16 January 2010

Spirit Tracks - Phantom Papercraft + Phantom Eye (Zelda)

Phantom And for Paper Zelda's two-part anniversary special, your standard Phantom from Spirit Tracks and their spies, the Phantom Eyes.

Spirit Tracks - Phantom Papercraft + Phantom Eye [Download]

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Periapt Shard Papercraft (Tomb Raider)

Periapt Shard Papercraft One of the three Periapt Shards (aka Crystal Shards, aka Weapons of Light) from Tomb Raider: The ANgel of Darkness.

Periapt Shard Papercraft [Download]

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Ford Flex Papercraft - Hot Grapes

Ford Flex Papercraft Ford Flex papercraft by Michael Dazzo, it's Ford Motor Company's full-size crossover station wagon based on the Ford Fairlane concept car.

Ford Flex Papercraft [Download]

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Mobi Paper Toy (Mascot)

Mobi Paper Toy Mobi paper toy designed by Marshall Alexander, it's the mascot for Mobile Agency, a DutchDutch marketing company run by Vincent Braam.

Mobi Paper Toy [Download]

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15 January 2010

Warp Phantom Papercraft (Zelda)

Warp Phantom Papercraft The Warp Phantoms are one of the four types of Phantoms that appear in Spirit TracksSpirit Tracks, they have the ability to warp/teleport anywhere in the room.

Warp Phantom Papercraft [Download]

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Stage Paper Toy - Bling

Stage Bling Papercraft This is Stage "Bling", 3EyedBear's new urban-styled paper toypaper toy and the beginning of a new custom series, head on to the link below to download Bling and a blank Stage template.

Stage Paper Toy "Bling" [Download]

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SPAD XII Biplane Papercraft (Rickenbacker)

SPAD XII Biplane Papercraft An offshoot of the highly successful SPAD VII biplane, here's the SPAD XII piloted by American fighter aceace Eddie Rickenbacker.

SPAD XII Biplane Papercraft [Download]

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Pepasaur Paper Toys - Andrew

Andrew the Triceratops Papercraft Three down, two to go - Andrew the triceratops biceratops ^^ from Paper Box World.


Pepasaur Paper Toys - Andrew [Download]

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Final Fantasy - Star Sibyl Papercraft

Star S Star Sibyl is an NPC from Final Fantasy XI and the name given to the leader of the Tarutaru race in WindurstFinal Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XI - Star Sibyl Papercraft [Download]

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14 January 2010

Yanci the Yeti Papercraft

Yanci the Yeti Papercraft Another Scott Schaller creation, Yanci the Yeti, based on an event poster illustration.

Yanci the Yeti Papercraft [Download]

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The Magician Papercraft

Magician Papercraft The Top Hat Magician from Little Paper Life's latest scene (pic below) is now up for download.

Magic Trick Papercraft

The Magician Papercraft [Download]

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Relax Bear - 2010 Year of the Tiger Papercraft 3

Relax Bear Year of the Tiger Papercraft kuma0rila puts out the new Relax Bear designs - the crew having fun with their new Tiger costumes for 20102010 (Year of the Tiger).

Relax Bear - 2010 Year of the Tiger Papercraft 3 [Download]

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Kal-10 Calendar Papercraft (Cubee)

Kal-10 Calendar Papercraft Kal-09 is no more, its successor Kal-10 has arrived, this reddish version is available at the Cubee site while a blue one can be found @ ImagineFX mag issue #52.

Kal-10 Calendar Papercraft [Download]

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Black Cat Papercraft

Black Cat Papercraft Boxy black catcat from Hobo Egg.

Black Cat Papercraft [Download]

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13 January 2010

Donkey Kong Papercraft (DK64)

Donkey Kong Papercraft Gipi rockin' the Donkey Kong from DK64.

Donkey Kong Papercraft [Download]

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Lindsey the Giraffe Papercraft

Lindsey the Giraffe Papercraft Scott Schaller's foot tall giraffe papercraft sporting a pixie-cut and was inspired by his friend Lindsey.

Lindsey the Giraffe Papercraft [Download]

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Cubee Starman Papercraft (Jack Knight)

DC Comics'DC Comics second gen Starman (7th iteration), Ted Knight follows on his father's footsteps and wields the Cosmic Staff to fight injustice.

He doesn't have any costume but instead opts for a more casual attire (t-shirt, leather jacket, a sheriff's star and light-shielding tank goggles).

Cubee Starman Papercraft (Jack Knight) [Download]

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Cosmo Dragoon Papercraft (Galaxy Express 999)

Cosmo Dragoon Papercraft The very powerufl and awesome Cosmo Dragoon gun as seen in Galaxy Express 999 manga/animemanga anime, inspired by the 6-shooters from the Old West, it was built and designed by legendary engineer and Captain Harlock BFF, Oyama Tochiro. Papercraft designed by Studio Timering.

Galaxy Express 999 - Cosmo Dragoon Papercraft [Download]

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AFM Papercraft (Anne-flore Marxer)

Anne-flore Marxer Papercraft Tougui paper toy featuring French snowboarder (2009 French International Rider of the Year) / hottiehottie Anne-flore Marxer

Anne-flore Marxer Papercraft [Download]

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Daisy Bear Dumpy Paper Toy

Daisy Bear Papercraft AARC and dikids collab, custom Dumpy paper toypaper toy designed by Morgan Gleave.

Daisy Bear Dumpy Paper Toy [Download]

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Half-Life Headcrab Papercraft 2

Headcrab Papercraft Tektonten was going for a Headcrab mask but didn't quite make it there, you could still wear this iconic alien as a hat though.

Half-Life Headcrab Papercraft 2 [Download]

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10 January 2010

Pokemon - Giant Snorlax Papercraft

Pokemon Giant Snorlax Papercraft A second but bigger version of the Pokemon Snorlax papercraft designed by PMF.

Pokemon - Giant Snorlax Papercraft [Download]

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Muunilinst 10 LAAT Papercraft (Star Wars)

This is the Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT) used by the group of Advanced Recon Clone troopers (ARC) known as the Muunilinst 10, which was led by Captain FordoCaptain Fordo.

Star Wars - Muunilinst 10 LAAT Papercraft [Download]

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Scribblenauts - Maxwell Papercraft

Scribblenauts Maxwell Papercraft "Write Anything, Solve Everything" - Maxwell (lead character) papercraft created by AZAXD and based on the Scribblenauts puzzle video game for the Nintendo DSNintendo DS.

Scribblenauts - Maxwell Papercraft [Download]

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Laytonmobile Papercraft (Professor Layton)

Laytonmobile Papercraft Professor Layton'sProfessor Layton pride and joy (Laytonmobile) ^^ in papercraft form, designed by Acky.Otk.

Professor Layton - Laytonmobile Papercraft [Download]

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