05 September 2009

Super Sentai Shinkenger Papercraft - Pink x Yellow Shinken

Pink Yellow Shinken Papercraft Shinken Pink (Mako) and Shinken Yellow (Kotoha) papercraftpapercraft are now available at KK-Factory.

Shinken Yellow is Kotoha Hanaori, she uses the Land Slicer weapon and controls the Saru Origami mecha (monkey/gorilla). Mako Shiraishi is the Shinken Pink, she uses the Heaven Fan as her weapon and rides the Kame Origami mecha (turtle).

Super Sentai Shinkenger - Pink & Yellow Shinken Papercraft

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Honda Fit Papercraft (Jazz)

Honda Fit Papercraft HondaHonda Fit papercraft by artist Liem Kou Phing from Indonesia, four colors (white, red, blue, & gold) to choose from.

Honda Fit / Jazz Papercraft

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Keine Kamishirasawa 2

Keine Kamishirasawa Papercraft Touhou ProjectTouhou Project character Keine Kamishirasawa in human form created by GT40.

Touhou Project - Keine Kamishirasawa Papercraft 2

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Lucha Libre Papercraft - El Macho

Papercraft of the luchadorluchador known as El Macho, created by paperboy. The paper mask can be removed to reveal his face.

Lucha Libre - El Macho Papercraft

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03 September 2009

Super Mario Papercraft - Birdo

Birdo Papercraft Birdo is a Yoshi-like character that appears in the Super MarioSuper Mario game series, instead of the green color, Birdo is pink, has a tube snout, wears a red ribbon, and is female.

Super Mario - Birdo Papercraft

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Princess Peach Castle Papercraft (Paper Mario)

Princess Peach Castle Papercraft Princess Peach's majestic castle as seen in the Paper MarioPaper Mario video game.

Princess Peach Castle Papercraft

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Dome of the Rock Papercraft

Dome of the Rock Papercraft It's the most famous IslamicIslamic site in Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock (aka Qubbat as-Sakhrah) is not a mosque but a shrine, it's built over a sacred stone believed to be the place where the Prophet Muhammad ascended into heaven.

Dome of the Rock Papercraft

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Funky Monkey Paper Toy

Funky Monkey Paper Toy A dancing monkey paper toypaper toy and his boombox by RH ^^.

Funky Monkey Paper Toy

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Cubee Sony PlayStation Papercraft PS1

Cubee PlayStation Papercraft You've probably noticed it by now, but Cubeecraft is going thru the list of our favorite video game consoles of past, here's probably my favorite in the whole bunch, the original Sony PlayStationPlayStation.

Cubee Sony PlayStation Papercraft

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Croatian G-Man + Tennis + Paper Toy = ?

Tennis Paper Toy Yata, yata, don't know what it is but is has something to do with Croatia ^^ and tennistennis. The paper toy is called 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Backward (Cro Edition) and is part of Marko Zubak's My Life Is Better Than Yours paper toy series.

Croatian G-Man + Tennis + Paper Toy = ?

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Fatal Frame Papercraft - Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura Papercraft How about this for Halloween, the camera obscura used in Tecmo's Fatal FrameFatal Frame video game series, it's a darkened box-like device in which images of outside objects are projected through a small lens onto a facing surface.

In the game, the camera obscura was used to take pictures of ghosts and exorcise them.

Fatal Frame - Camera Obscura Papercraft

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UEFA Champions League Logo Papercraft

UEFA Champions League LOgo Papercraft Artist Robin Hogg creates this papercraft homage to the Champions League football event (aka Champions League, aka European Cup) - the most prestigious clubclub trophy in the world.

The UEFA Champions League logo has stars (representing the various champion soccer teams from each country) connected to one another and forming a globe. Thanks Robin!

UEFA Champions League Logo Papercraft

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02 September 2009

Super Mario Papercraft - Toadstool Pirate

Pirate Toadstool Papercraft From the Super Mario video game series, a pirateypiratey Toadstool from Prife7.

Super Mario - Toadstool Pirate Papercraft

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Pound Sterling Banknote Papercraft £10

Pound Sterling Banknote Papercraft The pound sterling (aka pound) is the currency used by the United KingdomUnited Kingdom and its overseas territories and is the 3rd largest reserve currency in the world.

Todays banknote papercraft features the 10 pound note which has Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse side and the reverse side shows Charles Darwin, a hummingbird, and the Royal Navy's HMS Beagle.

Pound Sterling Banknote Papercraft £10

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Resident Evil Papercraft - Cubeecraft x Capcom Europe

Resident Evil Papercraft Cubee Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, an official release from CapcomCapcom Europe.

Resident Evil Papercraft Cubeecrafat x Capcom Europe

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Game & Watch Papercraft - Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch Papercraft A Cubeefied NintendoNintendo Game & Watch handheld eletronic game device featuring the Super Mario Bros. The Game & Watch was invented by game designer Gunpei Yokoi and was the inspiration for the Game Boy and Nintendo DS systems.

Game & Watch - Super Mario Bros. Papercraft

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WoW Papercraft - Flag of Ownership

Flag of Ownership Papercraft The Flag of Ownership is a World of Warcraft in-gamein-game item that indicates total PWNAGE! ^^

It's a bloody hilarious way to humiliate your enemy after you've killed them - you plant a flag that shows your ownership of their corpse, ouch!

World of Warcraft - Flag of Ownership Papercraft

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Airbus A330-200 Papercraft - Garuda Indonesia

Airbus A330 Papercraft Garuda An Airbus A330-200 flyingAirbus A330-200 Papercraft with the PT (Persero) Garuda Indonesia colors - national airline of Indonesia. The name Garuda comes from the large bird-like creature that appears in Hindu/Buddhist mythology.

Airbus A330-200 Papercraft - Garuda Indonesia

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WoW Papercraft - Quest Icons

Warcraft Quest Icon Papercraft The quest icons that show up on top of the head of quest givers (NPCs) in the World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft game.

An exclamation point (!) indicates that a quest is available from that NPC while a question mark (?) points out the NPC in which you must return to in order to complete their quests.

World of Warcraft - Quest Icons Papercraft

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F4U Corsair Papercraft (Aircraft)

F4U Corsair Papercraft PapercraftPapercraft of an F4U Corsair (aka Chance Vought F4U Corsair) fighter aircraft designed by Rizky Ferriansyah, this plane was used by the US Navy and Marine Corps during World War II and the Korean War.

F4U Corsair Papercraft

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Airbus 330-200 Papercraft - Hainan Airlines

An Airbus A330-200 sporting the Hainan Airline colors, a privately-owned airlinesairlines under Grand China Air that has the 4th largest fleet in China.

Airbus A330-200 Papercraft - Hainan Airlines

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01 September 2009

Paper Totem - Wack and Blite

Wack and Blite Paper Totem Wack is on top of the world ^^ artist Brian Castleforte mixes it up with his Wack paper toypaper toy to come up with the tallest Paper Totem yet.

Paper Totem - Wack and Blite

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Macross Papercraft - SDF 1 Storm Attacker Mode

SDF1 Papercraft The SDF-1 (aka Megaload, aka Super Dimension Fortress One) is a mega-ultra-super transforming spacecraft that appears in the Macross/RobotechMacross Robotech anime series.

Cruiser mode when it's a regular spacecraft and Storm Attacker mode when it becomes a ginormous mecha. This papercraft was designed by ThunderChild for the Zealot forums.

Macross SDF 1 Papercraft Mecha

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