13 September 2008

Utility & Commuter Vehicle Papercrafts

Papercrafts from the city of Ueda, Nagano (Japan) featuring their utility and public transportation vehicles. It's been given the anthropomorphic look (ala Cars) to appeal to the younger audiences.

Utility Vehicle Papercrafts [nagano.jp]

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Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Slingshot

This is one of the weapons used in the Legend of Zelda video game series, Link's primary ranged weapon before upgrading to the bow. This slingshot papercraft seems to be incomplete because the shot pouch is missing, you won't be able to hold ammo/fire without it now can you.

Legend of Zelda - Slingshot Papercraft

Star Trek Weapons Papercraft
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12 September 2008

Zelda Papercraft - Goron & Ooccoo

Continuing today's Zelda posts, a couple of very nice paper models featuring a Goron and Ooccoo papercraft based on the Twilight Princess version. You already know Goron since we did a post on it before, the new one is Ooccoo - it's actually the name the character that is from the Oocca race (bird-like creatures with a human head). Both of these models were made by Ignacio Abollo.

Legend of Zelda - Goron and Ooccoo Papercraft [bongo-papercraft]

Goron Papercraft
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Zora Link Papercraft 2

A nice recolor of Chokipeta's Four Swords Link featuring the Zora tunic. This tunic allowed Link to breath underwater.

Zora Link Papercraft 2 [Aster]

Zora Link Papercraft
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Italian Elmo Paper Toy

Football (soccer) is extremely popular in Europe so no surprises here, this is called the Elmo paper toy and I have no clue as to what or who it is. It's obviously Italian (shield), wearing half a football for a helmet and holding a giant pencil. Download the pattern by clicking on the button where it says 'scarica qui'.

Italian Elmo Paper Toy [Gazetta.it]

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Fox McCloud Papercraft

Fox McCloud is the main character in the Star Fox video game series, he's depicted as an anthropomorphic red fox that is playable on the ground and on air (using Arwing). This Fox McCloud papercraft is the Super Smash Bros. version.

Star Fox - Fox McCloud Papercraft [Gupu]

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11 September 2008

Nintendo Papercraft - Gunpei Yokoi

Gunpei Yokoi was the creator of the Nintendo Game Boy - handheld video game console. This Gunpei Yokoi papercraft was created to Raccoon Sam to commemorate his birfday (Sept. 10). Mr. Yokoi tragically died in a car accident at the age of 56 back in 1997.

Gunpei Yokoi Papercraft

I know its only Thursday but this could 'probably' be my last post for this week. As you might have seen from the news, Hurricane Ike is about to strike Texas and calls for mandatory evacuation in my area (Galveston) have already been sent out. I'm heading to Austin and we'll see what happens once I get there. Keep papercrafting and see you guys later.

Scratch that! I've now settled in at the Hyatt Regency Austin - thanks to Mr. Carver Jones for the coupons, its going to make my stay here more wallet friendly. I'll be here til' Saturday night.

Eta-2 Jedi Starfighter Papercraft

This Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor piloted by Anakin Skywalker. He flew this starfighter on many battles during the end of the Clone Wars.

Eta-2 Jedi Starfighter Papercraft [Paper-Replika]

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Lotus Evora Papercraft Car

First unveiled last July at the 2008 British International Motor Show, the Lotus Evora is a British sportscar coupe with a Toyota engine under its hood. The name Evora doesn't have any special meaning to it, just a random word they used to keep with the Lotus tradition of using names that start with an "E".

Lotus Evora Papercraft [serene]

Lotus 49 Papercraft
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10 September 2008

Park Wars - Darth Vader Papercraft

Ok, so this is actually a follow-up to the previous post. By now, everybody reading this blog is familiar with our friend Claudio Dias' free papercrafts (Bumblebee, Tumbler, Ecto 1, Delorean, etc.), if you've enjoyed all of those and have wanted to show your gratitude well now's your chance.

