10 April 2007

Chamoo232 Papercraft Models

You've seen Vivi and Pyramid Head, and I bet you thought it was cool or awesome, well you probably didn't know that there's more papercraft projects for you to do this summer courtesy of our resident papercraft specialist, Chamoo.

Add to the list are the following: Metal Gear Ray, Raving Rabbid [Rayman], Head Crab [Half-Life], Keyblade [Kingdom Hears], and many more - by many more, I mean, you'll have to go to her site and find out what surprises you'll find. I'm pretty sure your going to love her paper models there's something for everybody. So what are you waiting for, wipe that slobber of your chin and head on over there. Enjoy!



  1. you bunch of pirates

  2. stop trolling around and here go someplace else. ron should really consider moderating posts, this trolls are annoying.

  3. pirates would sell the models. fans make free stuff of the things they love. if Chamoo232 was a pirate she would have received an email from square by now asking to remove the models

  4. these models are difficult to build, do you have any more simple ones like from chokipeta?

  5. Actually THESE are NOT pirated. Some are, but these are designed by Chamoo herself.
    And rider mask, you're not the only one that wants more Chokipeta models lol
    But most of his simple ones appeared in a Japanese gamesmagazine some years ago... And if somebody would have scanned them back then, they'd be all over the internet by now, like the Four Swords one...

  6. I found problems when trying to access Chamo232 site


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