14 April 2007

Paper Mario Airplane

Here's a nice weekend project that you can share with the kiddos, Super Paper Mario came out this week for the Nintendo Wii, so I checked out their web site hoping that they'll release some sort of official papercraft model for it - coz' after all, it is "Paper" Mario, but there wasn't much on their site, maybe they forgot to put it up or maybe there isn't any. In any case I went to the next best thing, the other Paper Mario site, the one that was release for the Gamecube two and half years ago. I scoured the site and all I found was a Paper Mario Airplane, no papercraft models, I guess this will have to do for now. In order to download this one you would have to find your way to Keelhaul Key (4) and once your there, look on the right side of the page and you'll see a treasure chest, click on it to download the instructions. If your too lazy to go there, check out the download link below.

Paper Mario Site [papermario.com]
Paper Mario Airplane [Download]

13 April 2007

The Japanese Tradition - Origami

Funny skit that shows what origami can do, from simple to complicated works of art. In it, is the paper folding student trying to outdo his old master scene. The video is in Japanese with no subtitles and split into two versions. One is the abridged version (above), which only has the funny skit and the other is the complete version.

The Japanese Tradition - Origami [complete video]

11 April 2007

Three Girl Rhumba - Papercraft video

Slow day today, I haven't finished the new model I'm going to post, so here's another papercraft inspired video from another not-so well known band. Last time it was punk, with some paper action, now we've got house music - the sort of music you'll here when your partying in Ibiza. It's got lots of papercraft models, some hako, a paper airplane, and a great set of dioramas. What more could you ask for? it's paper heaven...Not. So here it is, Three Girl Rhumba, from Klonhertz.

Klonhertz: Three Girl Rhumba [Video]

10 April 2007

Chamoo232 Papercraft Models

You've seen Vivi and Pyramid Head, and I bet you thought it was cool or awesome, well you probably didn't know that there's more papercraft projects for you to do this summer courtesy of our resident papercraft specialist, Chamoo.

Add to the list are the following: Metal Gear Ray, Raving Rabbid [Rayman], Head Crab [Half-Life], Keyblade [Kingdom Hears], and many more - by many more, I mean, you'll have to go to her site and find out what surprises you'll find. I'm pretty sure your going to love her paper models there's something for everybody. So what are you waiting for, wipe that slobber of your chin and head on over there. Enjoy!


09 April 2007

Mongo Dice Village Papercraft

To start of the week, here's a very easy and simple papercraft dice model that even beginners will breeze through it. It's a three piece dice set which comes with their own box container, although I wouldn't call it dice since there's no circular patches/pips on it - I'm guessing that the maker might have meant "cube". Those who haven't tried paper crafting or paper modeling, try this one out, this is a good model to start with that can easily boost your skills on your cutting/knifing skills.

Mongo Dice [Download]
Web Site [Mongovillage.net]