02 August 2008

Iron Man Papercraft II

The Iron Man papercraft that should have been, after days of waiting, Japanese designer uhu02's version is now available for download. This Iron Man is striking a pose similar to the one in Sega's video game, if you let him fly high enough and then fall to the ground fast, he will land with a bent knee and his fist slamming the ground. This move sends a small shockwave to nearby enemies and damages them.

Iron Man Papercraft II

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Zelda Papercraft - Poe Salesman

The Poe Salesman from the Legend of Zelda series, he made his appearance in both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. The Poe Salesman is hanlder and guardian of deceased souls, he will reward rupees and points to Link for bringing him Poe spirits.

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Poe Salesman

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Wipeout Pure Papercraft

Based on the Wipeout series, a futuristic anti-gravity racing video game. This one is from Wipeout Pure which came out on the PlayStation Portable (PSP). This Wipeout papercraft is from designer Jan Rukr of the Aliens fame and he has already created six of the AG-crafts. You can choose from Feisar, Assegai, Icaras, Puma 1, Coke, and EXO.

Wipeout Pure Papercraft [aliens.humlak.cz]

Clank Papercraft
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01 August 2008

Super Mario Papercraft - Whomp

Whomp is the very tough stone-bodied enemy in Super Mario 64 that is impervious to frontal assaults but has a huge crack in the back that serves as its achilles heel. Whomps are closely related to the Thwomp, Whomp King, and Thwimp.
This Whomp papercraft was made by Chartodileon.

Whomp Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

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Midget II & Dalmatian Papercraft

Two new updates from Japanese design company Maruman. As we've mentioned before, their papercraft section has two parts, one has paper models by Keicraft (Kei Goto) and the other is by Kamimodel (Tetsuya Watabe). On Keicraft's section we've got an on the spot Dalmatian papercraft dog and a very nice looking Daihatsu Midget II papercraft mini-truck from Kamimodel.

Daihatsu Midget II & Dalmatian Papercraft

Konica Minolta Animal Papercraft
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Coobie Blue Paper Toy

Here's the latest color from French designer Wilfried Villain's Coobie series.

Coobie Blue Paper Toy [Paper Toy'z]

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31 July 2008

Space Family Carlvinson Papercraft

This one is based on the 1980's manga series by Asari Yoshitoh titled 'Space Family Carlvinson' - about the interplanetary crew of the Carlvinson stumbling on an orphaned baby girl (human) which they decided to adopt as one of their own. They named her Corona-chan, the father is that robot pictured above while mom is the purple thingy. This Space Family Carlvinson papercraft set includes mom (purple alien) and 4-legs (can't remember the name?). Designed by our friend toriaezu.

Space Family Carlvinson Papercraft

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Super Mario Papercraft - Eyerok

Eyerok is a stone golem character originally from the Super Mario 64 video game and also appears as a boss in Mario Kart DS, it is depicted as a giant hand made out of bricks that has a blue eye on the bottom part of its palm. You would have to hit its eye a certain number of times to defeat it. This Eyerok papercraft was designed by Schlenkster.

Super Mario Papercraft - Eyerok

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Tissue-san Papercraft

This Tissue-san papercraft is based on a character designed by San-X, the Japanese character design company who also brought life to the popular Relax Bear series. Tissue-san was a promotional tool to teach school children proper personal hygiene when they have a cold or flu - and that disposable tissue paper is better than using a hanky when it comes to blowing your nose. To download the pattern, just click on the pic below and save.

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Cute Papercraft Toys - Hippopotist

Designer Tetsuya Watabe's latest ROMMY Sloth Paper Toy dressed in a Hippo suit.

Cute Papercraft Toys - Hippopotist [kamimodel]

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30 July 2008

Ninja Papercraft - Kemuridama (Smoke Bomb)

This is the kemuridama 'smoke bomb' papercraft from our new friend toriaezu. It's got an anime feel to it as you can see from its facial expression. The kemuridama (in real life) is a mixture of sawdust, sand, and gundpowder that is sealed in a ball of wax then thrown on the ground to form a wall of smoke. It was used by Ninjutsu (ninja) practitioners for disorienting enemies and gives them a few seconds to either escape or dish a fatal blow.

