26 July 2008

SD FX-9900 GX-Bit Gundam Papercraft

This is the SD FX-9900 GX-Bit Gundam papercraft based on the Gundam anime series and appeared in After War Gundam X. GX-Bit works in tandem with the GX-9900 Gundam X and is part of a Flash System that is used to control a group of unmanned Bit mobile suits. This GX-Bit Gundam papercraft comes with a satellite cannon and beam sword.

SD GX-Bit Gundam Papercraft [gpbergera04]

SD Gundam Zephyranthes Papercraft
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Pokemon Papercraft - Turtwig

The Grass-type Pokemon known as Turtwig (Naetle) is now available in papercraft form at the official Pokemon site. Along side Piplup and Chimchar, Turtwig is one of the three starter Pokemon in the Pokemon Pearl, Platinum, and Diamond series. This Turtwig papercraft is a simple version and is the fourth to be released along with Chimchar, Piplup, and Pikachu - they are all part of the celebration of the launch of My Pokemon Ranch video game.

Pokemon Papercraft - Turtwig

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Nissan Cube Papercraft Car

Here is another impressive work from Japanese designer Suzuki Hideaki featuring a realistic looking Nissan Cube papercraft car. The Nissan Cube is a mini multi-purpose vehicle or mini MPV that was produced by Nissan Motors starting in 1998 and sold only in Japan. This Nissan Cube papercraft is the second-generation version (2002-present), a third-generation is Cube is already in the works and is scheduled to go on sale here in the US in the spring of 2009.

Nissan Cube Papercraft [Suzuki Hideaki Illustration Studio]

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Coobie Green Paper Toy

For the paper toy fans, here is a new cute one from French designer Wilfried Villain.

Coobie Green Paper Toy [Paper Toy'z]

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25 July 2008

Anime Papercraft - Teta TipeDOLL-02

Moekami's newest anime type papercraft model, Teta, rockstar by day, world savior by night. There's only one figure but it comes with a lot of accessories, there's the keyboard and mic for the regular version and a gigantic sword turned scorpion whip plus butterfly booster pack for her other form.

Anime Papercraft - Teta TipeDOLL-02 [mokami]

Full Metal Alchemist Papercraft
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Mythology Papercraft - La Catrina

This is the La Catrina papercraft toy from our friend Christopher Bonnette at Macula.tv - La Catrina is a character based on Mexican folklore and she is synonymous to death. Often depicted wearing some type of ornate hat and 19th century period clothing.

Mythology Papercraft - La Catrina [macula]

Monster Papercraft - Kappa
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Animal Papercraft - Blue Whale

They're the largest animals (80-100 ft long) living in our planet and is considered to be the loudest as well with calls that can reach up to 188 decibels. They can send calls to another whale hundreds of miles away using a low-frequency whistle. The blue whale has a blue-gray color and has no teeth, instead they have a baleen which they use to sieve krill and plankton. This Blue Whale papercraft is the newest update on Canon Creative Park's (Japan) Animal section and it comes with a paper stand for display purposes.

It is designed by famed Japanese papercraft designer Kyoichi Shimazaki aka Ghost Maker aka the one that designed the Kodansha Howl's Moving Castle, Tales from Earthsea, Terminator T2 Endoskeleton, etc.

Animal Papercraft - Blue Whale [Canon 3D]

Shark Papercraft
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24 July 2008

Fuwa Yingying & Nini Olympic Mascot Papercraft

A few more days until the 2008 Summer Olympics start and Cardmodel.cn has released the last two of their 2008 Fuwa Olympic Papercraft Mascots way ahead of schedule . Yingying (orange) and Nini (green) are now available for downloading.

2008 Olympic Papercraft Mascots [cardmodel.cn]

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Aston Martin DBR9 Papercraft Car

As if Aston Martin (British luxury performance car manufacturer) didn't build a fast enough car with their DB9 road car, they've teamed up with engineering group Prodrive to form Aston Martin Racing and create a heavily modified variant of the DB9, aptly named, Aston Martin DBR9 (race car). The DBR9 is identically the same as the DB9 except for its exterior, it sports a carbon fibre composite that provides optimum aerodynamic performance. This Astorn Martin DBR9 papercraft was created by Milos Harant.

Aston Martin DBR9 Papercraft Car [extazaweb.sk]

Lamborghini Gallardo Papercraft
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SSBB Zero Suit Samus Papercraft

First featured in Metroid: Zero Mission, this is Samus Aran without her Power Suit, aka Zero Suit Samus , as seen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. She carries a gun called the Paralyzer that converts into a plasma whip. This Zero Suit Samus papercraft was made by Philip Stollenmayer, our current go to guy for all things SSBB.

Super Smash Bros Papercraft - Zero Suit Samus
[nintendo papercraft]

Metroid Papercraft - Samus Aran
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23 July 2008

Blessed Virgin Mary Papercraft

From the site that brought us two of the most realistic looking animal papercrafts (hornet, scorpion), here is a faithful paper tribute to one of Christinaty's revered central figures. She is identified by many names depending on what branch of Christianity you belong to - Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Mary, Ever-Virgin, Mary of Nazareth, Theotokos, etc. - but one thing all Christians agree on is that she is the woman who gave birth / mother to their proclaimed savior, Jesus Christ. This Virgin Mary papercraft was designed by hatayama and comes in a 12 page pattern. It's a papercraft bust, so the 3D figure is head to shoulders only.

