23 August 2008

Ark Angel Tarutaru Papercraft

Here's the Ark Angel Tarutaru papercraft based on Final Fantasy XI and made by designer Kaizo. Found in La'Loff Amphitheater, Ark Angel Tarutaru is part of the legendary Crystal Warriors and has both Black Mage and Dark Knight abilitites.

Ark Angel Tarutaru Papercraft [kaizo]

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Zelda Papercraft - Deku Nut

Deku Nuts are items / projectile weapon found in the Zelda video game series that are spit out by the plant-like enemy creatures, the Deku. Link uses it as a projectile weapon. This Deku Nut papercraft was made by Kaboom.

Deku Nut Papercraft [Kaboom]

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22 August 2008

Jagd Panther Mini Tank Papercraft

The Jagd Panther mini tank papercraft, a new paper model that is part of Japanese designer Tonton's Cat Army series.

Jagd Panther Papercaft Tank

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Pokemon Papercraft - Bulbasaur

The cute dual-type grass/poison Pokemon that can simply be describe as a four-legged green dino with a similarly colored garlic bulb on its back. This Bulbasaur papercraft is mady by PMF.

Bulbasaur Papercraft [PMF]

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Type N700 Bullet Train Papercraft

This is the Type N700 bullet train papercraft from moekami. Based on Japan's latest andfastest bullet train to date. Co-developed by West Japan Railway and Central Japan Railway, it has a breakneck speed of up to 186mph. In comparison though, this is snail speed compared to France's 357mph V150.

Type N700 Bullet Train Papercraft

Kamen Rider Papercraft - DenLiner
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21 August 2008

Wood Man Papercraft

Wood Man is one of the Robot Master from the Mega Man video game series. As first seen on Mega Man 2, Wood Man is made of Hinoki Cypress and uses razor-sharp leaves that acts as a shield and projectile. This Wood Man papercraft is made by Octopornopus.

Wood Man Papercraft

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Banjo Kazooie Papercraft - Mumbo Jumbo

Our Banjo Kazooie papercraft is not lonely anymore, we're adding this Mumbo Jumbo papercraft (head) to play along with them. Based on a character on the Banjo Kazooie video game series, Mumbo Jumbo is a shaman that offers to help Banjo and Kazooie by transforming them into various creatures that can help in their quests. It's just the thead for now, when the rest of Mumbo's body shows up will just include it here. Made and sent it by anon.

Mumbo Jumbo Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Lens of Truth

The Lens of Truth is an item found in Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time that enables Link to see the truth of things, from invisible enemies to ladders and platforms.

Lens of Truth Papercraft

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20 August 2008

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Bremen Mask

This Bremen Mask papercraft is another Zelda item based on Majora's Mask. Link receives this mask in the laundry pool area of Clock Town. The Bremen Mask is used to herd chicks in the ranch that results in obtaining the Bunny Hood.

Zelda Bremen Mask Papercraft [navi]

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Metroid Papercraft Diorama

This Metroid papercraft diorama features Samus fighting the acid worm, Mua. This scene can be found on Metroid: Zero Mission.

Metroid Diorama

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19 August 2008

Lolcat Papercraft - Monorail Cat

Tubbypaws' second lolcat papercraft featuring the single beam hugger, monorail cat. This monorail cat papercraft doesn't come with its own rail but you can stick on mostly any flat surface.

Lolcat Papercaft - Monorail Cat [tubbypaws]

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2008 Olympic Papercrafts - Update

We're more than halfway to the 2008 Summer Olympics and Epson HK just now decided to release the second part of their Olympic papercrafts. This time around there's more full on 3D papercrafts including taekwondo, swimming, baseball, men and women's gymnastics, track and field, boxing, synchronized swimming, water polo, and fencing. Two are given the 2D and simple treatment, which includes flatwater canoeing and diving. All Epson Olympic papercrafts made by designer Chan See Lik Paul.

2008 Summer Olympic Papercrafts [Epson]

2008 Summer Olympic Papercraft Mascots
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18 August 2008

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Sun Mask

The Sun Mask papercraft based on the Zelda video game series (Majora's Mask). The Sun Mask is a ceremonial wedding mask created by Kafei and together with the Moon Mask it creates the Couple's Mask.

Zelda Sun Mask Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

Zelda Kafei Mask Papercraft
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Coobie Gangsta Paper Toy

The latest paper toy from French designer Wilfried Villain's Coobie series.

Coobie Gangsta Paper Toy

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Wed's Sport Celica Papercraft - Super GT300

This the Wed's Sport Celica Super GT300 2007 driven by Japanese race car drivers Akira Iida and Yuhi Sekiguchi. This Sport Celica papercraft was made by serene.

Wed's Sport Celica Super GT300 2007 [papercar]

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17 August 2008

Pokemon Pikachu Papercraft III

This is the third Pikachu papercraft in the popular Pokemon series, the other two are the Chokipeta/Dengeki version and a kid-style Pikachu version from Pokemon.com's Pokemon Ranch. This Pikachu papercraft is another fun and easy model made by Japanese designer kooz.

Pikachu Papercraft III [kooz]

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Tomb Raider T-Rex Papercraft Trophy

Here's is a T-Rex papercraft based on the Tomb Raider video game series, this one, found on Lara Croft's trophy room alongside some of the important artifacts she found on her quests.

T-Rex Trophy Papercraft

Lara Croft & Quad Bike Papercraft
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Army Men Papercraft Buildings

Add more fun to your Army Men (plastic soldiers) miniature wargaming with these two papercraft buildings having a middle-eastern theme to it. One is single story and the other is a three story building, I noticed that the dumpsters kind of looks out of place in that kind of setting.

Army Men Papercraft Buildings
[Combat Storm]

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