Claudio is planning to attend the Adobe Max 2008 event to be held in San Francisco this November and he needs a little help in the funds department. Feel free to donate a dollar or more to this cause and in return you'll received the Park Wars - Darth Vader papercraft pictured above, it comes with its own light saber and a removable helmet. May the force be with you.

Park Wars - Darth Vader Papercraft [paperinside]

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Park Heroes - Superman Papercraft

Up, up, and away! Grab this Superman papercraft via Paper Inside's Park Heroes paper model series. This is the third character to be released along with Batman and Captain Marvel.

Park Heroes - Superman Papercraft
[Claudio Dias]

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Pokemon Papercraft - Poliwhirl

Here's the blue, frog like looking Pokemon called Poliwhirl, it's a water-type that can be found mostly on small ponds and lakes. It's the evolved form of the Poliwag and would later transform into a Poliwrath. This Pokemon Poliwhirl papercraft was made by Pixel-Kakashi.

Pokemon Poliwhirl Papercraft

Pikachu Papercraft
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09 September 2008

LittleBigPlanet - Sackboy Papercraft 2

We can all agree that Media Molecule's Sackboy papercraft wasn't as good as we all wanted it to be, so Chamoo232 has created a better version that includes three patterns pre-colored with pink, blue, and brown skin tones. The designer has even provided some nifty accessories (glasses, headgear) to dress up your Sackboy or Sackgirl. Have fun!

LittleBigPlanet Papercraft - Sackboy [chamoo232]

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Super Mario & Wolfenstein Papercraft

Got a friendly reminder yesterday from our good friend, Deutsch designer Jan Kapischke. Since our last visit to his site he has now added lots of new nintendo papercrafts mainly from the Super Mario Bros. video game series and a couple of items from the Wolfenstein game. Check them out.

Super Mario & Wolfenstein Papercrafts [Paper 2.0]

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Wilson the Robot Paper Toy

Here's the latest from designer Eric Wiryanata, it's Wilson the Robot paper toy - looks like one of those old 60's retro bots.

Wilson the Robot Paper Toy

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08 September 2008

Anime Jellyfish Papercraft - Kurage

A jellyfish papercraft (kurage) from our friend toriaezu, it's based on the anime series Kyoran Kazoku Nikki (The Diary of A Crazed Family). Not a normal jellyfish though, it can write letters and change color depending on its feelings.

Anime Jellyfish Papercraft

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Legend of Zelda Papercraft - ???

??? is an emaciated hand inside a wooden toilet that can be found in the Stock Pot Inn (Majora's Mask). Give it any piece or type of paper and it'll give you a piece of heart in return.

Legend of Zelda - ??? Papercraft (Hand in Toilet)

The Great Mighty Poo Papercraft
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Mario Papercraft

07 September 2008

Legend Zelda Papercraft - Fairy Bow

Based on the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, here's the Fairy Bow papercraft from Kaboom. It can be obtained from the Forest Temple stage that is guarded by a trio of Stalfos (skeleton soldiers). The Fairy Bow can charge its arrows with fire, ice, or light elemental energy.

Legend of Zelda - Fairy Bow Papercraft [kaboom]

Wind Waker Link Papercraft
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Retro Superhero Papercrafts

Enjoy some nostalgic time with this retro superhero papercrafts from the Professor. There's a Flash papercraft as seen for the first time, circa 1940 Flash Comics, and a Superman papercraft - circa 1938 Action Comics. Lot's more are geared for the following months so stay tuned and we'll keep you updated.

Retro Superhero Papercrafts [professorplastik]

Retro Panasonic Papercraft - National Boy
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2008 Presidential Election Papercraft Puppets

It's less than 60 days until the US decides who their next president will be, and whether you're voting a Republican or Democrat you can show your support with this finger puppet papercrafts featuring the two presidential nominees and their respective spouses.

2008 US Presidential Election Papercrafts [folduscandidate]

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