05 March 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Captain Jack Sparrow Papercraft

Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow Papercraft

Kingdom Hearts Papercraft - Abu's Monkey

Aladdin Papercraft Abu's Monkey
Finally getting around to releasing the models i never did before my extended hiatus. And to celebrate his release, here's a new picture of Abu's Monkey from Aladdin! -TouchFuzzyGetDizzy

Star Wars - Republic Commando Papercraft - Delta RC-1138 "Boss"

Star Wars Republic Commando Papercraft Boss Delta Squad

Boss (aka 38) is the leader of Delta Squad / player character from the Star Wars: Republic Commando video game.

Pipo Bird Paper Toy

Pipo Bird Paper Toy

Zerolabor's Pipo Bird paper toy wants to play ^^.

Mega Man Legends - Gorbesh Papercraft

Mega Man Legends Gorbesh Papercraft

Gorbesh is a Reaverbot from the Mega Man Legends series, he comes to battle equipped with a laser blaster, shield, and Japanese-style straw hat ^^.

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Papercraft (Diorama) - Ending Scene

Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past Papercraft Diorama
Here's a nice easy papercraft you can build very quickly. This epic scene happens at the end of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. After Link defeats Ganon, the Triforce appears before him and peace is restored to Hyrule. -Squeezycheesecake

Kamen Rider Paper Toys

Kamen Rider Paper Toy

Kamen Rider Art (blog) has a growing collection of Kamen Rider paper toy customs using James Ronald Lo's The Contender template.

Swiss Banknote Papercraft CHF 1000

Swiss Banknote Papercraft

The 1000 francs from the 8th series of Swiss banknotes, the obverse features the portrait of historian Jacob Burckhardt and the reverse side shows one of the arched windows from the facade of the Swiss National Bank.

04 March 2011

Fetch Dog Paper Toy + Photo Contest

Fetch Dog Paper Toy

Facebook-based contest from FetchDog.com - build the Fetch dog paper toy, take a creative picture and then submit it via Facebook.

Phantom Capsule Papercraft (Robot)

Phantom Capsule Papercraft
This one is called Phantom Capsule, It revolves around middle-sized robot suits fighting monster-of-the-week-style kaiju -Little Roller

Lady Gaga Skull Face Papercraft (Born This Way)

Lady Gaga Skull Face Papercraft

Lady Gaga in her skull face makeup, as seen from her "Born This Way" video.

Mortal Kombat Papercraft - Scorpion vs Sub-Zero

Mortal Kombat Papercraft

An awesome piece from pro graphic designer & illustrator Keith Allen, two of Mortal Kombat's popular characters locked in paper combat ^^.

Garibaldino Paper Toy

Garibaldino Paper Toy

In celebration of the 100 years of the Italian unification (different states of the Apennine Peninsula form into one - Italy) Mau Russo has created the Garibaldino paper toy named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian national hero that was a key figure in the unification movement.

03 March 2011

BMW Z4 Papercraft (M Coupe)

BMW Z4 Papercraft

Pokemon Munna Papercraft

Pokemon Munna Papercraft

Munna is a psychic-type and Dream Eater Pokemon from Generation V, it's the pre-evolved form of Musharna and resembles a round piglet.

Mass Effect 2 - Mordin Solus Papercraft

Mass Effect 2 Mordin Solus Papercraft

Mordin Solus is the affable Salarian scientist recruited by Commander Shepard to be part of his team in Mass Effect 2 and is also a former Special Tasks Group (espionage) operative.

Bleach Papercraft - Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Bleach Papercraft Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Mayuri Kurotsuchi is the Captain of Squad 12 in the 13 Court Guard Squads, he's known for his black/white painted face.

Space 1 Paper Toys

Space 1 Paper Toys

The six-legged space creature (looks like a squid-bot) by Mexican industrial designer SieSeiS (aka D.I. Mario Esteban Galán Gutiérrez).

Kinnikuman Papercraft

Kinnikuman Papercraft

Decent collection of Kinnikuman papercrafts from Thai designer Petchroong Puntong, Kinnikuman was a popular 80's manga/anime whose characters were strongly influenced by professional wrestling.

02 March 2011

Bouru Paper Toy

Bouru Paper Toy

Bouru! - Matt Hawkins' free paper toy of the month and in collaboration with cartoonist/illustrator Sam Garcia.

StarCraft 2 - Siege Tank Papercraft

StarCraft 2 - Siege Tank Papercraft

The Siege Tank is a Terran heavy tank used for powerful long range attacks and is equipped with 90mm twin and 120 mm shock cannons.

II LOVE Paper Toy Magazine #8

II LOVE Paper TOy Magazine 8

Yebomaycu's II LOVE Paper Toy Mag has released issue #8, lots of new interviews, photos, and exclusive paper toys including Jonny Chiba's Pixel Ninja and Elephant Bboy, Show Some Love by ABz (cover), and Gamergirl and Bob-Omb by Cubeecraft.

TOYSREVIL MechaBunny Paper Toy (Blog-Birthday Edition)

TOYSREVIL MechaBunny Paper Toy

Special MechaBunny custom from Nick Knite, it's for the TOYSREVIL Blog-birthday as well as a Year of the Rabbit thingy.

Transformers - Ratchet Papercraft (Vehicle Mode)

Transformers Ratchet Papercraft Vehicle Mode

Ratchet's camouflaged form as seen in the Transformers live action film, it's a modified Hummer H2 emergency vehicle, papercraft by Paul Latour.

28 February 2011

Ye-bot Paper Toy: Dayrobo Ryo

yebot Paper Toy Dayrobo Ryo

Ye-bot custom blasting off into the sky by Dolly Oblong.

Pocoyo - Pato Papercraft

Pocoyo Pato Papercraft

Pato is the yellow duck character from the Spanish pre-school animated tv series Pocoyo.

Tron Arcade Papercraft Brings Back Fun Memories

Tron Arcade Papercraft

Tron aracde papercraft from Cross-Creations.de, it is based on the 1982 Tron Arcade coin-op machine manufactured by Bally Midway.

Sterling Archer Papercraft

Archer Papercraft

Sterling Archer is the suave master spy and lead character in the FX network animated series of the same name "Archer".

Orga - Dragon Paper Toy

Orga Dragon Paper Toy

Bodickraft hatched a baby dragon named Orga to add in their growing collection.

Super Turtle - Dumpy Paper Toy

Super Turtle Dumpy Paper Toy

Yuli Susanti did a simple twist on Dumpy's body to turn its belly bump into a turtle back.

27 February 2011

Pokemon Raticate Papercraft

Pokemon Raticate Papercraft

Raticate (aka Ratta) is a Normal-type and Mouse Pokemon that is the evolved form of Rattata, it's one mean-looking rat ^^.

Minecraft Paper Toy Offers Lots of Blocky Fun

Minecraft Paper Toy Offers Lots of Blocky Fun
This is my little papercraft tribute to the blocky block 3d block game with all the pixely blocks and scary block things that run after you fun beta -Tubbypaws

Billabong Papercraft - Hangtag

Billabong Papercraft Hangtag

Hangtag design for the 2007-2008 Outerwear Women Range.
Each hangtag is a DIY papertoy.

Tullepetaon Papercraft - The Funky Guineafowl

Tullepetaon Papercraft

Tullepetaon papercraft by Dutch illustrator Ronny Gomis, he used Ryo Tokisato's Cool Blue Penguin model to create this custom.