03 March 2012

George the Cat Paper Toy

George the Cat Paper Toy

George the Cat paper toy from Samantha Eynon, a special Mother's Day gift.

Patrick Star Papercraft

Patrick Star Papercraft

A very rotund and accurate Patrick Star papercraft (based on the SpongeBob SquarePants animated series) from deviantARTist ddi7i4d and is the best one yet over previous models.

Pokemon Wailmer Papercraft

Pokemon Wailmer Papercraft

Wailmer (aka Hoeruko) is a water-type and Ball Whale Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Wailord.

Star Wars - TIE Pilot Papercraft

TIE Pilot Papercraft

TIE pilots, like their name suggests, flew the Twin Ion Engine (TIE) series of starfighters in the Star Wars universe.

02 March 2012

Pinkie Pie Welcome Wagon Papercraft

Pinkie Pie Welcome Wagon Papercraft

Pinkie Pie's Welcome Wagon as seen from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2, Episode 18.

Angel of Death Papercraft

Angel of Death Papercraft

The Grim Reaper with wings ^^, Angel of Death model by Juke.

John Carter Papercraft

John Carter Papercraft

John Carpenter is the Civil War vet / Mars-tranplant / lead character from Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom novels, papercraft is based on the upcoming 2012 Disney film of the same name.

Until Death Paper Toy

Until Death Paper Toy

Zombie bride and groom from AG paper toys.

Ocarina of Time - White Wolfos Papercraft

Ocarina of Time White Wolfos Papercraft

White Wolfos model that appears in both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

Star Wars: Life-size Battle Droid Paper Model

Life-size Battle Droid Paper Model

Ever wanted to build you own Droid army? this life-size Battle Droid paper model from Laul can get you started, it even comes with its communication backpack and blaster.

Half-Life: Frag Grenade Papercraft

Frag Grenade Papercraft

Frag grenade paper model based on the original Half-Life game.

01 March 2012

Leprechaun Mech Paper Toy (St. Patrick's Day 2012)

Leprechaun Mech Paper Toy

Download Xone Industries' Leprechaun-driven mech for St. Patty's Day.

The Dark Promise Papercraft (Sailing Ship)

The Dark Promise Papercraft Sailing Ship

The Dark Promise is a recolored version of RavensBlight's Ghost Ship paper model with an ominous black and gold trim.

29 February 2012

Panama Canal Mule Papercraft (Mitsubishi Locomotive)

Panama Canal Mule Papercraft Mitsubishi Locomotive

"Mules" are powered rail vehicle used for pulling / towing ships passing through the Panama Canal, paper model from Papercrafts.it

Streak Paper Toy

Streak Paper Toy

Streak paper toy from Alexander Gwynne in support of G.R.I.N (Global Respect In Education).

Moe Zaku Papercraft (Gundam)

Moe Zaku Papercraft

Moe x SD Zaku II mobile suit, papercraft created by 水晶蝦.

28 February 2012

2012 Snail Papercraft Calendar (March)

2012 Snail Papercraft Calendar

Scout Creative's Calendar of the Month Club (March) features Snails - a reminder to slow down and enjoy the little ^^ things in life.

Dragon Ball Z - Pui Pui Papercraft

Pui Pui Papercraft

Pui Pui (aka Pocus) is a Zoon-seijin (extraterrestrial race) and Babidi's underling from the Dragon Ball Z series.

Skyrim - Black Soul Gem Papercraft

Black Soul Gem Papercraft

Black Soul Gems are a type of artifact from Skyrim that can hold the souls of humanoid beings and are used for enchanting weapons.

27 February 2012

Touhou Project - Cirno Papercraft

Touhou Project Cirno Papercraft

Ice fairy Cirno from the Touhou Project series, papercraft created by Ponta.

Fate Stay Night - Saber Lily Papercraft

Saber Lily Papercraft

The pure white royal knight Saber Lily - one of the many versions of Saber (Fate/stay night series) that first appeared in the Fate/unlimited codes video game by Capcom.

Hoodstacks Paper Toy - Iced Out

Hoodstacks Paper Toy Iced Out

Iced Out Hoodstacks paper toy from St30created.

Gundam - Chibi Char Aznable Papercraft

Chibi Char Aznable Papercraft

Char Aznable (aka Casval Rem Deikun) was the main antagonist in the original Mobile Suit Gundam series and later on as a protagonist (playing the character Quattro Bajeena).

Tinker Bell Paper Toy

Tinker Bell Paper Toy

Tinker Bell paper toy created by Julius Perdana.

26 February 2012

Pokemon Empoleon Papercraft

Pokemon Empoleon Papercraft

Empoleon (aka Emperte) is a Water-type and Emperor Pokemon that is the evolved form of Prinplup.

Star Wars - Big Head Boba Fett Paper Toy

Big Head Boba Fett Paper Toy

Big-head Boba Fett created by Bryan Ratliff @ Chemical 9.

Pokemon Weezing Papercraft

Pokemon Weezing Papercraft

Weezing (aka Matadogas) is a Poison-type / Poison Gas Pokemon that is the evolved form of Koffing.