06 November 2010

Silent Hill 3 Papercraft - Chibi Heather

Silent Hill 3 Papercraft Chibi Heather

Chibi papercraft version of Heather based on the lead character from Konami's survival horror game Silent Hill 3.

D.Gray-Man Papercraft - Leenalee Lee

D.Gray-Man Papercraft Leenalee Lee

Leenalee Lee is one of the main protagonists in D.Gray-Man anime/manga series, she's a Black Order exorcist hailing from China.

05 November 2010

Fallout New Vegas - NCR Ranger Helmet Papercraft

Fallout New Vegas NCR Ranger Helmet Papercraft

Life-size NCR Ranger helmet papercraft by Brandon, the Ranger helmet is standard issue gear to the New California Republic's elite Desert Rangers.

Summon Night Papercraft - Aty

Summon Night Papercraft Aty

Aty is the female protagonist from Summon Night 3 a strategy RPG released for the PlayStation 2.

Commander Zap Papercraft

Commander Zap Papercraft

BIGFOOT Studios paper toy tribute to the (Radio-Keith-Orpheum) RKO-type Saturday morning adventure serials of the '30s.

CheyTac Intervention Sniper Rifle Papercraft M200

CheyTac Intervention Sniper Rifle Papercraft M200

CheyTac Intervention M200 Sniper Rifle papercraft by DarkAntz, the M200 is a US made bolt action sniper rifle originally designed by Randy Kobzeff for CheyTac's "Long Range Rifle System"

Pokemon Poliwrath Papercraft

Pokemon Poliwrath Papercraft

Poliwrath (aka Nyorobon) is a Fighting-type and Tadpole Pokemon that is the evolved form of Poliwhirl, it's still similar in appearance to Poliwhirl but is bigger and sports a scowl.

04 November 2010

King Arthur Papercraft (Nogginz)

King Arthur Papercraft

BIGFOOT STUDIOS goes back to the 6th century with this King Arthur paper toy that makes use of their Nogginz template.

Tsunami Detection Buoy Papercraft

Tsunami Detection Buoy Papercraft

This tsunami buoy is just one in a vast network of specialized buoys that is part of a tsunami warning system.

Leeroy Jenkins Papercraft (World of Warcraft)

Leeroy Jenkins Papercraft

The infamous Leeroy Jenkins in papercraft form ^^

Whispercraft Papercraft (The 6th Day)

Whispercraft Papercraft

The Whispercraft is a fictional aircraft based on the sci-fi movie "The 6th Day" - which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Whispercraft paper model created by Clever Santoro Lopes.

Brown Horse Papercraft

Brown Horse Papercraft

Giddy-up! giddy-up! brown horsey from Japanese paper crafter ぴーすけ.

Driza-Bone Clothing Store Papercraft (Building)

Driza Bone Papercraft

Two-story building papercraft model from PaperStructure (Japan), the building is apparently occupied by Driza-Bone.

Airbus A380 Superjumbo Papercraft - Qantas Airways

Airbus A380 Superjumbo Papercraft - Qantas

Airbus A380 Superjumbo plane used by Qantas Airways (national airline of Australia).

Sumo Paper Toy

Sumo Paper Toy

Fold-up Sumo paper toy from Kizuna-Avenue (Japan), includes the circular ring (aka dohyō) in which sumo wrestling bouts are held.

Generator Rex Paper Toy - Weapons Galore

Generator Rex Paper Toy

Paper Toy Adventures has now completed their Generator Rex model, it now includes includes Rex' Boogie Pack, Smackhands, and BGS "Big Fat Sword".

03 November 2010

The Dukes of Hazzard - The General Lee Papercraft

The General Lee Papercraft

The iconic Hemi Orange / modified 1969 Dodge Charger used in performing the exciting stunts and chases in The Dukes of Hazzard tv series.

Mitsume Temo Papercraft

Mitsume Temo Papercraft

You can now buy the Mitsume Temo papercraft by Takis Proietti Rocchi, it retails for 1000 yen and is available at 019.tv

Disney Aladdin Papercraft - Eden's Genie Bottle

Disney Aladdin Papercraft

Eden is a female jinn from Disney's Aladdin series, she is also Genies' girlfriend.

Rilakkuma Halloween 2010 Papercraft - We are Ghosts

Rilakkuma Halloween 2010 Papercraft

Was right after all, the Mushroom Kiiroitori wasn't the Halloween post for Kuama0rila but these are (pic above), it's a bit late though, I guess you can use it for next year.

