14 April 2007

Paper Mario Airplane

Here's a nice weekend project that you can share with the kiddos, Super Paper Mario came out this week for the Nintendo Wii, so I checked out their web site hoping that they'll release some sort of official papercraft model for it - coz' after all, it is "Paper" Mario, but there wasn't much on their site, maybe they forgot to put it up or maybe there isn't any. In any case I went to the next best thing, the other Paper Mario site, the one that was release for the Gamecube two and half years ago. I scoured the site and all I found was a Paper Mario Airplane, no papercraft models, I guess this will have to do for now. In order to download this one you would have to find your way to Keelhaul Key (4) and once your there, look on the right side of the page and you'll see a treasure chest, click on it to download the instructions. If your too lazy to go there, check out the download link below.

Paper Mario Site [papermario.com]
Paper Mario Airplane [Download]


  1. this is not from Super Paper Mario, its from the "Paper Mario" web site, notice theres no super on it.

  2. Read post again please :)

  3. ooops, didn't see that one quite clearly, sorry bout that mate


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