06 July 2007

Lassie Papercraft

Considered by many as probably the "World Most Famous Dog", Lassie has put the Collie to the top of the popularity chart for years and has associated their breed with quality traits such as loyalty, courage, intelligence, and also being protective and kid/family friendly. The Lassie character came to life way back in 1938 from a short story by Eric Knight titled "Lassie Come Home". The book was an overnight sensation and paved way for a movie of the same name which first featured Lassie's mug for the first time on film (1943). You can learn a lot more of Lassie's history by going to their official site.

This Lassie papercraft model is a very easy one, simple cutting, a few glue tabs here and there and your done. If you've been wanting to do papercrafts but got intimated by some of the more intricate or detailed models you've seen around the net, this is a good model to start with that you can actually finish within a few minutes or so.

Lassie [Download]

03 July 2007

Davinci Code Papercraft Cryptex

Are you a fan of Dan Brown? you know, the guy that wrote the bestselling novel "Angels and Demons" and more recently the very controversial "The Davinci Code"? Are you interested in cryptography, keys, codes? Today we have the papercraft model (replica) of Dan Browns' "cryptex", which was mentioned in his book and also used in the blockbuster movie of the same name starring Tom Hanks.

"The word cryptex is a neologism coined by the author Dan Brown for his 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code, denoting a portable vault used to hide secret messages. It is a combination of the words cryptology and codex; "an apt title for this device" since it uses "the science of cryptology to protect information written on the contained scroll or codex" – although actually a "codex" is a term for early forms of what would now be called a "book", as opposed to a rolled "scroll". It is claimed in the novel that the original design came from the secret diaries of Leonardo da Vinci. In reality, there is no record of him having designed such a device". - wikipedia

This should keep you busy for the week, have a safe and fun 4th of July.

Update: Some naughty people have edited the version that we've shown before but now we've confirmed that this papercraft model was designed by Deutsch papercrafter Skubu and he has presented us with a better quality version, in other words, the original pattern. Dankt Skubu!

Davinci Code Papercraft Cryptex [via mediafire]