16 May 2006

Shadow the Hedgehog Papercraft

Now comes the second part to end E3 week, here is a paper model of Shadow the Hedgehog. To those who don't know much about Shadow, he is the rude, arrogant, destructive, and ultra-violent adversary to Sonic. Although that was the intention of his creator Yuji Uekawa, they softened up Shadows image when they brought him here to the US to show acceptability for a younger audience. One of Shadow's trademark move is the Chaos Control, in it, he is able to warp time and space and thereby allow himself to teleport in great distances. Shadow also has an alter-ego known as Super Shadow, in which he transform himself into a faster, stronger, and nearly invincible Shadow, but in a lemon-cream color instead of his usual black. Once again, the paper model was created by the Sega Sonicteam, the files are in JPG format and is zipped.

Shadow the Hedgehog [via MediaFire]

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