04 March 2011

Mortal Kombat Papercraft - Scorpion vs Sub-Zero

Mortal Kombat Papercraft

An awesome piece from pro graphic designer & illustrator Keith Allen, two of Mortal Kombat's popular characters locked in paper combat ^^.

Scorpion vs Sub-Zero features removable masks so you can see their real faces and also shows their signature weapons (Spear for Scorpion and Ice Blast for Sub-Zero).

Mortal Kombat Papercraft

Besides Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero, you can also find a bunch of other well-known figures such as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee (Transformers), Dhalsim (Street Fighter), and Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender).

Mortal Kombat Papercraft - Scorpion vs Sub-Zero
Keith Allen Paper Toys

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  1. Fail. There is no full-sized template. Unless you have the tiniest scissors in the entire world, I doubt you can make this.

  2. i made it. it's pretty cool


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