The Ultimate Canon SLR / DSLR Papercrafts (Canonflex, AE-1, & EOS 5D Mk II)

The Ultimate Canon SLR/DSLR Papercrafts

Last year Canon celebrated its 50th Anniversary in producing high-quality SLRs, CANON iMAGE GATEWAY Europe posted these papercrafts representing 3 of their most significant / historic / legendary SLR/DSLR cameras ^^.

Piaggio P180 Avanti Papercraft (Aircraft)

Piaggio P180 Avanti Papercraft

Piaggio P180 Avanti is a twin-engine executtive transport aircraft manufactured by Piaggio Aero Industries (Italia).

02 November 2010

2010 Halloween Papercraft Photo Contest - Entries

2010 Halloween Photo Contest

Take a good look at the photo entries, then head to the bottom of the page to VOTE for your favorites!

Transformers - Autobot Logo Papercraft

Transformers Autobot Logo Papercraft

Sleek Autobot logo papercraft with a very nice matte gunmetal texture to it.

Fallout New Vegas - NCR Armor Papercraft

NCR Armor Papercraft

Base armor used by the New California Republic Army in Fallout: New Vegas.

Mario Party 3 - Waluigi Papercraft

Mario Party 3 Waluigi Papercraft

Another model of Waluigi (Luigi's evil doppelganger) from the Super Mario game series, this papercraft is based on the Mario Party 3 version.

Papercraft Mechanisms

Papercraft Mechanisms

Four paper mechanisms that are essential to Rob Ives moving papercrafts - learn, make, and apply it to your own creations.

New Super Mario DS - Sushi / Shark Papercraft

New Super Mario DS Sushi Shark Papercraft

Another model of Sushi (shark enemy) from the Super Mario game series, this papercraft is based on the New Super Mario DS version.

01 November 2010

Stargate - MALP Papercraft

Stargate MALP Papercraft

M.A.L.P (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe) is land-base/all-terrain, remote controlled vehicle used by Stargate personnel for checking the other side of a Stargate before they go in.

Adventure Time - Wildberry Princess Papercraft

Wildberry Princess Papercraft

Red and fruity and sweet ^^ Wildberry Princess from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, she was first introduced in Season 1 Episode 3 "Prisoners of Love"

Grendizer Papercraft

Grendizer Papercraft

Grendizer papercraft by Laul, based on the super robot anime and manga series UFO Robot Grendizer (aka Goldorak).

Egg Up - Prince J & Quarantine Paper Toy

Quarantine Paper Toy

The new collab between Japanese paper toy artist Shin Tanaka and Maarten Janssens / 3EyedBear.

The Little Red School House Papercraft

The Little Red School House Papercraft

Didier Martin's papercraft model of the historic Little Red School House in Red River, New Mexico.

31 October 2010

Pokemon Solrock Papercraft

Pokemon Solrock Papercraft

Solrock is a Rock-type and Meteorite Pokemon that doesn't have any other evolutionary form, it resembles a round orange rock with protruding spiky formations representing the rays of the sun.

Pokemon Lunatone Papercraft

Pokemon Lunatone Papercraft

Lunatone is a Rock-type and Meteorite Pokemon that doesn't have any other evolutionary form, it resembles a crescent moon with a beak in the middle.

Farmville Robot Cow Papercraft

Farmville Robot Cow Papercraft

Happy Halloween from Phils Creations! here is his version of Farmville's Robot Cow.

StarCraft 2 - Marauder Papercraft

StarCraft 2 Marauder Papercraft

The Marauder infantry unit from StarCraft 2, it is a very heavy powered armor suit equipped with dual grenade launchers.

StarCraft 2 - Wraith Papercraft

Starcraft 2 Wraith Papercraft

Wraith unit for StarCraft 2, it's a single-seat, cloaked space fighter used by the Terran race - StarCraft 2 Wraith papercraft created by ddong5678.

Brain Case Paper Toy - The Misfits Famous Monsters

Brain Case Paper Toy

Happy Halloween from Neon Engine! a new special paper toy series called Brain Case and inspired by songs from the (horror punk band) Misfits' Famous Monsters album.

LHT36 YellowJacket Hovertank & IFH36 MAYATE Fighting Hovercraft Paper Models

Hovertank Hovercraft Papercraft

Two new models added to Toposolitario's sci-fi fighting vehicle collection.

Pokemon Crobat Papercraft

Pokemon Crobat Papercraft

Happy Halloween from PaperPokes! toothy Pokemon Crobat will be watching out for you this evening ^^.