13 March 2008

Question Fairy Papercraft - Hatena Yousei

Continuing their trademark of cute anime paper models, here's the most recent update to the Cafetera blog - the Hatena Yousei papercraft aka Question Fairy Papercraft. I can't find any info. on this character but I do have a YouTube video below for you to watch. The video is pretty long but you can see the Question Fairy (Hatena Yousei) pop out at 0:47 - If any of our readers know anything about this girl please put it on the comments section for others to see.

Question Fairy Papercraft - Hatena Yousei [Cafetera]
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  1. http://cafetera.blog114.fc2.com/

  2. Looking at the video, i think the fairy is from the show Doraemon.
    Just my opinion though...

  3. It's from the "チャレンジ1年生でかっこいい1年生にへんしん!" (charenji ichi-nensei de kakkoii ichi-nensei ni henshin) promotional DVD from the company benesse (a company for children and learning.) From the video shown, seems like the boy has to go through all of these challenges to prepare himself mentally to become a first grader, hence the title being something like "Challenge 1st Grade" then something that wouldn't make sense if I directly translated it. Means something along the lines of "Responding well to the challenge of becoming a first-grader."
    According to Japanese wikipedia, the Question Fairy in the video became popular with non-preschoolers because of her short petal skirt which was made longer and plainer in a later video which I cannot find.


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