28 August 2006

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Cactuar

Oi paperkraft netizens, here's another Final Fantasy paper model, this green cactus-looking character is the Cactuar (also known as Cactuer, Qactuar, Cactrot, and Sabotender). It's main features are two black dot-eyes, an oblong shape mouth, three red quills on the top of their head, and their trademark pose, stiff arms and legs. On the Final Fantasy video games (FF VIII) they are best known for their 1,000 Needles (Defensive attack), which deals exactly 1,000 hit points of damage to an oponent, regardless of defenses. There was also a Jumbo Cactuar that had the 10,000 Needles attack, which was kinda like an instant-death attack since prior to FF X the maximum number of hit points for a character in FF is limited to 9999. If you noticed that my Cactuar is of a different color (blueish top, green legs) and not solid green, don't panic, it's because mine is of a different breed, it's a color-shifting Cactuar (also known as Printerus Hasno Inkus). This paper model stands about 6" tall and 4" wide and comes with a stand (not shown).

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Cactuar [via mediafire]