03 March 2006

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02 March 2006

Giraffe Paper Model

Sukkirin.com has a cute giraffe paper model, the giraffe is holding a blank placard which you can sign with whatever you like as long as it fits within. It comes with a circular shaped based which it needs to stand on. This is good for displaying messages on your desktop at work or home. Once again, this beautiful model was designed and developed by KeiCraft.

Giraffe Paper Model - Download - http://www.sukkirin.com/down/paper.pdf

Giraffe Instructions - Download - http://www.sukkirin.com/down/howto.pdf

27 February 2006

Miffy Papercraft - The Little White Bunny

Here is another cute paper model creation by Kei Kraft, this was commisioned by Asahi.com in recognition of Miffy, the loveable little white bunny created by Dick Bruna, one of the most famous creators of picture books in the world. Miffy is a very popular character in Japan, and if you have not noticed it by now, Japan likes cute and cuddly animal characters.

Miffy Papercraft [via mediafire]

Asahi Shimbun Dog Papercraft

Today we have a beautiful paper model of a dog from Asahi.com, Asahi Shimbun is one of the oldest and largest national leading newspaper in Japan having 8.27 million in their morning circulation and about 3.85 million for its evening edition. They print paper models on their newspapers from time to time or on special occassions. Here you could see they have commisioned a very nice paper model of a dog from Kei Craft.

Asahi Shimbun - Dog Papercraft [via mediafire]