08 August 2009

Infinity - Miniature Gaming Papercrafts

Infinity Scifi Papercraft An old collection of papercraft models that include vehicles and aircrafts used in Infinity - a sci-fi miniature gameminiature game. Thanks to reader Callum for the link.

Infinity - Miniature Gaming Papercrafts

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Full Metal Alchemist Papercraft - Alphonse Elric

Alphonse Elric Papercraft Acky.Otk (Japan) brings you his version of the Alphonse Elric papercraft based on the Full Metal AlchemistFull Metal Alchemist anime series. Not as pretty and detailed as the Realnopposans version, but good enough ^^

Alphonse Elric Papercraft

Full Metal Alchemist - Alphonse Elric Papercraft

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Lamborghini Miura Papercraft "Jota"

Lamborghini Miura Jota Papercraft The P400 Jota is a one of the many models for the LamborghiniLamborghini Miura, it was a one-off experimental prototype that crashed and burned on a ring road in Brescia, Italy.

This Lamborghini Miura/Jota paper model was made by the folks at Shinya Paper Craft, Japan.

Lamborghini Miura / Jota Papercraft

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Super Mario Papercraft - Princess Daisy 2

Princess Daisy Papercraft A 2nd but more detailed version of the Princess DaisyPrincess Daisy papercraft from Icthus7.

Super Mario - Princess Daisy Papercraft 2

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Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Hourman

Hourman Papercraft Hourman (aka Hour-Man, aka Rex Tyler) is a DC ComicsDC Comics superhero that started out in Adventure Comics #48. His super powers are drug-induced, he uses Miraclo (miraculous vitamin) to gain superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability.

Retro Superhero - Hourman Papercraft

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FA18C Hornet Dambusters Papercraft "Chippy Ho"

FA18C Hornet Dambusters Papercraft A 1/72 scale F18C Hornet Dambusters papercraft sporting the US Navy's Chippy Ho paint scheme, after the squadron's tactical call sign on which it belonged to.

FA18C Hornet Dambusters Papercraft "Chippy Ho"

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07 August 2009

Paper Totem - Mexico

Mexico Paper Totem Mexican artist C├ęsar Romo Alvarez (aka sgto.mandril) uses some AztecAztec influence for his Paper Totem design.

Paper Totem - Mexico

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Zelda Papercraft - Deku Butler

Deku Butler Papercraft Appearing in Majora's MaskMajora's Mask, the Deku Butler is an old codger who serves as the official caretaker and butler of the Deku Royal Family.

Legend of Zelda - Deku Butler Papercraft

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Infinite Justice Gundam x Bangdoll Mecha Papercrafts For Sale

Infinite Justice Gundam Papercraft Do you remember papertang? he's the one that gave us the free Transformers / Scrapper papercraft, he's having a sale that includes a GundamGundam and Bangdoll mecha.

Bangdoll Papercraft

The Infinite Justice Gundam papercraft would cost you 20 smackaroos while the Bangdoll papercraft would be $15. Buy both at the same time and you get a $3 discount. The prices seem to be about right with the going rate, but unlike the Japanese releases, I'm not sure if these are officially licensed (you would have to check).

If you are interested you can send an e-mail to papertang@gmail.com

They will send you a reply with the final price which includes the adjusted shipping costs and instructions on how to pay via PayPal.

Infinite Justice Gundam x Bangdoll Mecha Papercrafts For Sale

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Coraline Papercraft - Seeing Stone

Seeing Stone Papercraft Based on the animated stop-motion fantasy horror film CoralineCoraline, the Seeing Stone was given to Coraline by her (real) neighbors ^^, she used it to find the children's souls in Other Mother's world.

Coraline - Seeing Stone Papercraft

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06 August 2009

Ice Age Papercraft - Manny the Woolly Mammoth

Manny Papercraft Manny (aka Manfred) the woolly mammoth is the "big" star of the computer animated film Ice AgeIce Age by Blue Sky Studios. This gargantuan Manny papercraft ^^ was made by Claudio Dias of Paper Inside.

Ice Age - Manny Papercraft

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Yellow Rorobotan Paper Toy

Rorobotan Papercraft Rorobotan or RORO is the yellow, radio robotrobot from Dikids

Yellow Rorobotan Paper Toy

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Urban Paper Book Launch & Paper Toy Art Show Pics - European Release

Marshall Alexander's coverage (pics only) of the Urban Paper: Book Launch and Paper ToyPaper Toy Art Show held at the SUBWALK gallery in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

URBAN PAPER European Release [flickr]

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WoW Papercraft - Bladetwister Dagger

Bladetwister Dagger Papaercraft Bladetwister is a one-handed dagger from the World of Warcraft universe that can be found in Freya' GiftFreya's Gift, an item that is only accessible after defeating the Titan giant, Freya.

World of Warcraft - Bladetwister Dagger Papercraft

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05 August 2009

Eliminator Spaceship Papercraft

Eliminator Spaceship Papercraft The spaceship that appears in Psygnosis' Eliminator video game for the Sony PlayStationPlayStation. This papercraft was made by Jonny Chiba (aka Jonathan Greenwell), who also happens to be part of the art team that made the Eliminator game.

Eliminator Spaceship Papercraft

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Zootian Rocket Ship Papercraft

Rocket Ship Papercraft Here's a nice find from Tektonten, a cartoony looking rocket ship papercraftpaper toy from Zoot Advertising Design - it's called Zootian Intergalactic Biz Booster.

Zootian Rocket Ship Papercraft [via Tektonten]

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ZIMAN Paper Toy

ZIMA Paper Toy

ZIMA Japan (makers of the ZIMA alcopopalcopop) teams up with artist Shin Tanaka for a brand spanking new street paper toy called ZIMAN.

ZIMA Paper Toy

To download the goods, follow the link below and click on the long white bar at the bottom right corner of the page (see pic above).

ZIMAN Paper Toy

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Twitter Beard Paper Mask

Twitter Beard Mask Papercraft

Paper masksPaper masks are quite popular with the readers and I've received lots of request for more, so I bring you the zany Twitter Beard mask from illustrative designer, Von R. Glitschka

Twitter Beard Paper Mask

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Iku Nagae Denchi

Ok, so our friend GT40 sent us a link to a second version of his Iku Nagae papercraft (Touhou Project) but with a batterybattery on it (denchi), don't know what it's all about coz Google didn't really help much in the translation department ^^ probably one of those Japanese memes.

This is one of those "problematic" links that we've encountered before, so instead of directly clicking on the link below, right-click and "save target/link as"

Touhou Project - Iku Nagae Denchi Papercraft

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USMC Papercraft - 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion

USMC 3rd Recon Battalion Papercraft Under the 3rd Marine Division of the United States Marine CorpsUnited States Marine Corps, the 3rd Recon Battalion is based in Okinawa Prefecture, in Japan and whose primary role is to do amphibious and ground recon.

USMC 3rd Recon Battalion Papercraft

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04 August 2009