01 September 2007

Warhawk Papercraft

Finally, the west has caught up with the papercraft trend.

"Warhawk is a remake of a flight combat game of the same name; released as a launch title on the original PlayStation. The remake is multiplayer-only, with the ability to take control of planes, tanks, and jeeps. Though the game was initially to have both single-player and multiplayer modes, the single-player was scrapped because developers decided that it was vastly inferior to the game's mutiplayer component." - Wikipedia

Check out the official Warhawk page at the Playstation site, go to the Media/Downloads section and head all the way down to Papercraft. As of today, they only have the Warhawk papercraft model, but soon they'll also have the paper model for the tank and jeep. And we'll be sure to update you on it. Have fun!

Warhawk - [Download Page]
Direct Download - [Direct Download]

31 August 2007

Harry Potter Magic Wand Papercraft

Harry Potterfans (muggles only please), now is your chance to create a papercraft replica of Harry's magical wand. Head on to Claudio Dias' site - Paperinside.com - where the magic begins. Have fun.

Harry Potter Magic Wand - [Download Page]
Claudio Dias - [Site]

30 August 2007

Tales from Earthsea Papercraft (Gedo Senki)

A very brave soul called Tehanu has posted the Tales from the Earthsea papercraft pattern (ゲド戦記Gedo Senki ) on her blog, aptly named, Tehanu's Flight. In it you can see a sort of insight on how the poster completed her dragon. On the book itself, there are two forms of dragons that you can build, one is on a sitting posture and the other is flying. If you like it or if you are a big fan of Studio Ghibili or papercrafting, please buy the book to support the author/creator.

Gedo Senki - [Download]
Tehanu - [Site]

You can purchase the book here: VeryCoolThings.com
and other related stuff here: Gedo Senki

28 August 2007

Final Fantasy X Papercraft - Rikku

The great Ninjatoes has done it again, this time it's the claw wielding Al Bhed girl - Rikku (リュックRyukku ) from Final Fantasy X. This is a great paper model to add to your collection and as always, don't forget to check out his other great videogame based papercrafts like Advance Wars, Tomb Raider, Zelda, and many more.

Final Fantasy X Papercraft - Rikku [ninjatoes]

27 August 2007

GuanYin Papercraft - Goddess of Mercy

Do you guys remember the Heavenly Military Officer paper model from Answer Ideas Studio I posted a few months back? well, here's another addition to it - GuanYin (asian Goddess of Mercy). Just like before, this papercraft requires no gluing. And of course if you want to know more about her, here's her wiki entry.

GuanYin - [Download]
Answer Ideas Studio - [Site]