Blessed Virgin Mary Papercraft [atelier fare]

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Badstarz Monkey Paper Toy

Everybody loves monkeys, specially when they're wearing cool threads, sporting a mean looking eye-patch, and packing heat. Here's three monkey paper toys from French clothing site, Badstarz. Click on the 'Goodies' section (left side of their page) to download the patterns. Thanks to Teresita for sending us the link.

Badstarz Monkey Paper Toy
[via Paper Forest]

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22 July 2008

Hunter Papercraft

Our friend Garage Reb has now released a second paper model called the 'Hunter'. Don't get it confused with the Rebellion papercraft robot which we first featured six months back, colors and shape are pretty similar but the parts are not. The Hunter papercraft has wings similar to Rebellion's but this time around, pointing southwards is an option. It also has more ball and socket joint type of structure. To get the goods, follow the link below and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. The pattern will include 11 pages (JPG) for parts, and a 10 page PDF file for the instructions. Support the designer by sending him photos when and if you finish building it.

Hunter Papercraft Robot [Garage Reb]

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ZENT CERUMO SC430 Papercraft Car

After winning its first Japanese Super-GT at the famed Fuji Speedway, designer Serene has given the ZENT CERUMO SC430 (Lexus) a proper tribute with this papercraft car. Follow the link below and then scroll down to the bottom of the page, click where it says PDF.

ZENT CERUMO SC430 Papercraft Car [Serene]

Epson Racing Papercraft
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Ranma ½ Papercraft - Happosai

Based on the Ranma ½ manga and anime series, Happosai is the diminutive old man that founded the Anything-Goes martial arts and stands as its Grandmaster, he has a penchant (bordering on obsession) for beautiful girls and their undergarments. What he lacks in height he makes up for in skills - he's very agile and versatile for his age. This Master Happosai papercraft is a hako (box) version.

Master Happosai Papercraft
[via bongo-papercraft]

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Sega Dreamcast - Saturn - Genesis Papercraft

Sega's historic video game consoles, starting with their last, here's the Dreamcast, Saturn, and the Mega Drive aka Genesis. Add these Sega papercrafts to our growing console series.

Sega Dreamcast - Saturn - Genesis Papercraft [Segacollection]

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21 July 2008

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Tarutaru

This is the Tarutaru papercraft that should have been on my original post, its way better looking and a lot easier to assemble. Not that the other one isn't good, its just that today's Tarutaru papercraft is Chokipeta designed, and I'm sure you already know what that means. This one is wearing some light armor with a shield and sword. The original design calls for the sword to be glued to his side but I decided to just fold his other hand and make him hold it, it makes it look more fierce. This Tarutaru papercraft is another great release from Goblin Guy.

Papercraft collectors wanting to get a hold of the real thing, you might want to look for the particular book pictured above, its a Final Fantasy XI Vanadiel Guide Book Vol. 2 by Dengeki.

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Tarutaru
[via mediafire]
Tarutaru HR Photos [flickr]

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Scooby Doo Papercraft - Daphne

Daphne's here so it's 4 out 5 now for Mystery Inc., one more to go and its complete. Real name Daphne Ann Blake, she's the affluent red-head character from the Scooby Doo cartoon series that is known for her fashion sense and proneness to danger. This Daphne Blake papercraft was designed by our friend Guillermo.

Scooby Doo Papercraft - Daphne

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20 July 2008

Anime Papercraft - Kaziya the Blacksmith

Mabikaze Paperworks Northarant (Mabinogi Guild) has released another amazing papercraft model featuring a blacksmith named Kaziya, this papercraft set comes compelete with wooden stump base, anvil, forging hammer, and iron sword. This is the ninth paper model in their growing collection. It's only $3 via Paypal for this paper model, pictured above is Kaziya with Ayami (sword girl) standing beside him.

Anime Papercraft - Kaziya the Blacksmith [mabiwind]

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Ice Climber Final Smash Papercraft

Based on the 1985 NES video game of the same title, here is the Ice Climbers papercraft (Popo and Nana) performing 'Iceberg', their Final Smash move in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii. Designed by ddi7i4d.

Ice Climbers Final Smash Papercraft
[Nintendo Papercraft]

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Smash Bros. Papercraft - Master Hand

Master Hand is a glove-like boss character that has appeared in all three of the Super Smash Bros video game series. Master Hand papercraft designed by Gazamaniac.

Master Hand Papercraft [Nintendo Papercraft]

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Flying Cat Robot Papercraft - Neko 021

Remember Mir the Catgirl papercraft? It was just a few weeks ago so I'm pretty sure she's still fresh in your memory, well Mir has got two new companions to help her in some tight situations. A couple of similar looking cat robot papercrafts, one with a straight horizontal tail and the other has its tail pointing downwards. You can download the pattern by following the link below, once on their site, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for two links, one is for a zipped PDO file and the other is a GIF (see pic below). The pattern is available for a limited time so download it asap.

Flying Cat Robot Papercraft - Neko 021 [nekocraft]

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