercraft + Sonic and Knucles. Let's check them out.

Fun Papercraft Toys [Cubeecraft/Chris Beaumont]

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Team Fortress 2 Papercraft - Sentry

On our previous Team Fortress papercraft post we featured the Engineer's Dispenser from the folks at Highwaychile and I mentioned something about "putting a couple of well-placed sentries around it", somebody did just that and designed a sentry papercraft to accompany our dispenser. The designer runs a site called Raven-Age and goes by the alias of "G". The pattern is available as a PDF document and there's also a PDO file provided (no colors). All we need now is the teleporter to complete this set. Check the photo below before you head to the download link.

Big thanks to Cotton Eyed Joe for sending in the links and info.

Team Fortress Papercraft - Engineer's Sentry [Raven-Age/Ravelog]

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Crash Bandicoot Papercraft

Crash Bandicoot was a platforming video game developed by Naughty Dog Inc. (now owned by Sony) back in the mid-90's for the Sony PlayStation. Crash Bandicoot was an anthropomorphic marsupial who was the protagonist on the video game and also serves as Naughty Dog's official mascot. Over the years Crash Bandicoot has become a series with more than 10 video games for various consoles and handhelds under its belt.

The Webdude has released a Crash Bandicoot papercraft and is available at the "Others" section of his site, check it out.

Crash Bandicoot Papercraft [Webdude]

11 March 2008

Cat Papercraft - Maruman

Maruman, a popular Japanese company that produces and sells sketchbooks and notebooks has updated their paper craft site. There's two areas to go through, one houses their realistic animal paper models designed by Kei Craft and the other has anime looking animal paper crafts designed by Kamimodel.

The newest is a cat papercraft on the Kamimodel side. And speaking of Kamimodel, don't forget to check their newest Rommy Sloth Paper Toy - Leoleo, we posted it earlier on.

Cat Papercraft [Maruman]

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Anime Girl Papercraft - Kara No Kyoukai

A new paper designer that goes by the name of Claf has created this cute anime paper craft. I was going to post it earlier on but I didn't have any info. on it. So, one of our readers (joker@animeblog) has taken on the task of tracking this down and he came up with a movie called Kara no Kyoukai. Joker wasn't sure about it, so I checked out the site myself and I don't think its the same. But in any case, we'll stand with the Kara title until some of the anime or manga experts correct us.

Anime Girl Papercraft - Kara no Kyoukai [Falcore/Claf]

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X-Men Sentinel Papercraft

Their big, their purple, and their programmed to do three things - hunt, capture, and kill mutants. They are robots created by anti-mutant groups on Marvel Comics Universe' X-Men series. They stand three-stories tall and has the ability to fly, detect mutants in their surroundings, and fire an energy blast. This X-Men Sentinel papercraft was created by our good friend Raphael Gatt (who created the amazing Iron Man papercraft we featured before) and is available at his web site. Let's check it out.

X-Men Sentinel Papercraft [Techno-Maniaco/Raphael Gatt]

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Team Fortress 2 Papercraft - Engineer's Dispenser

When you need provisions, the Engineer's Dispenser is key. On the game, the dispenser slowly generates ammo and metal for your teammates and can also heal them, albeit much slower than a Medic. Put a couple of well-placed sentries around it and this could turn into an impenetrable wall. The Dispenser is a part of the Engineer's buildable structure, along with the Sentry gun and teleporter. To download the pattern, click the link below and scroll down to the bottom of the page, there's four PDF files.

Team Fortress 2 Papercraft - Dispenser [Highwaychile]

Cute Papercraft Toys - Leoleo

"I am lion, hear me roar!" I forgot who first uttered those famous words, but in connection, the Rommy Leoleo papercraft model from Kamimodel has just been released, it's available for free download only until mid April. Designer Tetsuya Watabe is continuously adding to his army to conquer the world, one cute papercraft at a time.

Rommy Sloth Papercraft Toy - Leoleo [Kamimodel]

Cute Japanese Musume Papercraft
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10 March 2008

Design Your Own Easter Egg Paper Craft

Easter Eggs are quite popular with children due to their colorful and unique designs. Using paint, ribbons, glitter, felt tip pens, dye kits, etc. you can customized it's appearance base on your preference or liking. One particular design style caught my attention last night while I was searching for some easter egg paper craft, it's called the Pysanky or popularly known as Ukranian Easter Eggs. Unlike the traditional pastel colors here in the US, the Eukranian easter eggs have a distinct style, they are adorned with intricate symbolic designs and are brightly colored.

The designs on the Pysanky look complicated, how about we try an easier version with this paper craft courtesy of designer Steven Marshall. There's two paper models you can choose from and both of them comes with colored and blank patterns.

Easter Egg Paper Craft [Homespun Magixx]

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The Great Mighty Poo Papercraft

It's one of the boss character from the video game Conker's Bad Fur Day and has got to be the dirtiest and stinkiest paper model to land on my site, from designer Mike McDermott aka billybob884, here's The Great Mighty Poo papercraft. Please note that the video content below is NSFW due to the game's scatological humour.

The Great Mighty Poo Papercraft [billybob884]

09 March 2008

Gundam Papercraft - RX-75 Guntank

This Gundam papercraft is the RX-75 Mass Production Type Guntank. On the anime series, this unit was first developed by the Earth Federation under their top secret "Project V". As you can see, this unit can't fly and is nothing more than a fusion of a tank (bottom part) and a mobile suit for the upper torso. It requires two pilot to control it, one inside the head as the gunner and another inside the Core Fighter as the driver. Thanks goes out to the designer and reader Smiley for sending this in.

Gundam Papercraft - RX-75 Guntank Mass Production Type

Advance Wars 2 Neotank Papercraft

Ninjatoes has another update for the Advance Wars paper model series, this time it's the Neotank papercraft unit.

Advance Wars Papercraft - Neotank Unit [Ninjatoes]

Advance Wars Papercraft - Rocket Unit
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Final Fantasy Papercraft Airships

From Deutsch paper model designer Sascha - aka Urashiman, here are some cool Final Fantasy papercraft airships derived from the FFVII and FFVIII video game series. It also includes Cloud Strife's Hardy Daytona. For anime fans you can also find some fantastic Macross papercrafts.

Final Fantasy and Macross Papercraft [SD-Sascha]