16 March 2007


You've got the Moogle, the Cactuar, Bahamut, and now here's another Final Fantasy papercraft model that you can add to your collection, the Tarutaru is from Square Enix's MMORPG - Final Fantasy XI:Online which was set on the fictional world of Vana'diel. The Tarutaru are a race of skilled mages who live alongside the Mithra in Windurst, having a racial prejudice towards magical studies, they have a higher reserve of magical power (MP) and excels at Black/White/Red Magic and the art of summoning. The only downside to their abilities as with other traditional spellcrafters is their lack of durability (HP) and strength which makes them extremely vulnerable to physical attacks.

Tarutaru Pics - [Flickr.com]

Tarutaru - Download
Bahamut - Download
Cactuar - Download
Moogle - Download

12 March 2007

Paper Transformed

If your anywhere near Escondido, California - here's a unique paper exhibit at the Mingei International Museum (North County) that's comprised of two similar paper art forms. "Origami - The Art of Paper Folding" on the first floor - has dinosaurs, animals, and other origami objects which was made by a group of 25 artists and the second one is called "Crowning Glory", located on the second floor, it's filled with 250 elaborate hats made out of brown paper bags from Hawaiian artist, Moses. The museum is also giving free demonstrations on Saturdays to learn simple origami and the exhibit will run through July 21, 2007.

Paper Transformed [mingei.org]
chess photo [nctimes.com]

Cat Box

This is a cute and simple papercraft project made by Henk Stolker. Best printed on stiff paper or thin cardboard. The pdf file is available in colour or black and white which makes it great for kids craft to be used in schools or at home. It takes only a few minutes to assemble this cat box. It's about 4.5" in height.

Henk Stolker's website >> http://www.stolker.nl/n/js/download/bouwplaat.html
Coloured PDF file (215 kb) >> http://www.stolker.nl/download/poezendoos-kleur.pdf
Black and White PDF file (88 kb)>> http://www.stolker.nl/download/poezendoos-zww.pdf

I'd just like to say hi to everyone and thanks to Ron for allowing me to contribute in PaperKraft.Net . I hope that everyone would like the paper models that I post up :)