Ninja Papercraft - Kemuridama (Smoke Bomb) [toriaezu]

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Japanese Photo Booth Papercraft

J-Photo Booths use to be a Japan only thing and now they're all over the world, mostly found where teens and tweens congregrate the most, at the mall. If you like glitters, flowers, and all that girly-girl stuff - this is for you. Japanese Photo Booth papercraft tribute by tubbypaws, inset photo from Anastasia_M.

Japanese Photo Booth Papercraft

Olympus OM-1 Camera Papercraft
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Wario & Luigi Kart Papercraft

A recolor of the Mario Kart papercraft to sport Wario & Luigi's themes.

Wario & Luigi Kart Papercraft

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29 July 2008

Animal Papercraft - Fox & Cat

Alright, this is a follow-up to Japanese designer toriaezu's site. If you visit his blog you'll see that the small icon he uses to represent himself has two animal figures in it, a yellow fox and a white cat - those are papercrafts and here are their patterns. Special thanks to the designer for the info. and awesome work.

Animal Papercraft - Yellow Fox [toriaezu]
Animal Papercraft - White Cat

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Gundam Papercraft - SD Argama Mobile Ship

Featured in the Zeta Gundam anime, the Mobile Ship Argama assault carrier was Captain Bright Noah's flagship. This SD Argama Gundam Papercraft was made by toriaezu.

Gundam Papercraft - SD Argama Mobile Ship [toriaezu]

SD Freedom Gundam Papercraft
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Kirby Papercraft - Meta Knight

The mysterious character from the Kirby video game and anime series that is either friend or foe. Meta Knight is very much similar to Kirby in appearance, the only difference is that Meta Knight is blue-skinned, armor plated, and yields a sword. This Meta Knight papercraft was made by Game the Hedgehog.

Meta Knight Papercraft [via nintendopapercraft]

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Star Wars Papercraft - Jango Fett

One of our readers who happens to be a member of The Dented Helmet - Boba & Jango Fett costuming forum, has sent us some links to a couple of Jango Fett papercrafts from designer Andrew 'Skip' Skupinski. You might remember Skip as the one who designed both the 1976 and 2009 Bumblebee Camaro over at Paper Inside. I also found out about the designer's blog so we can now put a face on the name. Visit Skip's Pepakura Costume blog to see progress reports on the papercraft models he's currently working on and don't forget to say hello.

Jango Fett Arena Papercraft Jetpack [thedentedhelmet]
Jango Fett Papercraft Helmet
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28 July 2008

Kirby Papercraft - Gordo

Gordo is an indestructible passive enemy in the Kirby series of video games. It's a purple metal ball with spikes on its body/head and two big eyes. It doesn't actively fight, instead if you bump into it, you get damaged. Pictured above is Gordo being thrown by King Dedede in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Gordo papercraft designed by Charles Bradbury.

Gordo Papercraft [raccoonsam]

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Cloud Strife

He's a protagonist and the most popular character in Square Enix' (prev. Square) Final Fantasy RPG video game series, Cloud Strife has become synonymous to Final Fantasy VII. This Cloud Strife papercraft was made by Deutsch designer Sascha and comes with its own paper stand and his famous Buster Sword.

Cloud Strife Papercraft

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27 July 2008

Zeta Gundam Papercraft Bust II

MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam or Z Gundam has been so popular amongst papercraft designers that we find ourselves today having a new model courtesy of our friend daicaan2000. This Z Gundam papercraft is a bust-type model which means that only the upper half of its body is included (head-shoulder-chest). Thanks daicaan.

Zeta Gundam Papercraft Bust II

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Nintendo Papercraft - Baby Mario & Luigi

Toddler version of Nintendo's popular sibling duo, Mario and Luigi. They made their first appearance in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island video game for the Super NES. This Baby Mario & Baby Luigi papercraft was made by Icthus7.

Baby Mario Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]
Baby Luigi Papercraft

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Papercraft Magic Kit

HP has got a an amazing papercraft magic kit for the young magicians out there. The kit includes a paper magic box to hold all your props, some magic dice and wand, and a show banner.

Papercraft Magic Kit [HP]

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