23 July 2008

Blessed Virgin Mary Papercraft

From the site that brought us two of the most realistic looking animal papercrafts (hornet, scorpion), here is a faithful paper tribute to one of Christinaty's revered central figures. She is identified by many names depending on what branch of Christianity you belong to - Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Mary, Ever-Virgin, Mary of Nazareth, Theotokos, etc. - but one thing all Christians agree on is that she is the woman who gave birth / mother to their proclaimed savior, Jesus Christ. This Virgin Mary papercraft was designed by hatayama and comes in a 12 page pattern. It's a papercraft bust, so the 3D figure is head to shoulders only.

Blessed Virgin Mary Papercraft [atelier fare]

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  1. That is beautiful and stunning.

  2. would u plz post the instructions too?

  3. @ رضا دلاور

    The instructions are included, if you downloaded the pattersn you would find them on the last zip file.

  4. That is a stunning paper craft of Mary. The artist is very talented.

  5. @spare ribbon
    he's very good indeed, you should check out some of the realistic papercrafts he did before, those are great as well.

  6. Holy mary
    Mother of GOD!!!

    Friggin Awesome man...


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