27 February 2006

Asahi Shimbun Dog Papercraft

Today we have a beautiful paper model of a dog from Asahi.com, Asahi Shimbun is one of the oldest and largest national leading newspaper in Japan having 8.27 million in their morning circulation and about 3.85 million for its evening edition. They print paper models on their newspapers from time to time or on special occassions. Here you could see they have commisioned a very nice paper model of a dog from Kei Craft.

Asahi Shimbun - Dog Papercraft [via mediafire]


  1. I really enjoyed this site a lot. I've downloaded most of the models here, especially the cutesy ones :D It seems that the Asahi Shimbun Dog isn't available anymore. (It said the free download period has ended according to the altavista site translator)

    Do you mind if I ask if there are other places where I can download this? My email is tempus.incognitum(AT)gmail.com
    Thank you very much!

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    thx to anonymous on 4chan!


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